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  1. demo243

    WTB 620 Reg Cab

    Time Left: 25 days and 13 hours

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    Looking for a 620 Reg Cab - Short or Long bed - Body/Frame must be good - Paint OK - East Coast Baltimore to Maine for pick up - got friends and family in San Francisco and Seattle areas that might be able to coordinate shipping for a running truck.


  2. Hahah yea... ratsun at its best! I've been running the copper crush washers from nissan on my KA. Won't run the nissan filters though.... the rubber seal is too small and had one blow out on me... so I run the Bosch filters. I've run all manner of cheap plastic and fiber washers before with success. Although the plastic ones always seem to deform to much for my liking and not uniformly leaving the potential for leaks. I like the fiber looking ones I use on my Tacoma from Toyota.
  3. Late to the oil convo.... but if you consider switching think about the valvoline vr-1 racing oil. Has a hi zddp content. Bad for cats... but good for old motors. Can be tough to find locally but I order it from summit. I think they do both conventional and synthetic Also we need to get the dattos together soon
  4. You going to the East Coast 510 Meet at Summit Point Raceway in WV? It's the weekend of May 17, 18, 19. I'm leaving from NH in my 510 Friday morning at 00:01am. I like to take my time so likely arrive about 10am setup camp, hit the pits to see who's racing. If interested text me at 603 489-3984 maybe we can caravan down and back.



    1. demo243


      I dont think Im gonna make this one. I dont think I can get Friday off of work.... and it would be very weather dependent too. The old Falkens on the car right now are a white knuckled ride on the highway in the rain.... lame I know... 

  5. Definitely will be some driveway wrenching this summer... gotta get down and help b^2 get his 510 running. We got half way through a side draft swap and then the weather got to cold. Always down for a good weekend cruise or event. We should definitely try and put together a gathering. I think there are a couple guys up in NH too. I think threebsracing is pretty close.
  6. Our new place is in Topsfield
  7. Damn... I made it all the way to the 4th page even with Ratsun being pretty dead these days.... damn instagram and facebook killing the car forums... anyway I haven't given up yet! Haven't had much to update since the move back east. With the car being stored in CT and living in an apartment in MA... there weren't many updates... until a few weeks ago. We bought a house which means the car gets to come back up. The garage is small... but big enough to fit the 510 and a nice work bench. ultimate plan is to tear it down and build a nice 2 car garage... we'll see how long that takes.... anyway... Yesterday was the day to bring her to the new home. Picked up a Uhaul trailer and did the round trip MA->CT->MA in today to bring her home! 20190424_113941 by Devon Mitchell, on Flickr 20190424_113949 by Devon Mitchell, on Flickr 20190424_114003 by Devon Mitchell, on Flickr 20190424_171809 by Devon Mitchell, on Flickr We'll see... future updates may be slow as well cause the house needs love too, but at least Ill have the 510 to cruise around in.
  8. They T together under the intake manifold and then are run to a catch can on the fire wall. Ran the same set up on my L20b.
  9. Make it happen!!!! Its soo sad to see these race cars rot away... I saw a four door here in the northeast last year, that would have been totally savable... but someone stripped it and let it sit too long... it was too big of a project for me, but I so wanted to make it happen. It amazes me how someone could put that much work into a car and then just discard it.... Good luck! look forward to watching this car get revived!
  10. Here is a link to the lokar one I used but in a 620. just stumbled on it
  11. Not sure about the 620s, but I used the Lokar handle and their universal cable kit on my 510. Worked with the stock drums and the maxima calipers I upgraded to when I went rear disc
  12. Center units can be swapped very easily though, so if you want to use the gear ratio on a newer unit and have an old unit, you can pull the center from the old 510 diff (suitable for 510 half shafts) and swap into the newer subaru housing with its the corresponding gears. I have done this on a number of R160 units to make a 3.9 LSD, 4.11 LSD and 4.44 LSD that are all compatible with 510 half shafts. OP what are you trying to get out of upgrading? Are you looking for a different ratio or LSD or strength? The short answer is you can use any R160, R180, or R200 in a 510... its just a matter of what other parts you need to swap and how much money you want to throw at it. More info on your car would help too...
  13. If you havent been there yet- check out the510realm.com there is a ton of good race info over there. Ive had some good luck scoring odd parts there too.
  14. Long story short. Photobucket screwed the car forums.... I like flickr but they just changed their rules too an only allow 1000 photos got free acounts.... time for me to do some cleaning... I think others use imgur. Most of those photo hosting sites will allow you to copy a direct link from them that you can just paste directly into the forum.
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