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I guess this question would be for Thomas and Icehouse first, but It would be interesting to hear what others think too. I was wondering what the future plans are for the look and feel of the site. I know you are still busy working out the bugs of the new forum software, but do you plan to change to a new skin when V4 skins become more available? I miss the clean and simple look of the old skin. The new one is kind of pale and plain.


Also, I was wondering how many software types there are among us. It might be kind of cool to make a custom Ratsun skin to make the site represent the character of the forum a little more. It could be kind of a group effort. We also have several people that are pretty artistic. Maybe they could make some cool icons with a little more Ratsun style. I've never done anything with bulletin board skins, but I have done some work on CMS (content management system) templates, and it doesn't seem to be rocket science. Just an idea. What do you guys think?

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I've adapted, more or less..... do NOT like the small print in the reply or edit. Now that's hurting my eyes. I like the color shades so if it hurts your eyes, get the hell outside and wrench on your Datsun! :fu:


(it's a given and universally accepted fact that the emos suck, so click the (more) link)

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Oh man, I just typed a PM to Mike Klotz and when I hit send it ask me to log in again and I lost it all. I don't think I have ever logged out for a couple years. It seems like there are cookies that know who I am.


I know Thomas and the mods all have other stuff to do in their lives. I am constantly amazed how the sight, as Ice calls it, has grown. I am certainly hooked and appreciate the fact it exists at all.


I was thinking or wondering, would it be cool to have an official Ratsun FaceBook page or Ratsun Fan page? Maybe not... I'm maybe the last person to know what that happening thing is. A friend of mine's kids got him on there and he suckered me into it. I have hooked up with a bunch of people that I had lost contact with for years.

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That's great to hear new stuff is in the works. I think everyone involved has done a good job of keeping things going, and I realize it's all volunteer.


If I had more experience with the LAMP stuff (and time), I'd offer assistance, but most of my experience is with Microsoft stuff (ASP/SQL Server). Still getting used to PHP. I bet there are a few experts floating around on here though that might be willing to lend a hand.


Keep up the good work and Thanks! Looking forward to what you guys have in store.

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