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  1. Very good info! Thank you for that.
  2. This build is going to be awesome to watch. Very awesome car! How did you come to the conclusion the front was 810? Mine has the same hub and calipers by the looks of it and I was thinking they were 1987 200SX 2.4L front brakes; specifically the upto 04/87 stuff.
  3. BrandonS

    Wilwood Powerlite Calipers

    Do you have them front and rear? Did you run the 1.38" pistons up front and the 1" pistons i the rear? Do you have any setup pictures, maybe the adapter you made?
  4. BrandonS

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    I very much love how this looks.
  5. BrandonS

    Wilwood Powerlite Calipers

    Is anyone running these? What are your impressions? Did you do front and back with them and if so did you just use the larger piston version for the front calipers? Considering them due to the 4 pistons, acceptable rotor range, and you can still fit them under smaller wheels (14"). Thanks šŸ™‚
  6. BrandonS

    pic of your dime

    I miss cruising along the beach, but the metalwork on my the car does not šŸ˜ž
  7. BrandonS

    A Bird of Prey - Brandon's Bluebird Build

    I haven't actually measured them to verify, but the ad stated +24. Based on the other two sets of wheels I have, I think it will give me good clearance. I'm thinking of running 225/45r15, but am not sure if they will physically fit. I'll throw the wheels on and do some measuring eventually. Worst case I'll go with 205/50. The Riverside offsets in the chart below I got from an old advertisement and took the closest stated offsets to what I was measuring on my wheels. The Watanabes I measured by hand so that may be one or two millimeters off, but close enough to get a good idea. The "difference" numbers are the difference in measurements from the new wheels that I inputted in the top left of the spreadsheet I had made. It just allowed me to quickly see what I was working with when I was looking at wheels. This is the fitment with the Watanabes and they had 175/40r14 stretched over them. I would have liked to use these since they are so wide, but the selection of 14" tires is dwindling daily and the offsets just don't work unless I want to stretch tires and not have any traction at all. With the Riversides and running 185/60 I can just about fit a finger between the fender lip and the tire. So it'll be super super close and I may have to go with whatever tire runs the narrowest.
  8. BrandonS

    A Bird of Prey - Brandon's Bluebird Build

    Thanks, I feel super fortunate to even have it. I was REALLY wanting to make it down this year to run it stock, but life just took up too much time. Iā€™d say realistically, probably early summer since Iā€™d like to have the swap and such sorted out. Do you ever make your way over this way to run on the Ring?
  9. BrandonS

    I like coupes! - Pictures of Bluebird Coupes

    Much dislike of that splitter.... much like of those wheels
  10. BrandonS

    A Bird of Prey - Brandon's Bluebird Build

    I hear ya on that!
  11. BrandonS

    I like coupes! - Pictures of Bluebird Coupes

    Any profile pics of the sand colored one?
  12. BrandonS

    A Bird of Prey - Brandon's Bluebird Build

    So I came across these online and they were a decent price so I went for it. They're Artrise Venette Vega 15x6.5. The Riversides on my car now are 14x6/14x6.5 and I have a set of Watanabes that are 14x7/14x7.5. The problem with the Watanabes is the offset makes it so I have to camber them and stretch tires to get the rear to fit. I'm going to have to redo these as the "chrome" is coming off the spokes and I'd also like to repolish the aluminum barrels. I am leaning toward black or graphite where the white is along with that inner lip the bolts go in then keeping the polished lip and polishing the faces of the spokes. I really like how my Riversides spokes sparkle as you walk by so I think I'd like to keep that. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  13. BrandonS

    Bike carbs

    Here ya go... a few threads down from yours.
  14. BrandonS

    A Bird of Prey - Brandon's Bluebird Build

    Had an extended weekend so I got a chance to work on my wheel. I ended up hand sanding the 3 spoke rear part that holds the 3 horn pads, as well as, the horn pad SSS button. I turned on some Youtube car shows and kept wet sanding until the little bumps were gone. Since it's such a tight area I folded up 800 grit into tiny little squares and just wet sanded. I then put a piece of 1500 grit sandpaper on a ceramic coaster, put the button face down and did small figure 8's. I couldn't go too far since it's chromed. Finally, I primered it, wet sanded some more, and then painted it. I think I ended up with 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint on the button. Stripping the paint off the polished part afterwards was easy, I just used a flat razor blade and it came right off, probably since it was polished prior to painting it. The wood part is covered in clear lacquer. I put 4 coats on. I think I'll have to put some dressing on the plastic yet so it doesn't look so dull and drab compared to the new paint. Overall it came out better than I could have hoped for and I'm pretty excited to put it in the car once it's 100% cured. All that work done, it may not stay in the car, I'm really not sure I'm going to like how thin the wooden section is compared to the Competition Wheel that's in the car now. In that case, I'll hang it on the wall or something in my office. Before: After:

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