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  1. reza

    411 fuel tank fitment problems

    Buy longer straps.
  2. reza

    67 SSS 411 WRL

    Gotta ask... Do you have any spare parts? 😁
  3. Mixed feelings about replying, Clean 520 hood, i'd like for my 411. estate sales especially when you know of the person in question 😡 super bummer.
  4. reza

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    And since I can find zero parts I am looking for, I am at a stand still..................................
  5. reza

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    more auto to manual, 510 clutch master, slave and rubber house. trans mount fabbed and fully installed. Need a hardline and its ready to bleed out.
  6. reza

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    To keep it short, Swapped in the manual trans and engine. Replaced trans main shaft bearing and resealed. New oil pan gasket New valve cover gasket just need to sort out the trans mount. my buddy Jason in beaverton, or sent me some badass period correct velocity stacks. oh and bought new clutch master, slave, rubber line and hardline.
  7. reza

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    I should have posted in the project section, if a mod reads this then please move it over there. I was able to pull out the 1600 engine and trans thanks to Mike for the help. the bottom end looks great, I'll be pulling the intake and exhaust, painting the block and swapping to a 4 speed manual that I have. Goodbye BW35. Here is a parts car I found in a semi local wrecking yard, WRL411 wagon. sad day but I was able to get the grille marker light and rear bumper. I'll go back to cut the quarter panels off. Pictures make it look better than it is.
  8. reza

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Have seen this. Its a shit box unfortunately.
  9. reza

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    Now here is the bummer. The oil pan was removed less 1 bolt, whenever someone tried to do the timing on it. the engine has been sitting for 20 plus years, likely frozen. I'm going to have to pull the engine and transmission to see what I am dealing with, re-gasket the pan and look into the bottom end. Now the real downer of the whole situation is I am working in a gravel driveway.
  10. reza

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    So now I can give you guys a proper update. I did not want to say anything until it was verified. for the last couple of years I have heard about my Aunt owning a Red Datsun 411 wagon, while going to high school here in the 70's. (Klamath Falls Or) She bought the car in 1976 but did not have a license, my Mom ended up driving the car for a year until my aunt acquired one. When this car came up for sale I figured it was the same one... red, 411, wagon, automatic in Klamath Falls isn't common. apparently it didn't go to far as I bought it a couple blocks over from where they grew up. what sealed the deal for me on buying it was the 1600 package of course, which my mom and aunt were clueless about. at the time, they just said it was fun to drive. The other night I had my Aunt, Uncle and Mom over to verify that it was indeed the same car. Had a good time taking photos, hearing stories about the 70s, drugs, booze and all the other gross things one would expect to happen in a high school/college kids wagon. Luckily I kept my high country Datsun license plate frame, suits the car. My aunt bought it in 1976 for 600 dollars. I bought it 42 years later in 2018 for $550.. apparently that's what its worth. Mum on the left, Aunt on the right.
  11. Hi Mike, regarding oil pan removal in the RL411, do I need to remove the engine? could you give me some advice before I get started.

    thank you. 

    1. MikeRL411


      Yes, you need to remove the engine [and transmission as a unit per Nisan] The front crossmember does not allow for vertical drop of the oil pan.  Removal is easier if you first remove the cast valve cover due to wiper motor interferrance.

    2. reza


      Thank you! and bummer! 

    3. MikeRL411


      Further caution if you have the automatic transmission.  There is a socket molded into the lor driver's side of the engine block and a corresponding socket attached to the left front rail.  They are for the complicated automatic transmission shift lever mechanism. and have rubber boots.  Be careful and don't loose the boots.

  12. reza

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    Thank you, new carpet will go a long way to getting this wagon looking pretty again, I'll give them a call. :)
  13. reza

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    Believe me... It was tough but seeing a 411 sss wagon pop up down the street gave me no choice.. Ive always ever had sedans as these were near impossible to find. Wish me luck. Ive decided to jump in head first and start collecting parts again Ive only ever had sedans, the wagon is so retro cool. Id go for a vw notchback as well but just as rare.
  14. reza

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    Seems the foam is decent still, thanks for the tip. Carpet is roached, anyone reproduce or will i need a parts car? I did give it a quick buff today, cleaned out the interior and door jams. Really might start hustling to get this on the road. nothing is frozen unbelievable, everything seems in functional aside from the obvious engine plumbing and timing chain cover and whatever work that'll need. last registered in 1995. This is a different one I haven't seen before. I used to have a radio delete 😞 , this radio cleaned up looks great though.
  15. reza

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    Numbers matching all around.

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