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  1. shancerlelby

    74 620 Prerunner

    whoa, that thing is awesome! keep up the updates, i'd like to follow how this thing turns out.
  2. shancerlelby

    look at what I was offered

    sweet. as long as you are in the mindset that these are project trucks and not in denial and thinking you will just hop in and one will flash up your going to be ok. Rust repair looks like the name of the game forsure. I'd be interested to see what sort of patch panels are rivited into the rockers or box on the red one.
  3. shancerlelby

    look at what I was offered

    I'm up in the cariboo and assuming these are quite far away from me as well. I know of a pretty rusty 67 here for 400$ if you end up needing parts.
  4. shancerlelby

    look at what I was offered

    I know where those trucks are :) muah ha ha. just kidding. Free datsuns are too much work up in these parts.
  5. shancerlelby

    Datsun 521

    whoa awesome truck!! i had to do a double take on the rhd, then i saw your location. You guys have some awesome body work skills, Jack stands look alittle custom.
  6. shancerlelby

    1971 PL521

    by the looks of those spring packs up front it could carry the weight of a small block. yikes! Front diff i thought looked like suzuki samurai, did International harvester make any narrow width mini trucks? If it had a jeep axle up front it would be 5 bolt. Weird little truck indeed, i love it. Might be worth it to track down the previous owner to see what he knows about it.
  7. shancerlelby

    1967 520 parts on my 521

    Looks good with the old metal in the back! Im hoping to bomb around with my 70 yamaha in the back of mine this summer. Angry headlights? Truck ticked off that it didnt make it into the cars movie?
  8. shancerlelby

    My 1970 521, Harold

    dude thats a good looking project. Too bad about buddy doing the custom paint work. At least he's in good hands now.
  9. shancerlelby

    Merlin's 521- attack of the killer TowMater

    nice rig! i scoped that out on craigslist last week thinking i should scoop it up. glad it went to an enthusiast! if the kingpins are ok you can just do brackets but if not you can get a control arm swap from beebani that updates to the newer hardbody spindles and discs. i think... lol
  10. shancerlelby

    7M-GE repairs

    probably burping out bubbles still in the cooling system. Park on a slight incline and leave the rad cap off possibly? i have a nice hill of a driveway and that works all the time.
  11. shancerlelby

    1972 521 03 frontier power train for sale

    nice brake booster setup! moar info? Gl with the sale. that truck is pretty perfect if i do say so my self.
  12. shancerlelby

    What did you do to your truck today?

    I cut the last stubborn u joint out of my driveshaft. finished bleeding my new clutch slave/master setup and ordered a pertronix kit to ditch the points. Should be here tomorrow and maybe i can get the shaft back in, points out and running around under its own powah!
  13. shancerlelby

    This one...isn't going to buff right out

    240sx mad drift styles.
  14. shancerlelby

    7M-GE repairs

    lol. go to the wrecker and find a mid 2000's dodge caravan trans cooler. they are a nice shape and have seen em on cressidas before. Altho the x8 is maybe too classy and not bozo enough to pull it off.
  15. shancerlelby

    drift truck

    drift truck? Discuss.

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