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  1. Gery

    620 window scraper clips

    Hmmmm.....no intimate knowledge out there of 620 and 720 window weatherstrip clips? Does anybody have a photo of a 720 clip? a couple of 620 clips? a rusty paper clip? (Actually, I have a bunch of those)
  2. Gery

    620 window scraper clips

    Ha! Actually, for the side window outside rubber strip seal. There are 4 on each side, made of formed sheet metal, and are about 1.5” square.
  3. Hey everyone. I just need one outer clip for the.window squeegee for my 620 but am having a hard time locating any. Will ones from a 720 fit?? Or? thanks
  4. Just send me your address and I will pack it up and get the shipping price.
  5. I have the handle sitting waiting to ship. I can USPS Priority it. Let me know if still interested.
  6. Gery

    Cabin vents

    On trucks with factory air, 2 of the 3 front vents (the ones just in front of the doors) are sealed. I ripped out my ac and the underdash conduits, removed the sheetmetal plates over the vent ports, and installed the appropriate pull-rod controlled flap inlets. . Result is MUCH better airflow. In anticipation of the question “Why’d you take out the AC?”, it was a heavy and fairly useless embellishment that always seemed to have some part of itself in my way.
  7. Time Left: 8 days and 11 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Looking for a donut /mini spare emergency wheel with Datsun six lug configuration.


    Los Angeles, California - US

  8. Gery

    Glovebox inset

    https://imgur.com/gallery/lx3cxAp photos
  9. Gery

    Glovebox inset

    My glovebox insert was pretty rotten, and I got tired of stuff falling out from under the dash. My solution won’t apply to purists, but for those looking for function at low cost, this might help. I took a plastic ammo box from Harbor Freight (less than $5), cit the top and upper lid off, and it has a pretty good vertical fit in my 620. It is not as wide as the original insert but I used the extra space behind the glovebox door to mount a couple of charger outlets. It is much sturdier than the cardboard originals and fairly easy to pop in and out. Because it is abs plastic, I could even m
  10. Mine hasn’t needed to be refelted....but, I have used the fuzzy side of Velcro in a similar situation. Industrial, self sticking is best (fine online). Also, have on hand a set of picks, a couple of chop sticks, forceps/tweezers (to remove backing cover as you move along ) and a putty knife. Getting the sticky backed Velcro down in the slots, though challenging, can be done with patience. BTW, I also use a couple of rods in my windows when not open. The sliders are an easy way to break into your truck. You can even dip the ends of the rods in Dip-It to keep them from adding yet anothe
  11. Gery

    What is this switch?

    To: thisismatt- Sorry, but your comments seem a bit snarky. Also they don’t add anything valuable to the discussion. You are welcome to drive your car anyway you want and use or not use your parking brake, but you needn’t jump into a topic just to criticize. You’re listed a senior member and should set a better example. Datsun owners come here to get and give information, not to be belittled. I’m sure you have a lot of really useful knowledge that would be appreciated if you were to share it.
  12. Yes, I do. Sorry, I didn’t get notified of your question and been exceedingly bust due to Covid-19. I will get on the shipping When I have a chance and let you know.
  13. Gery

    What is this switch?

    To Datzenmike- I was pretty sure you’d clear up this minor mystery of the switch. It was the switch that forced a downshift. Thank you! To: thisismatt- i understand the confusion....but it isn’t for when the car is actually underway. Automatics have a forward creep that keeps the car from free rolling backward when you stop on a hill and remove your foot from the brakes. Manual transmissions obviously can’t have this feature. Usually a quick, well coordinated foot change from brake to gas with a smooth release of clutch is fine. But, on a really steep hill, with ano
  14. Gery

    What is this switch?

    BACKGROUND (‘78 620 kc) I replaced my automatic trans. with a 5 speed manual. Without the forward creep of the auto, the under-dash parking brake handle was not adequate or convenient on hills, etc. So, I installed a.between the seats floor mount parking brake, which turned out fine. I even moved the handbrake switching over to the new set-up. Finally, with some spare time (shelter at home), I decide to pull the handbrake assembly from under the dash.There, mounted on the assembly, I found an additional momentary switch that is triggered when the accelerator is pushed way down. QU
  15. Can the ratio be changed? can the steering box be rebuilt at home?
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