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  1. reza

    Powerland 2020!

    Looking at the age of the people running the park last year, its easy to see, they are going to be extremely cautious.
  2. I suggest going to harbor freight and buying the 20 dollar spray gun, then go to a automotive paint store and buy a quart of paint with the best color match. You want to choose this out of the industrial color card book, as it is cheapest. These paints will be a single stage and similar to what a datsun was originally painted with. Nissan didn't use a clear coat from the factory, throw some hardener and shoot it. Don't use spray cans, it'll cost the same with worse results. Tell the paint tech you have no idea what you are doing and he will spell it out for you, he is hourly and no doubt would like to flex is knowledge on the subject.
  3. reza

    411 reliability

    I will add, please, when Mike tells you not to swap to a manual trans from the BW, please listen. its never going to be a race car and the auto trans greatly improves the quality of the every day drive. I've had both BW and manual trans and I can say the BW is the way to go with this car.
  4. Still driving it weekly, takes awhile to warm up, runs great around 195-200 degrees I'll be hooking up the chokes this week, Still hunting rare parts, side lamps, radio delete, you know the really important stuff. amazing looking through my post and seeing how far this car has come.
  5. reza

    Powerland 2020!

    Would be killer footage to help promote future shows, I mean for ffs its 2020, every show has at least one boner flying a drone. Edit: It's not a antique engine and tractor show, Datsun dudes are slaves to tech.
  6. They designed them for aftermarket use on the Datsun 410/411, Jeco and Citizen made the factory installed clocks, the instructions show a artists interpretation of a 410/411 dash when installing. Pic snagged from "swedishcadillac"
  7. I gave it to Bananahamock and ted when they came down to buy some windshields from me. I think they were going to give it to someone who needed a spare?
  8. It's not about being cheap or expensive, my less than satisfactory review was to help other 411 owners, i would hope after reading, they wouldn't make the same mistake I did by purchasing from jc whitney. My opinion is to use your own original carpet as a templet and do it yourself because there is no other off the shelf alternative to this kit.
  9. David Jernigan came to town, you may have seen him at the last canby show, tall guy who took several thousand pictures. He took some photos of my wagon last weekend and uploaded them to his flickr page, if you want to check them out, heres the link! https://www.flickr.com/photos/djerniganphoto/with/48898393018/
  10. Yeah Mike, the problem is whitney is a commissioned dealer, they likely had a different manufacturer at the time you ordered. I won't be ordering from them again.
  11. So here's a heads up for anyone considering the JC whitney kit. DON'T BUY IT. Opened the box to find the carpet is somewhat larger and fits wonky in the car, The fronts are a typical non molded 3 piece. The fronts have piping, however the rears have NO piping and look like I grabbed a box cutter and just hacked out a pattern with it. the rears are already fraying and look completely unfinished. really disappointing, the same kit could be made half assed for 35 dollars in materials, I spent 165. and speaking with the customer reps over the internet was just as poor as the quality of this fitment. I wont support JC whitney or buy any of their products.
  12. I am looking for a source for windshield reproduction gaskets, is their a source available?
  13. I do have the original filter housing, however for on the spot tuning, I've installed the vintage adjustable stacks that are easily accessable for my airflow meter. I do have to route my crankcase vent, which ill route somewhere else. I may have a header made for the exhaust and buy dual weber 40s and intake for the r16.
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