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Sound Deadening


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I am planning on installing some sort of sound deadening into my '78 Goon. Does anyone have an opinion on their favourite products, methods, things to avoid etc?

This seems like a fairly cheap and easy way to improve overall comfort inside a relatively noisy car.

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It's worth it and pretty easy to do. I've used dynamat and just found some other stuff called Fatmat same stuff but cheaper I used on my 520. I'm trying something different with my 510,using VHT epoxy for the floors,then DEI spray matting for the whole inside,then the fatmat,next is the foam padding and then carpet. But ya while you can sound deadend.I would.

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Im in the same boat....soon to sound mat everything in my dime. My buddies parents build show quality mopars and they swear by rattle trap and or fat mat. 120 bucks for a 100 sq yd of 80 mil thick....thats what Im getting anyways. Then carpet pad then carpet....should be quiet enough

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its all basically the same crap just different thicknes's. The spray on stuff is gloryfied expensive undercoating. The mat is bisically roofing material if ya break it down, just has a different name. the best approach is find all the thin panels in the car such as, inside the door skin, the roof etc and use the mat for those areas. The floor usually is pretty ridgid but i layer it also,and then as much of the fire wall as possible. Once thats done go back over the car with a acoustic foam to absorb the sound. its really a expensive process so be prepared. i used that peal n seal stuff from lowes and so far it seems to be holding up very well. its not as thick as some of the other stuff avaliable but its cheap, and most of the time thickness is just more of a bitch to get it into tight places anyways. i used to do quite a bit of car audio but techmology has changed since then maybe the materials used have gotten better? somehow i doubt it, they seem to have just have gotten more expensive.

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We use dex-damp on most of the rides we do, but it's pretty expensive. We've used Rattle trap (the thicker 80mil version of Fatmat) on tons of rides, and it works great. If you're on a budget, it's killer.


We just got done doing my buddies 510, literally covered everything. It's more quiet than a BMW now. waytogo.gif




What ever you get, just make sure it's butyl rubber based not asphalt based. The asphalt based stuff is toxic, and will smell really bad when it gets hot. (most of the roofing ones are asphalt based)

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Dyanmats a rip off....fat mat is better cause its cheaper but works about the same... i use a little of that then have bed lined the pans inside and out... your looking to take the resonance out of the metal to make the biggest difference...Upol makes a over the counter stuff thats easy to use and is thick... the thcker the better...works awesome under the car but if your dont have the interior gutted i would reccomend fatmat or the likes....another tip for quieter ride. joot 3/4 -1/2" joot under carpet, under headliner, behind panels... done with and with out on a tahoe of mine and holy crap i almost ruined a starter/flywheel restarting a already running vehicle several times...I had precvoiusly dynamtted the whole thing and wanted it even quieter...man i got what i was looking for...

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I used "Fat Mat", "Rattle Trap"; $159.99 for 100 s/f on ebay with free shipping. $1.60 per s/f. It is very nice, 80 mil thick the thickest I could find. It came in two rolls, 50 s/f each and the shipping weight was 43lbs! You will not believe how much quieter it is now! I love it in my 620 kc!







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Wow everybody. Thanks a lot for all that input. I feel pretty good about moving forward from here and I promise to post photos when I can. I will try out the hardware stores to see if i can find some roofing stuff which is not asphalt based in the interests of keeping costs down. If I can do it for under $100 then I am happy. Now to find a friend with a garage to do this in.

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without posting a very long winded reply, check out diymobileaudio forums, just do a search for sound deadener. TONS of reviews, and what works and what doesnt...With that being said I dont think its listed on that site but there are some hot rod forums that swear by latex paint with little bubble things (edit..microspheres) in it. Its been awhile i since I read it, so you will have to google it...I think its a way cheaper version of lizard skin (could be wrong on the name, like i said its been awhile)

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Went to Home Hardware today but they only had the sticky insulation made with bubble wrap. I tried Canadian Tire but walked out with no more then steel wool, some 3 in 1 oil and shitty window wipes. I will try Slegg lumber and Rona tomorrow.

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Dynamat is the big-bucks-everyone-knows-my-name stuff. It works, but there are alternatives. There -WAS- a thread about this, but I'll be damned (yes, me, Mister Did-You-Search-First-You-Moron) if I can find it. :angry:


Generally liking the new forum software, but the Search seems to be lacking.

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