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  1. Gery

    Reverse switch for 71B 5-speed

    I sent off for a new switch.
  2. Gery

    Reverse switch for 71B 5-speed

    Very helpful. Turns out a fuse had blown which explains the lack of reverse lights when the switch was bypassed. Your photo and explanation help me better understand the problem. Am I right in thinking that the pin is dropping into the notch (and thus, not extending to break continuity)? if so, what might cause that situation? The plunger moves relatively freely and has consistent spring tension pushing it outward. There is minor scraping when moving, but nothing that seems restrictive to movement. Perhaps my next step thould be to remove the switch, insert a thin rod into the switch hole, and the feel what happens as the truck is shifter in and out of reverse? (Ignition off, of course) That might add some info, but won’t give me reverse lights.... Better ideas?
  3. Gery

    Reverse switch for 71B 5-speed

    No other switches present. I pulled the switch to check function. Plunger extended = no continuity Plunger depressed = continuity while under, I tried directly connecting the truck’s reverse wired together (removing the switch from the circuit). No reverse lights. Because the truck was an automatic, there are two wires that were attached to the old internal neutral switch. These two wires are now connected together. If not connected together, the truck won’t turn over. i ended up just disconnecting the switch so there would be CONTANTLY ON” no reverse lights. So what seems to be occurring is: when the switch is in place ... the plunger remains depressed regardless of gear selection, or even neutral. If so, that is problem #1 Problem #2 then would be why wouldn’t the reverse lights just stay on if the switch is bypassed? is there a lost ground connection with the switch out? Or? i wish this was as simple as having the wrong type of switch installed. ideas?
  4. Gery

    1974 Datsun 620 Wiper Switch Options

    Thank you.
  5. Gery

    Reverse switch for 71B 5-speed

    After switching an automatic to a 5 speed, my reverse lights are always on. From this thread, I’d assume that I need to replace the switch. If so, for what specifically am I searching? Or could the leads just be reversed.? (‘78 620) can I scavenge the switch from the automatic to use with the 280z 5 speed?
  6. Gery

    1974 Datsun 620 Wiper Switch Options

    Any options for adding intermittent wiper option? I’ve considered adding a momentary switch to get a single swipe but this seems awkward. (‘78 620)
  7. Gery

    620 fiberglass accessories STILL FOR SALE

    Are these still avail?
  8. Gery

    Need help identifying dogleg five-speed in my '69

    As always, very. Valuable information. Are these considered good transmissions in terms of -street/hwy driving -repairability ?
  9. Gery

    5 Speed for L16

    Help. Which manual transmission(s) will fit a ‘78 620 kc (L20b)? If more than one, which is best for regular driving? F4W71B? F5W71B? Thanks
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    not Sure how to delete this....but item no longer needed.


  11. Gery

    Weber 32/36 choke problems

    I’m going out there and do this as soon as the sun comes up. Thanks as always.
  12. Gery

    who do you all insure threw?

    I get mine throoooo State Farm without any problems.
  13. Gery

    Weber 32/36 choke problems

    Jumping on this thread with a choke adjustment question: my L20b (automatic) with a Weber starts right up and the fast idle keeps it going. But, when the fast idle cuts out due to my touching the gas pedal, rhe truck’s idle drops and almost almost stalls. Then after a few minutes more warming up while driving, it rises to a decent 900ish (in gear). I have a feeling that the choke is opening too soon. Inspecting the choke when cold shows me that it is almost closed (as suggested in the literature). Would rotating it help this problem?as it is now , I almost drive it like a manual by slipping it into neutral ,to keep the rpms up until it is sufficiently warm to avoid stalling. BTW, fuel lines are clear, air filter is clean (though not oiled), valves appropriately adjusted, timing seems correct, battery is strong, etc ideas..? j u
  14. Gery

    620 front suspension and steering

    What is the original turn radius for these? I may already be there.
  15. Gery

    620 front suspension and steering

    I’d like to improve the turning radius of my ‘78 620. Besides cleaning and adjusting the stock box, anything practical to be done?

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