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  1. Also -- Just stumbled upon this universal cable from Pierce Manifolds - 5' Sheath, 6' Cable https://www.piercemanifolds.com/product_p/99006.103.htm Ive bought from these guys before and they were very quick.... Not cheap, but not to bad either.
  2. Just noticed all the throttle cable talk. I am running an S13 cable on both my 510 and 620, the 510 is a bit different since its running carbs... but the 620 should be pretty similar. The biggest issue you are going to run into running it straight back to the firewall, along the FW and then into the cabin is those are very tight bends which aren't going to allow the cable to slide smoothly... particularly the bend into the cabin. Here is my 510 set up - Here is my 620 set up - The 510 cable is noticeably stiffer then the 620 and they are using the same cable - I think the biggest difference is the tight ben coming out of the firewall that the 510 cable has, and less so the big u bend that the 510 cable has. I could probably benefit from a longer cable on the 510 to create a bigger more swooping bend out of the firewall. With the position of the carb linkage its always going to have to cross the engine I think.... With that said... I would be interested in a longer cable for the 620 as well which would allow the cable to sit fully in front of the engine instead of against the oil cap. You may want to consider running it straight out the firewall and across and up the front either way for a straighter run. i can take more photos this afternoon/evening if you want anything specific.
  3. Thats why I tried it. RTV takes forever to cure, I wanted to be able to pull the engine, pull the pan and reseal and drop the engine back in in one day. Drained the engine, pulled it, pulled the pan, cleaned the pan and block real well, applied right stuff to pan, installed the pan, let it sit for a bit updsidedown on the stand, dropped it back in, filled it back up, and ran it same day. Still holding for me *** fingers crossed... knock on wood.... *** Thought about trying to do it with the engine in the car, but decided it would be just as hard and annoying working around the crossmember and steering linkage as it would be to just pull the engine... I got pretty quick at pulling the engine at the end of the build anyway... and its just easier to deal with the pan when the engine is upside down, less likely to move it before all the bolts are in.
  4. I had trouble with RTV on my KA as well... down in the same area as well if I remember... I was so mad because it was a fresh build and it start leaking immediately. I think this is the stuff I ended up using, and it has been holding good since --- https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/the-right-stuff-1-minute-5911/chemicals---fluids-16461/glues--adhesives---sealants-19861/gasket-makers---sealers-19581/166cc2694828/permatex-the-right-stuff-1-minute-gasket-maker/25238/6236126?pos=62
  5. On my list to check out.... just don’t feel like pulling it all apart right now either...
  6. Well... can’t drop the front any more... I could squeeze out one more turn on the coil overs, but the spring perch is really close to the tire... 2 turns and it’s hitting the tire.
  7. Gotta put it out there... I’ve been driving the Orange Whip 620 a lot recently... but... DAMN this car is fun to drive. Need to get it back out on the track or AutoX before I get in trouble...🚔...
  8. dropped another 2 turns on the front coil overs today, maybe a couple more to come... @grannyknot running 205/50r15 Falken Azenis on 15x7 +25 Rota RBs with a 10mm spacer and longer wheel studs on the front, stock 510 struts and axles. The Falkens run wide, but look mean from the front. Debating between the falkens again or the Dunlop direzza IIIs or DZ102s next since these are getting old. The falkens do get hard when cold and spin easily before they have warmed up.
  9. Did some work on the 510. Cut a 1/2 coil off the rear springs... actually cut a 1/4, then did another 1/4... dropped another 2.5 turns on the front coil overs as well.
  10. In Mass, I think even with antique plates you still need to pass the safety inspection... which since they put cameras in all the inspection stations a couple years ago has made it much harder for an inspector to turn a blind eye to an older car. I understand their reasoning for inspections... but it really makes it harder on the "classic" car crew. The problem is even if you do a 25 year exemption, now you are exempting Honda Civics from the 90s.... and most of those are why we need to have inspections. My 620 would probably pass, although technically it is too low now, and the floorboard "patch" from one of the POs probably wouldn't either... The 510 I doubt given how much is removed from it and there are two small rust holes at the trunk corners.
  11. If I run these I might get some Federals. Looks like you can still find 185/60 595s for about $50 each... Narrower then I want... but oh well... Still deciding what I want to do for 13's... or if I even want to keep pursuing them... The original plan was for them to be Track/Autocross wheels, but I haven't been good at getting to the track or autocross in a while.... I still am considering picking up some 13" Rotas so they use the same tuner lugs as my 15's. I just dont like the old shank style lugs... Just dont know if I can justify buying full on track/autoX tires at the moment... dont know if I will get there enough times in the next few years to use em up... Or I just get some new Azenis or StarSpecs and run them for both street and track use. They also offer Rota Grids in a 15x7 +20 now too in both bronze and black which is really tempting... the 15" RBs need new tires anyway... so is it time for a change? swap to 15" Grids for daily use?
  12. Happy 5/10 Day! Obligatory drive and photos
  13. Not much to update... Just been driving the truck --- A lot --- with all this Covid stuff all my trips are pretty local, and it much more fun to drive this then my Tacoma. Been thinking about a 29er for my next bike... but I dont think it'll fit! Also thinking about some black stripes--- will probably order up some vinyl to try it... or maybe plastidip... we'll see been thinking about the same thing on the 510 for a while now and still havent done it... so we'll see...
  14. thats why Im looking at a 65 sidewall. Its a truck so I like the wheels to have a bit of meat on them, even if it is slammed... and lowering another inch is out of the question... Id be riding on cut bymbs...
  15. pretty sure I’m gonna do a 195/65r15 did you go sl or xl for load? i don’t ever plan on hauling anything that would require xls... but our roads are shit as you are well aware
  16. Gonna motivate me to finally put some tires on the 620.... been driving it around a bunch and two of them are pretty rough... what width wheel are you running those 195s on? my 215s are two wide.... and I don’t think 205 will really get me much... 195s are XLs too in the tire I’m looking at, but they are a 1/2” shorter.... ugg decisions decisions...
  17. Took her for a quick spin. Got a couple good on ramps on I-95 near me... those big long bendy ones with a straight in the middle... the kind where you can be well above the highway speed limit before you have even hit the last bend to merge on 😈 😈 😈 😈
  18. I love seeing the old trucks next to the new ones!
  19. Finally got a nice warm day with nothing else to do....so a little more brake work. New rotors and pads up front. The old ones were probably fine... plenty of life left in the pads... but nice to have fresh brakes, pads, rotors, shoes, drums... next up is tires. Leaning toward some Nankang SP-9s in either a 195 or 205/65r15... about $55 each. other then that just driving it as much as I can. Super fun to drive.
  20. All cleaned up and no where to go! swapped the 15s back on since the tires on the 13s are really old... it was also pulling to the left pretty bad with them on. Also gave her a quick bath and quick polish. Sadly no where to go with all this covid stuff going on...
  21. demo243

    T3 Heat Shield

    I wasn’t a big fan of it... didnt fit with my shorty Mikuni manifold and unknown header without some serious trimming... the holes weren’t lined up the best either... pretty easy to fab one up with some sheet aluminum. But if your not confident the t3 would be better then nothing
  22. Congrats dude! Nice truck!
  23. demo243

    Moss covered 521

    I love the moss! But also HATE to see it rot away underneath....
  24. I think you’ll be good! You’ve got a lot of mechanical know all too feel anything that might not be right, and they are good trucks. There is 10+ years behind that truck and engine, they should have figured it out.
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