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  1. if its not rusted completely out its worth fixing, come on you wusscake!!! whats the worst that can happen you dent it up more??? try and beat it out, you would be suprised how much you can do with a sandbag and a ball peen hammer!
  2. holy fuck!!! thats kinda.... homemade coolness? i made one that was bad fucking ass!!! then i went to the exhaust shop with it and the guys screwed it all up!!! bunch of jerk offs!!!!!! hainz, you say there are alot for sale? someone help me out i need a stock y pipe for a 620 the two hole kind.
  3. looks goo main, heres the trick, now fix your old fender!!!!!
  4. damn dude i didnt know you existed!!! is that your dads shop??? looks hella nice!!!! who taught youhow to paint, you can do better than any body man around my parts!
  5. damn library internet wont let me watch it!!! guess its time for some ping in cmd prompt he he he !!!
  6. e mail me pics or post up pics of this thing on here, we love pictures and without them, we do not buy!
  7. i have participated in every single election i could participate in sinc ei was 18, i have always voted for conservative, gun loving, republicans. so that gives me the right to bitch. oh yeah FUCK OBAMA!!
  8. pre heat it an dweld er up!! use a heat blanket to let it cool!
  9. backfiring out of the carb is a lean condition, check the main jet for debris, also check your mixture. set the timing to 12btdc. run the 93 after all of this, report back.
  10. ok guys ill either trade my 2004 silverado for an sti or for the 510, whos it going to be??
  11. anybody? make an offer guys!!! i know someone needs a nice grill
  12. i have one, its basically new, has 3k miles, extra clean, original fluid is super clean and fresh smelling, toque converter is ultra clean. hows about 50 bucks plus shipping?
  13. i was kidding about the 5-10 horsepower, stick with an l20, por the head (peanut) throw a cam in it, some big carbs and call it good!!! oh yeah and dont forget a matchbox to get all that fuel burning!!!
  14. i have one from my 77 620, measure a peice of yours, ill measure mine, if its the same how about 10 bucks shipped?
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