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  1. reza

    Datsun 510 flares

    Pick up only, or will you ship?
  2. Carb a KA24E, very simple. L-series matchbox preferably distributor oil drive from any L series Here is a picture of my KA24e 510 with custom intake, running duel SU 240z carbs. I drilled out the head and ran a mechanical fuel pump
  3. You can scrub it down with a green brillow and CLR. It will dissolve most of the surface rust stains and bring back the original paint. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/whats-the-story-on-using-clr.990241/
  4. No idea, they are super funky though, they look very home brew but I'll take a flashlight along the bottom side and see how they were fabricated. on the other side of the car the flares have been damaged, the body is fine but both wheel arches are hammered. I have a soft spot for old Datsuns, I couldn't let this one die, I hope to really give it a good turn around and life.
  5. Well, lets see where this goes. I'm not new to the 510, I had the chance to buy this one, and had it delivered yesterday. I'd like to find some history or see if any old school Datsun folk recognize it. I first saw this car in Medford around 5 years ago, it made its way to Klamath Falls, and has sat since. Some key points on the car 1969 Original color was Red metal flares Roof was pealed back to extract cage still set up for L series and trans tunnel cut to fit a 5 speed. 4 pin hood and pinned deck lid. Im going to remove/replace the flares, graft on a replacement roof and get it rolling. Then we'll see where it goes.
  6. takes the spirit out of the FOUR loko then. Kenny offered me a carpool to your place to lend a hand, once the snow clears. Ali.
  7. Did you guys wrap up in newspapers and sleep in a cardboard box after working? 😁
  8. reza

    Happy Buy Day

    Have any early pictures you can post? New vs. Now. Congrats on keeping a car on the road for as long as you have.
  9. Exactly! thank you. I've been snowed in since about a day after you left here, Awful winter. This gives me HOPE.
  10. My parents named me when I was born, I kinda went with it.
  11. Man, fuck whoever pulled those quarters, looks like trash. The car wasn't like that a year ago.
  12. I imagine you've lost a decent amount of sleep on this car. Does your metal guy take on the work as a hobby/sidecash or is this a actual business with shop rates?
  13. I do not have the windshield, I do have a sss I am parting out. I have a complete set of disc brakes as well as front suspension that is all still intact. a good passenger door and there is a datsun 411 r16 engine listed on my local craigslist. (Klamath Falls) I missed your last email, We have talked before.
  14. Rare doesn't always translate to valuable. It's a visually disturbing, oddball make with zero fallowing and a lack of racing heritage.
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