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  1. Thank Mike! Great Stuff here while I’m deciding between doing either the L20b and KA24.
  2. Gents, Thanks a ton Mike & Demo in my research I quickly found out it would become an expensive nightmare, maybe posted this premature. Just for the Kennedy adapter it was a couple thousand bucks. Then yes ignition I couldn’t mind much on that. Everything points to either the 240z KA24D not the E’s or L20B like Mike suggested. We then moved on to thinking about a Chevy 350, because I just finished that swap a few year ago. Note to those listening don’t let your kids go off to college and allow them to buy 914s from their boss and a V6 block. Because a.) they will spend their student loans on speed parts and b.) skip class, get a hotel valet job pickup extra shifts and work on cars instead of getting educated. Truly a “valuable” lesson, from a “poor mans” Porsche If you get my drift haha. Update though we’ve pulled the tired 1.6l found a really really good deal on a brand new performance cam, headers, and some used Webber side drafts. So we are just going to rebuild that and sell that rebuilt engine in hopes I can fund and find a KA24 or L20B.Or maybe just drive it make it a good little runner. Couple additional Questions? Electronic Ignition? For 1.6L what’s the best setup out there? Cheap speed parts or tips for our L16? What are guys getting out of the L20B? I want a daily driver with say 150-200hp what are my best opitions. If someone has a L20B for a good price please message me. I live in Utah but work for FedEx, so locations and transport can be arranged. Fluids must be drained though and palletized.
  3. Hello, Just recently purchased my first Datsun a 72 521, beyond stoked to begin this project. Currently has the original 1.9L Engine but I just so happened to have a 1999 Nissan Altima I recently changed the timing belt and did a valve job on but the client couldn't pay and we came to an agreement and the car is mine now. The Datsun is currently at my Grandpa's along with the engine, we came to an agreement Grandpa would do the engine swap etc. The catch is Grandpa wants to convert the KA24DE to Carburetor and I was hoping to get some direction. Solid mechanic skills but really looking for some direction or even a bump to another article that outlines exactly these steps. I assume the issues ill be running into will be high fuel pressure, Vacuum, and Ignition. Grandpa and I would probably figure it out, but why experience the frustration when I've got the best Datsun mechanics all in one place. Please no haters do not need to be told to leave it to EFI done my fair share of EFI swaps and mods want to stay true to the era and Grandpa doesn't do EFI. Half of this is about the time spent with my Grandpa so that is reason enough. Much Appreciated
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