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  1. That 3.4 is the same as the first gen tacomas- and your right they run for ever if you change the oil. Mine has 165k on it. hoping to get 300k. And yea you are right probably able to find a t100 with that motor for cheaper then the tacomas... the tacomas are quite expensive still
  2. gotta love the government... even modifications that make the car safer or cleaner are not allowed ... upgraded brakes are a good thing!
  3. Autozone or napa have universal lap belts for 15-20 bucks or so- just need to points to bolt them in... End of the day though a seat belt has a purpose and do you really want to mess with that? these cars/trucks are tin cans and dont provide much saftey might as well add as much as you can with a good belt. Hell I might even have one lying around. I bought one to put in my passenger seat until i figured out which harness I wanted to run. now i have dual 5 point harnesses in my 510- there a pain for people who have never used em, but i could harness in blindfolded and its one lever to release. keeps you planted in the seat for turns too. Ill try and remember to look through my bin of parts tomorrow. But yea id say just run to napa or autozone or whatever and pick one up
  4. I hear yah cjzeppy ... she has spent alot of time back east. Although supposedly she is a CA car... I was only able to trace it back to '92 where it was in VA. Things took me out west and I am missing my dime... I wouldn't be surprised if she makes it back east eventually, Pretty sure my girlfriend will drag me back there eventually, and I dont know if I could ever sell this thing. Love the car too much. Hoping I can get her up to Canby this year!
  5. HAhahaaha- nice wish Id been there for that one. left too early...
  6. Working on it- Posted on Uship.com last night. Going to make some calls this week...
  7. How did she handle on the way home? Looking forward to hearing how those clamps worked out for you and seeing shot of the car on them.
  8. Could be a carb float maybe? Mostly unrelated and not sure what carbs your running. But I was helping a Z guy out in the pits at Limerock during last years vintage race and he was having an issue with his front sidedraft carb filling up to full. Was fine when he was on it in the straights, but once he got into the turns and slowed it would bog down. one of the other guys there mentioned that the older carbs with metal floats can develope holes in them so the float fills with fuel and causes it to sink- hence more fuel in the carb... his was fine but he bent the float a little bit so it sat higher and it helped... that was on mikuni sidedrafts... Again total long shot and probably just speaking out of my ass but throwing the idea out there.
  9. Looks nice and clean- should be fun- got a soft spot for red 4 doors lol Would love to see a pic of that rear tow loop and how its attached as well as the rx7 diff under there. And Im sure everyone in general would love to see more pics!! Congrats
  10. Thats the kicker on them... for a 3.4L v6 the mpgs are pretty harsh.... but if driven respectfully and mostly on the highway 20mpg can be seen. the 4cyl might be better, but they are lacking in the power department if you want to tow. I can tell you after towing with my 3.4L manual trans, I cant imagine towing a car with less power and an automatic trans... the grunt just helps it get going.
  11. Spotted on Junipero Serra in the Daly City area - Anyone on here?
  12. Its seems there is some Toyota hate on here... I guess it is a nissan forum.... love my 01 Tacoma. The only problem youll have with the Tacomas is they hold their value- Good when you want to sell... not when you want to buy. Ive got an 01 Xtra Cab- so it has the rear jump seats and they are small. I doubt you could get a car seat in there and have someone in the front seat, but you can turn the passenger airbag off so you could put one in the front seat. Ive got the 3.4 V6 in it and its not an outrageously powerful beast but matted with the Manual transmision its not bad. Hauled my 510 on a uhaul trailer- 4000+lbs total from Baltimore to CT with no problem once I got it moving. Did 70 the whole way and got 15mpg. Usually average around 18 "around" town but i do have the 4x4 might do a little better with the 4x2. Great truck... probably a bit more then your looking to spend though, I still see these things going for 8-10k with 150,000 on them.
  13. hmmm might have to keep that day open and work my way up there to meet everyone. My dime is still on the east coast,... but always happy to lend a hand
  14. Yea if you wanted to do a motor swap it looks like this would be a great start - hell you could part the thing out for more then 250 bucks... although Id hate to see someone do that.
  15. I sent this guy a message and he sent me some more photos. Apparently just missing the engine trans and radiator... Actually in pretty great shape for 250 bucks... would love to pull the trigger on it and buy it myself, but more of a project them I am looking for. If your interested shoot me your email in a PM and Ill forward the pictures on to you... bummed to pass it up - cause its just what I want a white 620 longbed and reasonably close, but I am really looking for something with a motor and trans in it already.
  16. Aw man that things only 2 hours away... wonder what my girlfriend would do if it just showed up in my garage.... wish it had a motor in it... might get evicted for it too lol pretty sure my lease says no storing of in operable vehicles on the property. Think the landlord would fall for a stereo in the engine bay playing exhaust notes?
  17. Searchtempest.com or craigslist mobile will be your best friend since you can search large areas at once. Keep an eye out down south in the Virginia/Maryland/NC/SC/Georgia area. They tend to be cleaner and more reasonable down there and in better condition. A buddy with a truck and $70-$150 bucks depending on how far you need to drive will get you a uhaul trailer for a day and you can go down and pick it up. Keep in mind a "Local" trailer rental will be cheaper then a one way usually... just means you have to drive down with an empty trailer, but even my Tacoma got 16mpg pulling the trailer w/ 510 back up from Maryland so cost wise it worked out.
  18. Im running 15x7 +25 Rota RBs and they barely fit... needed longer studs in the front and a 10 mm spacer to allow the 205 tires enough clearance with the strut housing- narrower tires would work to. Rears are very tight on the arms... cant run clamp on weights. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/46032-red-71-4dr-first-510-streetautocross/page-5
  19. spotted this awesome z in Pacifica CA this morning. Anyone on here?
  20. Man Wish this was a little closer. Would be a great project....
  21. Im in the same boat right now- trying to get my 510 from CT to CA - Constantly being called.... getting annoying. So far I have gotten quotes from $975 to $1650... Still have some more time for Uship.com to come down from the $1450 its at.
  22. Stoked I found this thread. Considered this car back when MR Bohica had it- Ended up picking up his red one though, this was more of a project then I could have handled. Car looks great though amazing to see how many times it has traded hands and is finally coming through. Thanks for posting shots of your ebrake relocation. Thats one of the things I really want to do to my dime. Just havent had a chance to, great to see someone who has done it and posted some shots of it.
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