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  1. We even got some snow out near the coast in Topsfield... Didnt really stick or anything, but it was coming down. Bad enough that the town decided to salt the roads... Ugggg Hopefully they dont come around again and the rest of the storm will wash it away. I did see that Seacoast Cars&Coffee is having their first event this weekend. Probably wont make it though. Gonna try and catch the first one in Andover on May 2nd.
  2. Another expensive East Coast 510 - $12k - Auto - Paint looks in decent shape, but the floors are definitely questionable. "Barn Find". Seems like a flipper. Not a bad start, but more then I would pay for it! https://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/cto/d/yonkers-datsun-510/7306960563.html
  3. Sitting on 13's again! Still need to mess around with a few things and play wheel roulette to try and get the wheel weights too clear.... Front passenger has a row of them that are just hitting... Tires are older, but in decent shape, will run them for now. Gotta keep my eyes open for a decent set of 195-205 13's... Federal says they make 595s, but nobody has them in stock... I found some no name Vitour Formulas in a 195/55r13, but no information on them, and they are still $100 bucks a tire... I think I can still get some Toyo RA1s for ~$140 each, but thats more then I was
  4. demo243

    My 1971 521

    Wahooo! Now the fun begins! I just threw FutoFab sways on the 620. Only one quick drive on it so far, but felt a difference there. Truck is blocked in right now... but maybe next week Ill get to truely take it for a spin! I suspect the sway are going to really make a difference. I dont really want to stiffen up the suspension much, since part of what I like about it is how soft it is compared to the 510.
  5. I have the same problem with my KA alts. as Stoffregen mentioned I think its due to the lack of charge light in my case. My guess is the LEDs dont draw enough, so its not sensing the draw and not starting the charge. Ive been living with it for now... But it does require a blip to ~3k to get them charging. I just need to remember to do that a block or so away.... so its not pissing my wife off in the driveway hahaah
  6. Broke the mistresses out of the garage the other day! Fired up the 510 for the first time since she got tucked away and took her for a quick rip. Damn this car is stupid fun hahahahah! Really need to knuckle down though and swap the spare trans in... The can of bolts that rattles on decel takes alot of the fun away from driving it. Clutch feels really light too... works, but feels really light. Bleed it in the fall but didnt make a difference. Unfortunately I thinks it will be easiest to pull the whole engine and trans to do the swap since the trans bolts are so tight to the firewall I need to
  7. Broke them both out of the garage the other day! Took the 510 for its first spring spin! Havent had a chance to really test the truck sways yet...
  8. The cheap solution- https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/4-ft-x-6-ft-x-3-4-in-thick-rubber-stall-mat I threw one of these in the 620. People were worried about it trapping water underneath, but I have found it actually tend to keep water off the bed.
  9. That thing looks in great shape! You should check out the bed on my 620 hahahah its got hacked fiberglass patches on it. In reality its still functional though...
  10. I thought titan wheels need to be bored out for the 620? if so then a hub centric spacer would need to be too. if not hub centric then it might be ok
  11. demo243

    My 1971 521

    What are the turns for each mixture screw? since that’s showing idle it could be as simple as that.
  12. demo243

    My 1971 521

    Could be the throttle plates sealing/not sealing completely? when are you checking your plugs? Technically to get a proper plug reading you should romp on it and shut it off immediately and then pull the plugs, no idling or cruising.
  13. These pulled up on google pretty quick. Stud spacing and thread should be correct. Not positive on the bore. Never used em so no guarantee they fit. https://www.titanwheelaccessories.com/products/1-6x5-5-6x139-7-wheel-spacers-12x1-25-studs-for-infiniti-nissan-trucks-suvs?_pos=2&_sid=fd31f0cc2&_ss=r&variant=29220899848215
  14. Got my front sway sorted out. In my rush to get something ordered I ended up ordering an endlink from ebay--- well I thought I ordered two... but only one arrived --- checked the order again and sure enough only one. This time I got smart and checked O'Reilly first. Should have done that the first time... They had Moog endlinks available same day! Ordered a pair of those and picked them up this afternoon. After that it was a pretty straightforward instal. I did end up trimming the sleeves down about 1.5cm... probably didnt need to go quite as short, but I j
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