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  1. Thanks Hainz. Heres the new bucket.
  2. Hi all, I picked up a dr30 skyline that has an fj20et in it. Im wondering if anyone has some experience tuning the stock ecu/ flapper setup for bigger injectors and a turbo?
  3. Nope, in fact it cleared up all the off lean rich spikes. Mind you its after the intercooler just before the maf.
  4. With the placement of the maf watch for super rich to lean spikes. When I first did mine the run from the maf to the turbo was to short and caused wild rich to lean swings. My fix was running the maf in front of the throttle body. It's been working there for 1.5 years and quite a few autoxs. Nice ride.
  5. Yea i have an inch/lb and nm wrench for tiny stuff. Those 10mm bolts dont take much to torque if your concened theres always good ole red loctite.
  6. Have you thought of rolling paint on the car? And yes im serious. 3 coats wetsand with 600 3 more coats wetsant with 800 1 coat 1000 grit 1 coat 1200 till you hit 3k. Lot of work but you will have a flawless mirror of paint. Use a 3" foam roller and let the coats get tacky before the next and dry for 24 before sanding. Btw this is for single stage. Or you could rent an industrial compressor go buy a harbor freight gun and wet sand the orange peel out after 4 coats
  7. Thanks guys. Im on the shinkansen right now. Not crazy here like i keep reading about in ol merica. Tokyo is awesome there are no crowds and toilet paper everywhere.
  8. I saw that and Samurai Gourmet (odd food porn). Man, James may is an awkward guy to watch. I'm setting up an r32 or r33 rental on the Friday before I leave gonna spend all night cruising the freeways rhd with a skyline. I'm trying to either find a track day at Motegi, Tsukuba or Fiji international. We already have tickets and plans to see some sumo wrestling. Was thinking about a day at Disney or universal studios.
  9. Thanks guys, got some good stuff in here. I'll be sure to avoid the non datsun trannys and fingerless Yaks. Were hitting a bunch of temples, and we got our train passes, just got a wad of yen delivered and the clock is ticking I am hunting for some jdm rims and seats for my dime so shipping and transport should be even more fun. Anyone familiar with some super rare Datsun stuff to hunt while over-there.
  10. So I'm gonna be in Japan for 2 weeks and i'm wondering if anyone has any advice or must do things for the trip.
  11. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F301940309919 Ive used this model on a couple builds
  12. Ive used brake cleaner to good effect. Works to get the black staining out of a brake master reservoir.
  13. Hey Guys, I'm trying to glass in some bre flares on my dime and i've got them looking good with the exception of the super sonic line. I can't seem to get it perfectly smooth. Any tips would be great.
  14. Congrats. Enjoy your new found forced insomnia. My 9 year old couldent care less about my datsun shes pissed i sold the convertible vett.
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