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  1. Yep ballast resistor needs bypassed for sure
  2. Hitachi carb? It hates modern fuel with ethenol
  3. May as well get a v6 full size truck.
  4. I dont knkw the car well , but if it fits and you have the skill , go for it .
  5. Well the honda survived. It was right when we moved so i had a lot to take care of. just got her running today, what a total pain in the butt to work on! Even the alternator belt was a pain to get back on. thanks for the advice everyone.
  6. i guess thats true i wasn't in the car. Soon i will have the verdict. I tweaked my back a bit moving so i am taking a few days off from any work.
  7. I have a bad feeling about this one. She said the car slowed very abruptly once the engine stopped making power
  8. Haven't had a chance to tear it apart yet, still trying to get settled in the new house.
  9. I have to work tomorrow, so a few days I will have a better idea if it will live. Railroad work means at least two days away from home.
  10. thanks, i have all the tools you named. poor girl is pretty upset. but she got the car for free.
  11. My sons girlfriend has a 1987 accord. the other day her timing bet broke while going 65. Is this engine gong to be ok, or do we have a bunch of bent valves? i looked online and some say its interference engine and others say it isn't.
  12. my 620 when left to sit all winter the needle valve on the carb likes to stick shut. darn ethanol anyway. so check that too.
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