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  1. After driving back up to Mendocino last Saturday the weather was in the 90's and hommie don't play that. Part of why I sold my 510 was the lack of creature comforts and just how damn uncomfortable the car was (my fault for building it that way). The skyline came with a locked up ac compressor and I figured like everything else on the car it died from lack of use. So I stripped it down and found that the blades had locked up in the turbine from gummed up oil and a touch of surface rust. A hard hit of 1000 grit later she spins freely and the clutch works. Now to convert to the crappy R13
  2. Spent some time getting ride height and alignment sorted damn right side was almost an inch higher, I usally sort that when I install coilovers but i must have just thrown em on. Also it would seem my oil seepage has stopped. After the ride down to infineon the car lost a .5 quart of oil and I was a little concerned. But after topping it up and running down to Golden week kyusha fest in Richmond she dident burn or leak any. Kyusha fest was cool. I saw the other dr30 that i know of in california and had a great drive. Unfortunatly my damned go pro only saved half the p
  3. None that I remember but the one car I was tripping out on was a meld up of a 69ish mustang and a 69 Lincoln continental. Front half was a mustang and from the doors back was a Lincoln. There were a couple 308 Ferrari's a shit load of mustangs, vetts and 2020 challengers... Oh there was a Suzuki Samurai so I was not the only j tin there.
  4. Thanks Z32T. So I got her together enough to take her to the historics at Sonoma. Event was kinda sad due to covid, non event people were not allowed so there were no vendors with swag or cool displays. I was the only Japanese car there so it was lonely but I got to chat about the skyline to a bunch of folks. Now the real kicker was doing the parade lap... so 2 laps around the track at 5 mph, well that shit don't fly for me so at turn 8 there was a large gap between myself and the charger in front of me.... so like any red blooded kamikaze pilot i dumped 2nd gear
  5. What blue lake? Northen cali?
  6. I thought it said oct 30.... I'm all for the 10th tho.
  7. Took her out for a nice coastal Cruise today. She stayed stable the whole trip, was kinda awesome. The short throw trick with moving the swivel holes up higher worked beautifully good notch shifter engagement. Although I did notice what sounds like either the diff or the driveline making a growling noise off throttle coasting along. I replaced the rubber doughnuts between the trans mount and the chassis with poly doughnuts it may just be the trans howling through the chassis or the driveshafts notch ass u joints bitching. Either way pulling the rear subframe and getting a 1 piece axle do
  8. She lives..... Took her out for an extended cruise tonight dialed in the ole S-AFC for optimal AFR ( small adjustments) finished up rewraping all the damn wires and harness, got the Consult back up and ready to data log. Finally a good day with her. I've renamed her Oni Chan I've gotta throw some heat reflective tape on the underside of the hood and wrap the turbo pipes.
  9. Happy, sad updates. Sad first. I picked up an rb20 5 speed with a "2nd gear grind" got it home popped the case and found this. 2nd gear is just toast. The rest aren't great either. So I replaced the countershaft bearing in my 71b cleaned her up and resealed her. The 71c will be getting a rebuild and a new 2nd gear when I find it. I also found out the u joints in the 2 piece driveshaft are notchy and pinned in so replacing them is either a shit show or no go. Good stuff. I got the 71b and the new exedy clutch back in the car with new seals and a DIY short shif
  10. So the front idler bearing shit itself. Its the 56mm version. I had a hell of a time finding it lots of the larger version but not many of this size. So i also found a 71c put of an rb20 with a roached 2nd gear, im hoping i can just fix up the 71c and stab that and have a new single piece shaft made.
  11. The endless maintenance continues.... So while waiting for my newish ecu to show up I decided to address the clutch issue. Drained the tranny and found what looks to be most of a bearing cage on the magnet. Got the trans out and found the clutch looking like this, Jesus i'm lucky it didn't just implode. To add insult to injury the front of the r200 is leaking behind the bolt. So gonna pull that too and rebuild it (needs clutches anyhow) Looking for a 240sx or sr20 or rb 5 speed as a replacement.
  12. Do it. They are basically just 280zx cars. My issue is all rarity of engine bits.
  13. So ive replaced the entire harness with a tested new (to me) harness and the random limp mode issue remains. Ive sent the ecu back to JWT with the hopes they find something wrong with it. If they can't identify the problem im going to fet a refund and buy a Haltech and have it dyno tuned. Also stay away from innovate motorsports widebands. I got a scg-1 wideband / boost controller and this pos has gone through 4 sensors in 6 months and less then 1k miles. Currently frustrated.
  14. 2 steps forward and a slip on my ass backward. So new harness got here and i ended up using it for diagnostics and found i was causing my self a ground loop problem. Regrounded the new ecu to the same point at the engine block and it seems to be running right for now.... Found the clutch had drained itself on my floor. Pulled the leaking slave and i found a chunk of clutch material sticking out the clutch arm hole. Thought it was chucks of an animal at first. Ordered an exedy stage 1 clutch as the fj20et seems to use the same 240mm clutct as all the other turbo mot
  15. So no dice on running new grounds, but i was up testing different maf setups till 2 am Saturday and found a couple oddities. When I disconnect the Cts it doesn't go into limp mode. And still has a reading at the ecu..... so i ordered a new/used harness for a s13 it has the same pinout as my ecu and most of the connectors are the same. Now waiting.....
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