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  1. I have a complete 411 SSS front assembly over here, disc brakes, etc. klamath falls, oregon. needs gone through but complete, obo.
  2. You can find master cylinder rebuild kits on ebay, also the SSS model came with front disc, maybe you can find a set of those. they are rare but parts hunting is half of the fun.
  3. Looking forward to next year buddy, thanks for the effort.
  4. NOS from yahoo japan auctions.
  5. These are unicorns anywhere pretty much, running and driving is even rarer as most haven't seen the pavement in 20-30 years. small group of enthusiasts.
  6. Looking at the age of the people running the park last year, its easy to see, they are going to be extremely cautious.
  7. I suggest going to harbor freight and buying the 20 dollar spray gun, then go to a automotive paint store and buy a quart of paint with the best color match. You want to choose this out of the industrial color card book, as it is cheapest. These paints will be a single stage and similar to what a datsun was originally painted with. Nissan didn't use a clear coat from the factory, throw some hardener and shoot it. Don't use spray cans, it'll cost the same with worse results. Tell the paint tech you have no idea what you are doing and he will spell it out for you, he is hourly and no doubt w
  8. reza

    411 reliability

    I will add, please, when Mike tells you not to swap to a manual trans from the BW, please listen. its never going to be a race car and the auto trans greatly improves the quality of the every day drive. I've had both BW and manual trans and I can say the BW is the way to go with this car.
  9. Still driving it weekly, takes awhile to warm up, runs great around 195-200 degrees I'll be hooking up the chokes this week, Still hunting rare parts, side lamps, radio delete, you know the really important stuff. amazing looking through my post and seeing how far this car has come.
  10. Would be killer footage to help promote future shows, I mean for ffs its 2020, every show has at least one boner flying a drone. Edit: It's not a antique engine and tractor show, Datsun dudes are slaves to tech.
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