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  1. My Tacoma has the same setup --- But it has a nice drip catch/funnel, so I usually just bungee a paper cup or old beer can around the bottom and it makes changing the filter and easy clean process....
  2. Good info I'll do some calculations Thanks!
  3. Hmmm Maybe they ll camber out enough as I drop it to clear... only one way to find out! I can always raise it back up.... just looking for another .5-1" up front
  4. Put the old girl to work today. Had a bunch of rocks to move for a yard project.. and it would have been a lot of trips with a wheelbarrow... so I put the 620 to use. Was riding pretty low... and rubbing bad... thinking I'm gonna have to bump to a 205 next time and probably roll the fenders...
  5. What wheel and tire are you running? I've got a 215/65r15 on there now... thinking I might have to drop to a 205 next... want to keep the tire height... I think Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Thanks. It sucks but we're in a good spot... I'll get unemployment for the short term... so oh well... rather be home and safe then working through this all this shit... Functionality it should serve it's purpose... I agree though rounding the corners off makes a huge difference. Usually I would but I didn't feel like making a mess yesterday and I just threw this together. Next up is re-index the torsion bars... although I dont think I can go much lower up front with out the tires rubbing really badly... Also need to pull the header to work on the o2 sensor... just need to get motivated
  7. Got to drive both dattos today! Pulled the 510 out hibernation... check out that thread for that... and finally got to drive em both back to back. The 510 is definitely faster... as it should be... haven't really looked into the tire and ratio differences either... The 620 is definitely a tamer and more relaxed animal and that's what I wanted! But still fun to drive. Anyway... got some time to finish up my windshield washer set up. Picked up a coolant overflow tank from ebay... it's a bit of a mess with brackets... but based it off the same bracket I used for the catch can. Since I was adding all this weight I decided to add an additional brace back toward the fender. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Home fabbed for the win!! Now I just need some washer fluid... next time I get gas I guess... Hoods up!!!!
  8. Took the 510 out for its maiden spring voyage. Car is running good! Just begs to be hammered and driven hard. Definitely faster then the 620... which is a very good thing. After driving the 620 a bunch recently the 510 feels so planted, quick and precise. Clutch is really light... bleed it... but still feels really light... works but I dont remember it being that light... maybe the spring on the 620 is just that much heavier... Anyway... my new go to photo spot was taken... but here are a couple... Hoods Up!!!!
  9. Well today starts temporary unemployment... The office shut down today at noon which means no paycheck for me... Grabbed a few parts earlier in the week expecting this to come... Anyway.... Its the little things that matter... The stock washer bottle doesn't fit with what I have done in the engine bay... and when I tested the pump it didn't work... so I went ahead and ordered a universal pump --- now I need to find a cool bottle to use as a washer fluid reservoir. And we have washer fluid! or... water... but it works! Just need to tighten up the hoses a bit... there is a bit too much pressure hahaha and it leaks at the "T" fitting... hopeufully some zip ties will work
  10. I got a mid day ride in last week (wed?) and it was fine... but I have heard the same thing that the trails have been really busy... I live on a popular cut through for road riders as well and have still seen some big groups go by... I will probably avoid the trails myself... and maybe try and get in a few easy road rides in. gotta play it safe riding woods right now anyway... dont want to get hurt
  11. Just got the word that we are officially closed too... Im am betting that I don't go back on the 7th... Grabbed a few more small parts from Oreilly to be delivered tomorrow... but hopefully the weather cooperates now! Snow is sticking to roads around me too... hoping it changes to rain and washes it all away...
  12. Well it turned out to be quite a nice day here in NE Mass.... had some house and yard work to do today but still managed to steal away for some time on the truck. Gave it a much needed wash--- Then hit it with a light buffing compound by hand--- Then a quick hand wax with some turtle wax--- Definitely brought some of the life back in the old Texas sunbaked paint... And since I am starting to go a bit stir crazy being cooped up at the house and it was nice in went for a drive--- Definitely need to get this O2 sensor figured out... which unfortunately means I think I need to pull the header... the truck is running well, but it's not as peppy as it could be--- reminds me on when I was running the 510 KA on a flat 10 degree map--- which would make sense since I think it goes into a safety mode with out the O2 sensor. Came home and had a beer sitting on the bedside... couldn't help and snap a photo of all the stickers on the back window---
  13. I think the QA1 stuff is fine. Eibach just give you even more spring offerings Bunch of guys running them as rear coilovers for the 510. On my list of maybes for my 510 at somepoint.
  14. YES! I can think of a couple railroad crossings that would be perfect... Maybe I should have left my 620 at stock height ...
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