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  1. Nothing new to update on the truck... cold and snowy so no not much work going on.... Somethin did show up in the mail today though to keep me busy for a little bit....
  2. Long time no updates... car is tucked away in the garage for winter. I've pulled it out and ran it for a few minutes... but that's it... Starting to have some thoughts about cutting out the roll bar.... Still think I want the option of having one...it will always be a bit of a race car... but thinking a bolt in for the couple days a year it sees track use might be nice to allow for some rear seats... I think Busta Nut put some prelude seats in the back of his four door... looking to see about maybe put an wrx seat in the rear of a 4 door?!?!? Might just be the winter doldrums messing with my head.... Also need to plan on doing all the bushings up front and maybe some new lower control arms and rods in the spring
  3. Freshly painted black block with fresh brass freeze plugs... the best!!!!
  4. Thanks I do but that could be part of the problem... it's got a 1 wire 02 on the 4th runner on the header. Could not figure out if it was a 1 or 3 wire or where the original harness plug was... so I threw the 1 wire on there and connected it right to the ecu. The weird thing is I didnt run soooo rich when I first got it running. Only after i ran it out of gas did it start running as rich as it is
  5. demo243

    ka24de info

    Double post # 2 Second thing --- Took some photos of the coil wiring... didnt get a chance to look into anything, but figured it would be worth posting. This is on my S13 KA24DE Need to figure out the best spot to tap into for the negative coil wire for the tach
  6. demo243

    ka24de info

    Double posting here..... First--- The KA in the truck is running SUPER RICH! like dripping fuel rich --- this was dripping out of the header -- not oil - seems to be gas This is the darkest plug This was the lightest I know the Idle Air Control is not working... since It when started it wouldnt hold an idle, had to manually hold the throttle open to get it to run, right now have the the throttle stop opened up to hold idle... shouldnt make it run that rich though.... maybe my O2 sensor? Only have a single one wire O2 running from the #4 cylinder in the header to the ECU... might not be right... Truck drives ok, but does seem to be "smoking" a bit when left to idle.... I dont know if this makes a difference or not... But when I first started it, it was not running this rich... the other weekend when I went to bring it down to get registered I think I ran it out of fuel while pulling it onto the trailer.... thats when it started this "smoking" and puking fuel out of the header thing... Also probably doesnt help that I am currently killing power to the whole truck --- including ecu--- everytime I turn it off --- I am assuming this is reseting the ECU every time
  7. Came home early from skiing this weekend due to some unusually warm temps... 65 in January?!?!? Ready for some Ratsun Shit? Temporary exhaust until I get it aligned and to the exhuast shop- only cost a few bucks so worth it to me... Hangs really low... forgot to grab a photo of it on the ground... Ill grab one tomorrow. Actually like the sound of it! who knows what muffler it is though... picked it up randomly years ago. Truck is running rich as SHIT! Literally dripping fuel out of the exhaust... Ill post something up in the KA thread to see what if anyone has any thoughts. This was the darkest plug This was the lightest plug As I said... dripping raw fuel out of the exhaust Also grabbed some shots of the coil wiring--- need to work through this to pick out the best place to grab the negative signal for the tach
  8. Watching this.... out of interest... I believe the 2nd and 3rd gen Tacomas with the TRD Offroad Package use a electric booster/ABS unit. I also think they are very expensive to replace... Someone had a post on here somewhere about an electric vacuum pump used to power the stock vacuum booster.
  9. demo243

    ka24de info

    This is what I have been referencing https://www.nicoclub.com/archives/240sx-s13-ka24de-ecu-pinout-and-wire-locations.html --- scroll below the adds for a diagram of just the connector with the pin numbers as well. Here are the photos hosted as well --- S13 Diagrams
  10. demo243

    ka24de info

    hmmm not coming out large enough to really read... Found a couple of diagrams on Jim Wolfe's website that spell out the coil negative... but they are for the 95+ S14 KA24DEs... need to do some digging. Here are the links for anyone interested http://jimwolftechnology.com/wolfpdf/DISTRIBUTOR SR KA CHANGE CAR TO EXT COIL AND TRANSISTER.PDF http://jimwolftechnology.com/wolfpdf/MSD TO SR 240SX.PDF
  11. Its got plates! 20200104_191012 by devon M, on Flickr Was a long Saturday but hauled it down to CT to get it registered and plated. Ended up not really needing to haul it down... but that is another long story... For some reason I have been digging this shot of it on the trailer... not sure why... 20200104_193316 by devon M, on Flickr Its running pretty rough right now... not sure if it was just the cold wet weather or what... also either running really rich or burning some oil... was leaving these nice marks on the drive way from idling... open headed only pointing right at the ground so not really sure... 20200104_141849 by devon M, on Flickr Also figured out where the water is seeping into the cab that killed the floor boards-- atleast on the driver side 20200104_141951 by devon M, on Flickr Passenger side is a little wet as well... but haven't tracked it down yet... Still a bunch of work before its road worthy... Alignment and exhaust are needed... and still having trouble with the brakes... might have to try replacing the master.... I have bleed 10 times including the load sensing valve... gonna try and adjust the drums again and see if that helps as well.... Gotta get the tach sorted out--- took it for a quick spin down the rode and felt like it was short power... but it was so loud I could have only been reving it to 2 maybe 3k... I don't know how those hot rod guys do it with open headers!?!?!? Get ready for some real Ratsun shit too with a temp exhaust! Ive had a 2.5" straight through muffler kicking around for a while... ordered up a few random exhuast parts to clamp together a shorty exhaust system just to try and quiet it down a little bit while I get everything sorted before it gets to the exhaust shop. One more for shits and giggles... it looks good wet! Need to buff and wax it soon. 20200104_142714 by devon M, on Flickr
  12. demo243

    ka24de info

    👍 now to see if I can find a color coded wiring diagram
  13. demo243

    ka24de info

    yea KA24de/ECU Wiring harness --- I have the diagram with the pinout which points to the red/yellow tach output... but it doesn work... as many people have said... some say you can use a resistor an make it work... but was hoping for a more simple straightforward solution--- which should be the negative from the coil
  14. 620 wiring diagrams can be found here https://www.nicoclub.com/archives/datsun-pickup-wiring-diagrams-for-320-520-521-620-720.html The dimmer switch as mentioned doesn't really do anything... and with an led upgrade you could burn it out... so probably best to replace it with something newer if you do that The optical wire just provides lighting to the knob itself. It feeds back to a cylinder with a bulb
  15. I think the biggest thing that people forget is the 510s weigh nothing... 2000lbs ish... everyone gets caught up in the horsepower game but are used to cars that weigh twice as much. They also forget the most fundamental benefit of a 510... slow car fast... as the saying goes it's more fun to drive a slow car fast then a fast car slow. If all you want to do is burn out then go big! If you want a fun street car 150-200hp. If you seriously fast track car 2-300hp... with major supporting adjustments including suspension, brakes, diff, steering, cage, seats, etc.
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