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  1. Latest update on my project. It got sidelined waiting for winter to be over and while I finish my kitchen remodel. However, I have sourced and procured most of the parts for the build. Lots of trick vintage stuff. Just sourced a vintage Fibertech bucket that I will make a pattern from and then make copies for my car and a friend who is loaning me the seat. It will look a lot like the original BRE type seat. Hopefully will start work on the body shell (media blast and roll cage) by July. Photos up as soon as it gets media blasted.
  2. A few things I am looking for in case you have a lead. - C pillar external vent trim - gas door - original or reproduction BRE style bucket seat
  3. Hi everyone, a project update. I spent the end of last week in SoCal, met a lot of new friends and picked up some "gold" for the race car project. It's so wonderful to be back in the 510 fold. I meet a couple of guys my age (50's) and we reminisced about the old days (late 70's into the 80's) and how 510's were so plentiful and cheap. I also met a couple of young guys who are just getting into the cars. It's great to be able to be a mentor of sorts to the new guys and to also see the excitement in their eyes of owning one of the greatest series of cars ever built. The excitement is infectious cross the board especially as talked everyone's ear off. The socio-economic spread across the various people doing this is amazing and yet we all see it exactly the same way. A bunch of guys (and gals) just talking about cool cars and what we want to do to them. Thank you for bringing me back in. To the car, the donor is nearly just a shell now, being readied for soda blast inside and out top to bottom. The suspension pieces are being cleaned up and modified in various ways. I have scored two sets of 13x7 Libres along with fiberglass fenders and flares, Mikuni's, peanut heads, L18 blocks, transmissions and rare Porsche ATE calipers. Shooting for a complete finished roller by end of April and then it is just however long before the engine is built. Need to get into the queue for the engine soon. Photos to follow. Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. Honestly don’t know the speed, but it was in my GT4 510 in 1983 on the back straight at Riverside Raceway. Was a very long straight, topped out at around 6800 RPM with a 194hp 1600 built by Comptech racing before they became famous with Honda/Acura. The steering was super light as air built a cushion beneath the car as it rushed under the box flare front spoiler. Oh to have built a proper splitter. Won that race.
  5. A couple of off topic photos. My 521 that I built when I was in high school and college.
  6. Thanks for the info Paradime, yes I know of all of those resources and more. I will be building an L-18 motor. Typical B-Sedan stuff with twin Mikuni's etc. like my old GT motor, except L-18. I am looking at various builders, obviously Rebello, but also my old Formula Atlantic builder and a couple others. As it progresses I will let people know. This won't be a fast build, likely a year or so as work and house remodel are in line first.
  7. Starting the process. The engine bay is empty Removing halfshafts are very tedious and I hate the work...
  8. Thanks again Wayno and Demo, I figured it out using postimage. Easy for an old guy ? My GT-4 car.
  9. Ok, first stupid question. How do I post pics? I click the "insert other media" tab but it won't let me select existing attachment. Do I load somewhere else first like photobucket so that I have a URL for here? Thanks guys
  10. So, I am starting a B-Sedan replica car build. My history, I raced in SCCA SF region Regionals and Nationals 1982-1984 as well as Pro-Formula Atlantic 88-90. My regional/national car was a GT-3/4 510. Unfortunately long since sold and have been unable to trace it. My racing career spanned 1982-1991 and I drove everything everything from my 510 to a FFord, Pro FAtlantic and a 200SX called "cream-puff." Here nor there, I want to go vintage racing and decided that I would build a replica (I think they are called "tribute cars" now) car. This will be my 16th or 17th 510 since 1980. It will be based on my old buddy's (John Hoy) car as raced in 1981ish? Interestingly, John worked as a TransAm mechanic in the 80s on Frank Leary's and Paul Newman's cars. Unfortunately, I lost touch with him and heard that he may have passed on. The 510 was driven at the time by, I think, Bill Watson and was sponsored by Orangeboom Beer (may have started life as a FAR Perfomance car). At the time I was a NorCal510 member and seeing this car at Laguna Seca got me into racing. I loved the color scheme and the naming :). So, I've bought a trashed 510 and have started the process. I'll occasionally post progress pics of it here (hopefully this is the right place). Started stripping the car down to a tub this past weekend for media blast. Being a fabricator and antique car restorer, I am going to work hard to make the car as period correct, using period parts, as possible. So you may see ads for time to time of me looking for some period correct items (a BRE manifold and remote oil block for example). Well that's it for now. As a newbie here, if this isn't the right place, let me know and hope to meet you at the track in the future. BTW, not sure how to attach photos, or if I can even do that here.
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