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  1. If you don't mind after market, they should be readily available at your local auto parts store. I got them that way about a year ago. about $20 each. You could also check www.RockAuto.com. Looks like they have front for $21.99, and rears for $16.70. For a little more, they show one with the fitting too. I'd try that one because I didn't have much luck finding the replacement fittings (don't know if it really comes with the fitting though).
  2. That's cool you got a thermostat in there, and got some heat going. Since your heater fan works on other speeds, my first thought on that would be a broken resistor, or maybe the switch has a bad position. Jeremiah said he saw you on the freeway the other day with rain pouring down. Do your wipers work? Looking good keep it up. btw, I think you should get some more stuff working on that thing before you take you wife for any more rides :D
  3. Thanks for the pictures. The more the better. This thing is so nice. I love the color.
  4. My cable for the heater valve is broken. I am so used moving it by hand, I still haven't gotten it fixed.
  5. That thing is cool Jes. I can't wait to see this project come together. I agree with skib. My heater worked great (until the heater hose disintegrated that is). It's not fast though.
  6. Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately work has been pretty crazy, and work on my Datsuns has stopped. I hope to get back at it in another month or two. I've also got a set of zx struts to put on the front.
  7. Eventually I plan to lower my wagon. I looked around for U-bolts that would fit the smaller axle tubes, but everything seems to be sized for trucks. I just found this website: www.thesuspensionking.com You just put in the dimensions you want, and they make them for you. $6 each. I think I might give them a try.
  8. Your 520 build is one of my favorite threads, and 510 wagons are my favorite Datsuns, so I can't wait to see what you end up doing. You kinda set the bar high with the 520. Are you planning something similar , or just a cool street car?
  9. If you put quotes around "power steering", and check titles only, it comes up with 11 pretty good results.
  10. For epoxy, I like to use West System because it's easy to get the ratios correct with the pump system they have. I've never done any CF though. Are there any tricks to avoid distorting the weave pattern? All the parts I've made before didn't really matter if the cloth got disturbed a little because it didn't show. Especially on parts with lots of compound curves it seems like it would be hard to get it to lay nicely without problems.
  11. Interesting thread. I just read through it. I haven't done any CF, but I've done quite a bit of glass cloth (as opposed to mat or chopped glass). I learned a little trick to make layups a little easier. You need some sheets of clear plastic a little larger than the part. Layout a sheet of clear plastic Lay down a piece of fiberglass cloth (or CF) Drizzle resin evenly over the cloth (when in doubt, a little more is better than not enough) Lay another piece of clear plastic on top of that Now use a plastic squeegee to even out the resin under the plastic Spread the excess to the
  12. We used these a lot when I used to work on a farm. Except the ones we used had a metal shaft that was flat at one end, and had a plastic handle on the other :D
  13. Someone may have used a points coil and resistor with this distributor, but they aren't really designed to work with Electronic Ignition (EI) systems. It would probably end up burning out the windings prematurely. To be on the safe side, I would probably just get a coil for a '79 620 pickup. The '79 came stock with a matchbox dizzy just like yours. Rockauto lists them for $23.79. Another option would be to use the MSD Blaster 2. It looks like they sell for about $35-$40. Hope it helps.
  14. I did a valve adjustment on my wagon when I first got it. In my case it improved the power noticeably. Check this link: Mike Klotz valve adjust how to
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