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got truck back together

Guest Rick-rat

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Guest Rick-rat
CopyofHPIM0498.jpgpg[/img]CopyofHPIM0499.jpgCopyofHPIM0503.jpg1.jpg[/img]0.jpg[/img]CopyofHPIM0507.jpgck-rat/CopyofHPIM0506.jpg[/img]CopyofHPIM0509.jpgCopyofHPIM0514.jpgbucket.com/albums/ggHPIM0509.jpg0498.jpg[/img]85/Rick-rat/CopyofHPIM0511.jpg[/img] Special thanks to rat tail dragger and his buddy paul for all the body work and prep for paint, no more rust spots, ding, dents or the 620 box ripple, also got a hood that fits right. Thanks to Datdoug for hauling it back and forth to paint shop and for the wheel he let me use while the work was being done
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thats got to be one of the nices 620's I've have ever seen. nice details to the engine bay, love the slotted wheels w/ white walls and the 620 on the center caps. your buddies did an excellant job. 2 thumbs up, if I had more thumbs, I would give them a up sign. :thumbsup:

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That is by far the SECOND nicest 620 around here!:D Nice work done by all. Greg and Paul sttrike agian. If anyone on this forum wants great bodywork done on there Datto then These are the guys. Rick-Rats truck is proof of that. I can attest to that as well cuz i have seen Ricks truck up close and they also did my truck. Love the rims and tires Rick! Nice polish job and the little 620 decals are Cool-beans:cool: Now we just need to find you a grille with the trim rings.

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I guess I better say that Rickys is one of the nicest I've seen in person.


you definitly got some nice looking 620's also. :thumbsup:


I checked out your dime when wife & I was at Canby last year, that is one nice looking Datsun.

you do nice work also if I might say so. :D

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