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  1. might be interested in a set if you can ship em - Ill shoot you a pm
  2. Got my tach working... for the second time in two days... and got my speedo working- Wahoo currently all my gauges in the cluster work!!! although not all the back lights do...
  3. Wahoo! Got a working tach! I know you all like pictures but there isnt much to take shots of- If anybody ends up stumbing on this or finds it in a search- Im running the MSD 6A and a stock 71' 4 wire tach (2 white looped wires - green 12v - black ground). Required the MSD 8920 Tach adapter set up in the current mode (not magnetic)- Ended up mounting the tach adapter on the outside of the driver footwell just behind the hood release- then ran all the wires up behind the dash- threaded the Black ground and the white tach output wire through the firewall. Connected the ground to a ground and the white to the tach output of the 6A. On the inside the purple wire off the adapter is unused. As for wiring up the red wire to the tach Im not sure which side it is on for the looped wires. The way my tach is wired up the two white looped wires connect to different color wires. One connects to a green/white wire and the other to a green/black wire. I ended up connecting the red wire to the black/green wire as it wasnt connected to anything else and when i tried the red to the white/green wire it didnt work. stuffed everything back into the rats nest and put it all back together. Tested it just starting it in the garage and all seems to be well. bounces a bit at idle but smoothed out during the revs- need to get out on the road and she how accurate it looks/sounds hopefully have my speedo cable tomorrow and ill get all 4 gauges working ! Parts for the brakes next week- Cheers
  4. Been lurking away again for a little while here- but got the fire lit under my ass again and decided its time to show the 510 some love again- Just order some parts to help it STOP... Goodrich Stainless Steel Lines - ATE Super Blue Fluid - Porterfield R4-S Pads/Shoes- Also got a Speedo Cable and the MSD Adapter to hopefully get my tach working- oh and two new harnesses as well - now the passenger wont have to worry about smacking their face on the dash Now the waiting game... damn shipping from CA While I've got her up on stands going to do to prob change the diff and trans oil Autocross Rookie school is March 23rd so planning for that
  5. If you really want to be able to haul a trailer... and want to keep it old school and on a budget... your best bet is to probably find yourself and older dodge/ford/chevy truck or SUV - Old school suburbans are pretty awesome- While they are not imports... and i like my japenese cars... (Datusn, subaru, and toyota pickup)- those old school american vehicles have quite their own character
  6. Been thinking about putting one on my 4 door as well- no back seats in it but unfortunately the roll bar doesnt allow me to get a bike in the back... i have sold both the yakima and the thule ones- they are both good- kinda like the yakima round bars better and their lower profile knobs that tighten the rack down- cant go wrong with either... also both can usually be found used on craigslist or from fellow members
  7. well the good news is you have a big ass truck lol- single car trailers here on the east coast are 55 bucks a day locally... but i guess that doesnt help much do you have any performance shops around? often they have trailers- I have three shops near me in CT - one is a subaru shop, one a nissan, and one and offroad shop and they all have there own trailers- might be able to work something out with them.
  8. A Uhaul car trailer is about 80 bucks round trip... as long as you have a decent size truck or a uhaul place that doesnt care. I hauled my 510 home from maryland behind my 01 toyota tacoma - according to the uhaul website it cant pull a trailer but i found a place that would rent it and the truck pulled it like a champ- but that only helps with on vehicle and assumes you have a truck- much cheaper to do a trailer "local" ie pick up and drop off at the same place then one way since there is no milage on the trailers... you can rent a truck from them as well if you need to but the milage adds up quick - gonna be brutally honest though... if you cant afford to rent a trailer should you really be picking up two datsuns?? I mean i stretched myself a little bit thin to get mine... but ... if i was on the west coast id help yah out but unfortunately im on the right coast. Do you have any access to any kind of truck?
  9. This has probably been posted but if not deserves a repost http://nh.craigslist.org/cto/3465444822.html 72' 2DR Race Car in VT
  10. If you were on the east coast... although I think a LSD would serve my purposes much better since I do street the car
  11. demo243


    Yea sounds great- Im running just straight 2" i think back to a flowmaster and its loud - one of the things on my list too change- need to finish the garage first though and get her back inside before we get any more snow
  12. demo243


    Dont know if you posted it - tried to look back but didnt find it- Really digging that exhaust note- and thinking of quieting mine down a bit- what are you running exhaust/muffler wise?
  13. demo243


