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  1. Looks good! If you swap those socket head bolts on the camber plates to button heads you can sneak a touch more adjustment out of the plates with out cutting the strut tower.
  2. Looks like that green wagon that was on here is getting flipped--- Rhode Island Original Ratsun Post New FBook Post --- Up to $8k now! Looks like he put some work into it - steering wheel, carpet, mirrors ... but hard to tell what else... Still needs to be trailers away https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/359300029013070/
  3. Ooophh... bottom of the 3rd page... Been busy, and its been a rainy summer, so unfortunately not much Datsun driving... Took the truck out to cars and coffee the other weekend, thats about it... Untitled by D M, on Flickr
  4. Not much to update... Really havent been driving the car enough unfortunately... between the rain, busy summer, and being tucked back in the corner it just hasnt been out much. Took it out to the local cars and coffee a few weeks ago though. Its a nice show with a good bit of variation in cars. Untitled by D M, on Flickr I guess I have officially joined the low club --- at least on 13's... Came across a trench in the road where the pavement had sank a little bit... smacked the crossmember in the process... ouch... Untitled by D M, on Flickr Picked up a new steering wheel as well- decided to give Renown a try since the same Momo was hard to find. Havent driven it yet, but so far it feels nice! Need to find a slightly thinner steering wheel adapter though to get it back in the proper position. Untitled by D M, on Flickr
  5. Not really sure how CoPart works…. But a decent looking little 620 on there right now in Boise ID https://www.copart.com/lot/52861201/clean-title-1975-datsun-620-id-boise
  6. Yyyeeeeewwwww!!!!!! Now go drive the hell out of her. Looks good!
  7. Hot damn! Race rubber.
  8. Welcome to 200 tredwear tires! Hahah
  9. I haven’t that I recall … but it does say 66-77. I think you can get some Addco? Ones off jegs for a little less. Worth driving it first. But those sticky tires are definitely going to exaggerate body roll.
  10. At least you have something on there.
  11. @mainer311 are you running sway bars on this thing? Definitely consider it if you aren’t once these sticky tires are on. The futofab bars made a big difference on my 620.
  12. On the 620 I pulled the tach signal from out by the coil- I think it was green/black…. But I’ll need to go back and look… just looked at my thread quickly and didn’t see it posted. That was for some JEGS gauges but should be the same as autometer Edit —- I did use green and black
  13. I wonder if that’s why the KA in my 620 doesn’t want to idle… I set the idle with the throttle…. following this!
  14. They should be almost entirely separate- that’s the beauty of the can am board- make sure your not cutting power during cranking, the most likely issue for needing the remote start.
  15. Stock ignition switch? did you rewire the car? If I remember I had to splice to of the wires off the stock ignition switch to make sure the can am board kept power on the 620 and the mega jolt board on the 510 - but I rewired both.
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