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2 door goon???


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YEP thats my buddy Pat and sometimes he looks a bit Amish with the neck beard... He has had that car forEEEVER he built it about 7-10 years ago and intalled a non-turbo SR about a year ago, Alot of work went in to building it and I think it looks great he has plans of doing the rest of the body work and painting it the original green when its done I think it will look factory.




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There used to be a teal (or turquoise) 2-door wagon poking around the Portland and Eugene areas back in the day. Done up really nice and clean. Kelvin knows the story on it.

I liked the idea, the turquoise just never sat well with me. Maybe someone can pull up a picture.

wonder what happened to it...

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he said the door swap was some of the easiest mods to it.


no there is a teal one looks the same as the one at canby but nicer paint


ya gotta admit the patina is pretty swEEt on it though!




i got ideas too, fortunately many were already tried and i wont have to experiment with em :D

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i wonder how he got rid of the bak two doors..

does anybody have any build pics of this goon that no the guy??


Ya just weld them shut. :eek:

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...here's another of Pat's from somewhere....I saved pics of 2dr wgns.....I like them :) If you like them....you'd better save copies...no telling when I'll clean out my misc folder on photobucket :)


I'm sure Epperly still has his....it's a '68...make him an offer :)












.....oh....they would have used the longer doors for a 2dr wgn so that there would be access to the rear seats.

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