    Got a soft spot for Red 4 Doors ;) Looking good!
  14. Where in NY? - its a pretty big state- A few of us in CT- if your in the nyc or westchester area
  15. Do not request a random shipping quote!!!! you will be inundated with quotes for weeks - phone email text all of the above.... do some research and call someone I made the mistake of requesting a quote online months later i still get an email here and there I ended up just driving to pick it up since gas and a trailer were cheaper - but i only had to go to baltimore
  16. Oil Level was going to be my first check- probably should have done that already- I may just replace the trans fluid anyway as a precaution and check it off the list hopefully itll be nice the next few evenings and i can get it up on the jackstands and get under there- Thanks banzai510
  17. Been busy and havent had much time to work on the car- so been away for a bit. - Few new developements and issues... - Got a temporary passenger belt in; just a lap belt but better then nothing. Going to get a new set of 5 points for both passenger and driver soon -Changed the oil since it was pretty dark- might be burning oil- used 10w-30 Mobil 1 Synthetic- doesnt seem to be leaking as bad - Got tired of the ignition and ghetto key giving me trouble (also found out you could start it with a pair of scissors or similar object) so i pulled the whole ignition off- just running the 2x3 switch right now- need to source a new ignition- question is find the whole thing or try just a replacement cylinder? as the ignition body is fine just the cylinder is bad Here is the big one- - drove it to work yesterday and had a clunk happen twice on the way up- didnt feel anything just heard it. Got to work and realized the two spring bars to hold the trunk open make a very similar sound when they clip together so just thought it was those. - Left work and was in 4th when i got a good solid clunk and then the transmission started whining pretty loud. Stop to see if i could see anything but since the car is so low its hard to tell. Took it easy on the way home- seemed to drive fine- whining quieted down a bit- but now it has a wobbling whirling sound if that makes any sense coming from the trans when coasting in neutral- not connected to engine speed at all. All gears engage smoothly- no power loss. Cruised most the way home when I got the clunk again after shifting into 2nd- not under heavy power. Havent had a chance to get under there and look, but any thoughts? clunks definitely sounded like they came from the rear- once i get this figured out I want to get the brakes bleed and pads replaced - thinking of going with some porterfields
  18. any idea if that ignition will work on a 71 510? which side of the colum was it on? mine is pretty messed up looking at either replacing the cylinder or just the whole thing.
  19. definitely interested in the ignition- need to play around with mine a bit tonight or tomorrow... but long story short- found out I can start my datsun with a pair of scissors.....
  20. Went to the Vintage Festival at Limerock last weekend. Always a good time. A whole day of cars on the track- open pits- tons of old cars. Was a gorgeous day- unfortunately there wasn't too much in the way of Datsuns or Datsun parts... but still a few cool ones. Had intended to rip the 510 up there, but unfortunately a throttle cable issue prevented me from doing that- all fixed now so next time. Pics below- Datsuns and others. Sorry only had my Iphone so nothing spectacular- Enjoy Cheers! Datsun's First! This is Mike's 510- The reason I now own one- saw this thing ripping around last year and had to get one- unfortunately he cracked his transmission earlier and wasn't able to race while I was there. A pretty awesome roadster- makes me kinda want one of these.... Im not to keen on identifying Z's but if I remember correctly this one is a 240- And a 280? I think thats all for the Datsun's Here are some others Realized I think I may have put these are in the wrong order... it goes bottom to top... to much work to change it sorry- And Why Not- A Pretty Awesome Mini- Still kinda want one of these too... Roll cage it and supercharge it.... Sorry they arent amazing but it was a really fun day. They have the Rolex Grand Am / Continental Sports Car Challange Finale there on Sept 28-29th - $38.50 if you buy online $55 at the door. It looks like I will be going Sat the 29th- hopefully ripping the 510 up
  21. So went to the vintage race yesterday- was a good time. Ill get some shots up soon- unfortunately no 510 racing... Mike cracked his tranny and I never found the other one that was registered. Did get a couple shots of some z's and a pretty awesome roadster. unfortunately my 510 didnt make it up- got on the highway and made it about 1 exit before the throttle cable gave out- I guess the pedal throw is longer then the throttle actuator throw.... and the pedal stop was grinded off so pedal hit the floor and pulled the cable with it. got it fixed enough to limp it home and then grabbed the truck to get up there... pretty bummer it would have been a fun drive. played around with it today- thought I had it good. went for a drive... walked home... got my tools rigged it up to get home again and then spent some time on it. Shortened the housing for the cable since it had a very long unneeded loop to it- now its just a nice mellow swoop. Then replaced the cable put a brick on the gas pedal and hooked the cable up at full throttle so the pedal will be at the floor. There is a touch of slack in the cable if you pull the gas pedal all the way out but its not too bad. no pictures unfortunately. stay tuned Ill post a link to a lime rock vintage thread
  22. Ripped it on the highway yesterday and today- damn this thing is sooooo much fun. Thinking I am going to rip it up to LimeRock on Saturday for the vintage festival.
  23. Bumpity- someone has to have some unsafe carbs or is buying a pair.... its a deal
  24. I think I just knocked something loose on the flashers- since they worked when I got the car, but after i took the dash of to see what i was going to be dealing with they stopped flashing... lights still work, and rears still flash both for hazards and signals. Need to go back in there and dig around...
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