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  1. Sorry for taking shitty phone pics. but this shit is RAD. The ride as awesome and so far the level sensors make it mint. it does a cross loading calculation that works to keep the car flat when hard cornering. The ride is as smooth as my Tahoe unless I jack the pressure up then it rides like it did on coils. Expensive but friggin cool.
  2. Lol, sorry for the hemorrhage guys. I'm waiting on a pair of whips for the front bags then I've gotta run the lines back. I'm not super happy about how low I can get the fronts. The inner fender metal is just a dead end.
  3. Damn chinese bags were the wrong thread size and are ghosting me on a refund. (thank god for paypal). Picked up some American made bags for the rear from universal bags and picked up another set of slip on Chinese "bag overs" for the front. ( i should have just gotten 4 of the sport bags from universal). Waiting for the next set of chinese bags and other parts but I've got the rears in and am working on the trunk layout.
  4. Lozer

    JCCS 2021

    rv/ tent party in the parking lot on the night before?
  5. So in my adventure east I also picked up a rb20 5speed for 2 shinny hundred dollar bills. I finally tore it open last night and was pleasently surprised at its condition. Just need to snug up the big locl bolt on the end as it's a little loose and drill out the bell housing and bang I've got a modern shifter.
  6. Had an interesting adventure moving my kid to Chicago. Pick up an mr2 turbo with 113k miles to drive back........ ended up paying u haul 3 k for a truck and trailer to get the shit box home. Shifter got stuck in 5th after the first 3 hours of driving, jimmied the cables back to a working mess. Pulled over for gas, found the coolant had teleported to another plane of existence, topped it up and damn thing started over heating on hour 4......... I'll strip it down later for now the bags showed up.
  7. I know it's a serious question. But I laughed way harder at this then I should have. In California a male hitch can be either...... I'll see my way out.
  8. It was group 5 style cars you're thinking of and I'm still not sure what to call then. I'm going for Shakotan, low down style and I'm doubling down on that shit. Just picked up a 3h height and pressure adjustable airlift kit and some coilover bags. This should be fun
  9. SO not much new but loving the fender wings ( i donno what the fuck to cell em). I did have contact with a previous owner that may have some of the missing bits for the car, inner trunk pieces, original tail lights, ect.
  10. Soo Buyee.com refunded the entire cost of the spoiler. Woot.
  11. Awesome the car looks like a Super Autobachs exploded on it.
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