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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA my 19x10 with 285/35 laugh at your puny tires!
  2. I loved these cars. (class of '87) Turbo 4 is why I'm driving a new Eco Mustang now. I want/need something I can tinker with, but still drive daily. I'm kind of done with non-running cars for a while.
  3. Looking forward to the next build John...
  4. I'm so happy to see that my old wagon has found a good home! Just for clarity, no, I didn't scuff it down. I did paint the rising sun on the hood originally, but it was complete and red/white. Are those still the LED sidemarkers I put on?
  5. It's been three years. Did you ever fix up my old wagon? The motor was actually an L18, and yes, the intake valve on cyl #2 is gone, dropped into the piston and I didn't have the time to fix it. Sold both the '72 and the '71 pictured next to it as a package deal with a whole garage full of spares, everything to rebuild both if necessary.
  6. It's looking good John! Planning on registering it as an antique to get around the wiper requirement in the Texas inspection?
  7. Just like putting it on the regular grille, with the hardware on teh badge... I'm not even running that grille anymore...
  8. Cool pics, but dude, turn off the date stamp... We know you didn't take them in 2007...
  9. I have a few favorites...
  10. zhent

    GOONS check in

    Were you trying for this?
  11. Pics of the car please, not a lot of actual Bluebird Coupes in the states. What struts? what brakes? any unique suspension mods? What hubs are you using for the 5 lug swap?
  12. '72 wagon L18 Weber DGV Z 5-speed And I've gotten a measured high of: 25 city / 33 highway I average 23 MPG around town...
  13. zhent

    2 door goon???

    like this one? http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3148547
  14. His name is Mike, I talked to him a while on South Padre Island this spring. He wasn't selling it then... I don't think he's on Ratsun.
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