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  1. demo243

    Bump steer spacers...

    T3 might be able to machine you a custom set? They seem to have the ability to do a fair amount of custom work.
  2. demo243

    Moving to Cali.....smog Q's

    The guy definitely didn't know what he was looking at... but he did comment on how much work I must have done in the engine bay. This was in the bay area at the Daly City DMV if it makes a difference.
  3. demo243

    Moving to Cali.....smog Q's

    I think its been mentioned already... but Ill just throw it in here for reference. I registered my 71 510 with a carb'ed KA swap in Cali about a year ago (prior it was registered in CT). Being older then 75 there was no smog check. All I had to do was drive it to the DMV for them to verify the VIN. No questions about the swap at all... although technically the swap was not Cali legal as I removed all the smog equipment from the KA to run carbs on it. If someone really wanted to be a dick they could have sent me to a STAR facility where it would have failed inspection.... but the DMV people did not care.
  4. demo243

    510 track widths? wider in front vs rear?

    1100 lbs in the stock location is about the same as a 275lb spring on coilivers (someone has a rough conversion somewhere on ratsun) due to the leverage the rear arm has over the stock spring being that it is inboard from the axle shaft. When you go coilovers you move the spring all the way out to the end so the wheel/arm loose that leverage and it becomes more of a 1:1 ratio. I'm running 300 front springs on my coiliver and cut in half 650 eibach spring making it 1300lbs per side in the stock locations I also have a big sway bar front and a rear sway... need to measure that one though. On smooth pavement the car is on rails and there is hardly any roll... however when it gets rough it does "skip" a bit... and I think I need to replace my shocks as they are not valves for such heavy spring rates. The car also doesn't like the rain... gets very twitchy when its wet.... but old falken tires probably don't help that
  5. demo243

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    I think were both pretty tied up the next few weekends... but yea we should definitely get together. Always happy to lend a hand wrenching too if you need it.
  6. demo243

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Its been a while, since I bought a speedo cable, but last I did I just got it from NAPA for a pretty reasonable price.
  7. demo243

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Planning on making that one! My car is still down in CT at the moment since I dont have a garage to keep in here yet... but the plan is to bring it up for that weekend. Also been working with @B^2 to get his 510 up and running. Side note for you two-- on MA inspections have either of you gone through since the new cameras? I need to get the car up here so I can have someone look at it and tell me what wont pass... worried about the small holes at the corner of the trunk... and other random holes since the interior is gutted.
  8. demo243

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Subb'ed hoping to bump into this truck at some point now that I'm in MA.
  9. demo243

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

    Yea mines similar. 4th is the worst. 5 is loud, 3 is higher in the RPMs. Hate to change the flywheel though... one its a pain... but with the aluminum driveshaft and the lightweight flywheel the engine revs QUICK
  10. demo243

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

    My B&M is pretty notchy... and doesn't like 5th much. 1-4 are smooth ish... but 5th will grind unless I go slow. Doesnt always like to go into reverse either. Also for reference I am running Redline MT-90 in the trans and Royal purple in the rear diff (4.11 LSD) I'm running halfshafts and some old rubber rear diff bushings.... and it sounds like mine is just as loud as yours so Im not sure half shafts will help at all. I was running the energy suspension poly trans mount, but threw in a GM rubber mount with hardly a difference. Still running poly McKinney motor mounts though. I think @Duke is on to it with the harmonics issue... probably not helped by the partially counterbalanced crankshaft. I wonder if an upgraded damper would do anything? ATI ?? drop some cash? But yea to Dukes point... I think there are some harmonics going on that are then amplified by the lightweight flywheel, aftermarket clutch, big aluminum drive shaft and tin can of a car...
  11. demo243

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

    Rockcrusher! that is the best way I've heard to describe the noise... drives me crazy. Interested to see how the changes affect it. Are you running a stock shifter or short shift? I was reading on some of the 240sx forums that the B&M shifter I have can cause some more noise too... don't have a stock shifter to try though...
  12. demo243

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

    I'm not the only one!!!! My supposedly rebuilt trans in my KA swap is really loud on decel in 4th and 5th... and even 3rd above 3k. Running a Fidenza light weight flywheel, spec stage 1? clutch (id have to go back and check what I bought hahaha) and a 3" aluminum drive shaft. I dont think its quite as loud outside of the car... but inside the car with no interior and poly mounts its loud as shit! Been keeping my eye out for another trans to swap in and see if it helps... but sounds like it may not make a difference. Although I still need to go in and check the pinion angles to see if that helps at all.
  13. demo243

    KA24E N/A Build Plan - Need advice

    If your looking to run a distributorless ignition definitely look into megajolt, it uses a Ford Edis system which is fairly easy to source. It's pretty easy to set up. Both Duke and I are running it on our carb'ed DEs.
  14. demo243

    Options for SR/KA/CA Oil Pan

    Cast "production" intake - EWL - hard to find. I got lucky and found it second hand... but I stumbled upon the guy who makes them/ imports them on the Ratsun facebook a little while back. I think his name was Eddie La Puebla i think?? Ed Pink made the ones for Nissan Motorsports NA - that one is a welded manifold. I've got one of those stashed away as well, but I liked the look and quality of the cast one better.
  15. demo243

    Options for SR/KA/CA Oil Pan

    Running Megajolt - got a set of Mikuni 44's bolted to the side of the KA, so Megajolt takes care of the ignition. 20180413_172943 by Devon Mitchell, on Flickr

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