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  1. Time for an Update: It's still leak and smell free since I did it. I love it. Most self serve wrecking yards have a few Mazda PU in them. (depending on your area I guess)
  2. It's time for Santa's naughty little helpers again, lol.
  3. It's time for Santa's naughty little helpers again, lol.
  4. Love the build, love the bike, and I love that sticker Fisch
  5. I'm a huge Haro fan myself. I feel ya on the restoration thing, except I ride the crap out of mine, lol. My buddies and I try to put about 50-60 miles a week on our old school BMXs. Here's my '87 Sport
  6. Do you have a link by chance? Found it http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Datsun-1600-Fuel-Filler-Neck-510-/281643278539?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item41933f60cb Not sure on shipping to the US though.
  7. Correct. I used self-tappers to do the original mockup, and then I removed them one at a time and replaced them with nice flat allen headed bolts.
  8. Damn, that's frigging AWESOME!!!
  9. No problem. Glad I could help. (that's what this community is all about, helping each other out)
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