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  1. Greiggy

    contact info for member Steroid ?

    Holy shiiit . Wow . Not good at all. My mind is blown . I found some flower hubcaps for 620’s on yahoo japan the other night and remember him wanting a set.
  2. Hi All member from ages ago, only just got back to here! Does any member on here have contact details for the member 'steroid' at all? He has about 10 620's and also used to make the fibreglass repro BRE lips for the 620's Cheers :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  3. Greiggy

    620 with s13 front suspension

    thats great news buddy!! continue to talk to him throughout your build and you will have no problems when the time comes to get the car registered and road legal!!
  4. Greiggy

    620 with s13 front suspension

    first up - talk to an engineer about this... there are plenty around brisbane who will let you know what can and can't be done. Look for people who can mod plate codes LS3 and LS4. To be legal there has to be design work done and approved before any fabrication is done, so the vehicle complies with ADR's etc... If it was my car and i was trying to get rid of the steering setup, id be installing coilovers in place of the factory shock ( look at beebani's kits for ideas) and then converting the car to rack and pinion using a custom rack and ends to suit. I've spoke to quite a few engineers and they all have said its quite a big job to do, but could be done if time and money is no problem. I hope this info hasnt scared you off as that wasnt my intention.... but if your going to do it and make it legal, get the right info first so it is legal and safe as well. If you want to know anymore pm me, happy to talk to you :thumbup:
  5. Greiggy

    Greiggy's '78 Aussie 620

    Thank you Charlie. Hope your doing well. If anyone has the facebooks I have started a page for the car . Sometimes just random crap gets put up there about the car. https://www.facebook.com/TOY620
  6. Greiggy

    Greiggy's '78 Aussie 620

    i'm still around, the car is running albeit in a reduced state due to needing a check-up on the tune. The plan at this stage is to get the E85 tune done, and then a pump fuel 98 octane tune done shortly after. hopefully soon i should get that checked up and then be ready to drive it everywhere.
  7. Greiggy

    RHD Conversion for US 620's

    Cheers for the headsup red13 - i havent ever posted something for sale here since the new classified system took over - it has been listed in there. No worries Lee - i have got your message and will come back to you shortly. Hi Gene, What suspension parts would you require? apart from the Steering box and the idler arm they are basically identical from memory. The pedal assembly i'm not sure on, but will get a picture etc for you. Anyone else who has pm'd me thanks i will reply when i get more info for you all.
  8. Greiggy

    RHD Conversion for US 620's

    Hi All IF anyone is interested in doing a Right hand drive conversion on their 620? I have 2 x vehicles here that i'm able to provide complete components on, including the firewall panel, wing window doors, wiring harness, dash etc etc... To be Transparent, the freight cost is the dearest part. If anyone is keen please let me know, im happy to get costings for you to send away.
  9. Greiggy

    Greiggy's '78 Aussie 620

    hi all bit of an update - i got my turbo back last night at my 30th birthday bash.. they put on a new compressor wheel, a new turbine housing and balanced everything up to spec. In other news the magazine dropped with the 620 on the cover!!! once i get approval to post the article up ill get it on here. Last night my buddy matt ( the bearded guy - he has a L28 260z ) Decided i was a celebrity and wanted my signature on the article :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: More coming - hopefully get it together this week and then a retune with 20psi to get it driving and have some fun.
  10. Greiggy

    Greiggy's '78 Aussie 620

    so this hasnt died yet.. With the input from my amazing girlfriend, she has been pushing for me to keep it the way it is, and to get it running with only a small amount of boost. The turbo is at the reconditioners, getting a new front wheel on it as something ended up going through it. the engine is coming out of the car this week to be re-timed and everything checked again so it can be re-tuned hopefully by my birthday at the end of january.
  11. Greiggy

    Greiggy's '78 Aussie 620

    thats the plan for it sitting mate. its mod plated for the diff, engine, gearbox, turbo and seats... nothing that can't be put back in later on down the track.
  12. Greiggy

    Greiggy's '78 Aussie 620

    quick update. car is rewired. It starts. it won't be at the wedding at all. its got more dramas so its going into sitting for a while again. at this stage probably wont touch it for 6 months at least.. ive got to save for a house, and get rid of some debts. the most likely plan will be to part the car out and keep the rolling shell.
  13. Greiggy

    Greiggy's '78 Aussie 620

    so i wasnt too keen to post this info up... but the reason it was stripped and about to be parted, was that there was a small fire in the engine bay An o-ring had deteriorated and it sprayed fuel everywhere, and a loose wire arced on the body. My fault, not ideal. it melted part of the body loom and a large section of the ECU loom .. it also melted my clutch master cylinder, brake master, brake and clutch flex lines, rubber gearshift fork boot, the insulation on my oil lines from the block to the filter. and a tiny bit of paint under the steering column. As soon as it went up, i grabbed my extinguisher out of the car and put it out as quick as i could.. the damage had been done though. EVERYONE IF YOUR WORKING ON YOUR CAR - HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER EASILY ACCESSIBLE... THIS IS THE ONLY REASON WHY IT ISNT BURNT BEYOND REPAIR. Anyways : Started on it last night. Ended up moving the ECU around on the Headboard panel which gave me some more harness length to terminate the connectors again. Bought some Tech flex braided sleeving to redo the ECU and body loom. Remade some brake Hardlines as its getting a S15 Master cylinder put in, along with a willwood residual pressure and proportioning valve for the rear drums. dummied up the harness again to check lengths. Ordered a new batch of connectors (cas, intake temp, water temp, oil pressure, igintion, map sensor etc) about to order new braided brake and clutch lines. ill put pics up when i get time, at the moment i get to work on it 1 solid day a week and then a few nights if im at home.
  14. Greiggy

    Greiggy's '78 Aussie 620

    unfortunatley it will still be the sr20 redeye...
  15. Greiggy

    Greiggy's '78 Aussie 620

    so the car has been comissioned for one of my good mates wedding in october... Ive got 6 weeks to get it back together, running and up to spec for his wedding. Got a fair bit to do... basically reassemble everything in the engine bay, all the motor auxilaries etc... so we will see how it goes. i'll keep everyone updated with some oics as i go. B) :thumbup: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:

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