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  1. Jumping in here. My ‘78 620 kc has similar problems. The master cylinder is shot so I will be replacing that. Although the booster may be fine, I want to catch that before the inevitable failure. Problem is that I am finding it difficult to locate (without unspecified delays). The part number is 53-5240. Are there others that can be substituted? my rubber brake lines are also looking worse for wear, especially the fronts (disc). Best bets on good quality replacements.?
  2. Got it out without any problem. Excellent condition. I will see what the shipping would be.
  3. I tried a couple custom motorcycle shops....they just kept getting hung up on the idea that it wasn’t for a motorcycle. the cable shop (above) looks promising. If not, I am getting a better and better picture of how to make a workable cable myself. Mainly need the swaged end pieces ....and a sewage press($). Thanks!
  4. Hello and thanks for looking. i need a new or even good used hand brake cable for my 620 kc. Not the twin cables that go to the brake, but the cable running from the brake handle to the equalizer. The equalizer fitting on the cable end is the critical feature I need to match up. Are there any other cable brands that will work with the equalizer? Or cable ends that I could have staged on another ebrake cable? Thanks
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    See the photos for the list of parts. Everything is there except an in cab control/distribution unit. These are all over eBay and not expensive. Preferably someone local as to avoid shipping. pretty sure that this could be modified for other Datsun’s with the main concern being the bracket for the compressor. I really don’t need this and am even open to trades. $250 OBO plus shipping


    Santa Monica , California - US

  6. I’m taking mine out and replacing with a floor mount ebrake. Excellent condition. How much would you offer? ( and cover shipping unless you are local to Los Angeles.
  7. Thanks! (‘78 kc 620). That helps a lot. I always appreciate your responses. 🙂
  8. My dash brake light stopped going on at start-up and when the hand brake is engaged. I used a multimeter on the line to the handbrake switch and got no voltage. Possibly a burnt bulb on the gauge? Before having to remove the dash instrument panel, is there anything else I can try? If this was only a handbrake issue I would be less concerned....but I don’t want to drive around without a warning light for loss of brake fluid. All six fuses in the main fuse box test as good. I checked the reservoirs...there are no float switches on the lids...so I couldn’t test the light that way. Oh yeah, and on the subject of brakes.... how much difference do performance disc systems make over stock disc systems. I’m talking front only....rears are drums.
  9. Out of curiosity, could a ‘78 kc fit on a ‘71 510 frame....and do so without major work? if not that, how about a ‘78 on a pre 1976 620 frame?
  10. Gery


    Mike- As usual, you are a wealth of great information. I was hoping to hear your perspective.
  11. Gery


    All interesting. I wasn’t even thinking of the rpms until I came across the mention (above) of 5.5k shifting. With my apparent shift range in the 3 to 4K range, I want to make sure I haven’t missed something....and that 3-4K shifts are not causing mechanical problems. Frankly, after 4K my engine sounds ready to throw a rod or something. Given its age, I’ve been fine with lower rev (3k) shifts. BTW, the truck hums along on the L.A. freeways and the empty stretches of the Pacific Coast Highway. Soooo....should I leave well enough alone (if it is well enough and not a problem) or consider a differential change? Or?
  12. Gery


    Today I observed: 3rd gear @3,000rpm = 40mph What differential gears should I be using?
  13. Gery


    I recently put a 5 speed in my (previously automatic) ‘78 620 kc. (Stock L20b, Weber, de-smogged at present). Shifting at 3k felt right but not aggressive. After reading all this though, I thought I must be being too conservative. After pushing it, I’ve Found that power starts to drop at 4K and 5 k seems unattainable. Thoughts?
  14. Gery

    620 Dash Removal

    That (removing the lighter)did the trick. Also, realizing that the plastic panel was flush against sheet metal and that the sheet metal was staying put. So, at first when I slipped a finger in the lighter hole and hooked it to try and pull, I was also working against the sheet metal. Thanks, again.
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