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  1. Welcome to 200 tredwear tires! Hahah
  2. I haven’t that I recall … but it does say 66-77. I think you can get some Addco? Ones off jegs for a little less. Worth driving it first. But those sticky tires are definitely going to exaggerate body roll.
  3. At least you have something on there.
  4. @mainer311 are you running sway bars on this thing? Definitely consider it if you aren’t once these sticky tires are on. The futofab bars made a big difference on my 620.
  5. On the 620 I pulled the tach signal from out by the coil- I think it was green/black…. But I’ll need to go back and look… just looked at my thread quickly and didn’t see it posted. That was for some JEGS gauges but should be the same as autometer Edit —- I did use green and black
  6. I wonder if that’s why the KA in my 620 doesn’t want to idle… I set the idle with the throttle…. following this!
  7. They should be almost entirely separate- that’s the beauty of the can am board- make sure your not cutting power during cranking, the most likely issue for needing the remote start.
  8. Stock ignition switch? did you rewire the car? If I remember I had to splice to of the wires off the stock ignition switch to make sure the can am board kept power on the 620 and the mega jolt board on the 510 - but I rewired both.
  9. just gotta decide if I want to pull the whole engine/trans combo… or if i want to drop it out from underneath- which still requires lifting the engine to get to all the bolts… probably just pull the whole thing - will make it easier to check the clutch and flywheel and their bolt torque
  10. Damn you dont waste time! Ive been talking about swapping the transmission in my 510 for almost 2 years now! And the spare is just sitting in the basement hahaha... maybe one of these days...
  11. Looks like you snagged another shot at the Andover Cars and Coffee - https://www.facebook.com/andovercarsandcoffee/photos/pcb.981043585974007/981031195975246 Missed last weeks, was on my way home from Acadia. Hopefully Ill get to one of the next ones, or we can meet up with Neil somewhere again soon.
  12. Bummer... I’ve had good luck with them before, but that isn’t right... You might need some thicker isolators to seal it up better.
  13. Depends really on what B-sedan will let you run... And clearing 13's makes it even harder! What wheels are you running? I think the old BRE cars used a Porsche caliper, and I think there might be a Toyota caliper option if you need to stick with "production parts" If you can go aftermarket then the possibilities open up. But even then 13's are tight. I am running DP Racings 13" wheel kit, but so far they havent cleared any 13's I have tried... Supposedly they will clear original Panasports... In order to get them to clear AR Libres and the slots I have on the car right now I had to have a new caliper bracket made to shift the caliper in another couple mms and clearance is TIGHT! As for the rears, I am running the Maxima/200sx using EDPs kit as linked above. The problem is the Maxima calipers are getting hard to find... and clearance is again very TIGHT on 13's! Cant run stick on wheel weights without them being strategically placed tight. I would check over on the Realm and see what anyone has to add over there - I would also check with Troy Ermish to see what he is running. He has a few brake kits on his site. Also post up some photos of your car! I think we all like to see race cars! Here are some photos of my set up. As the car currently sits on 13" slots Front Clearance with no spacers - Stick on wheel weights will not clear between the barrel or caliper Rear Clearance - Stick on wheel weights will not clear between the barrel or caliper Here is a picture of the bracket I had made to pull the caliper inward a touch DPs kit all spread out before install.
  14. I heard rumor somewhere that they were scaling back on what he can do... also looks like he isnt taking new orders or inquires at this time - at least if you want something quickly.
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