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  1. So no dice on running new grounds, but i was up testing different maf setups till 2 am Saturday and found a couple oddities. When I disconnect the Cts it doesn't go into limp mode. And still has a reading at the ecu..... so i ordered a new/used harness for a s13 it has the same pinout as my ecu and most of the connectors are the same. Now waiting.....
  2. So my kenwood sub came in from Japan today. Did a quick hook up before final mount and I'm pleased to say it sounds good and not blown. Looks kinda trick too. Still having random limp mode hits seems to be the TPS (tried a new one and same shit) Ran a new ground tonight just for the tps i'll find out tomorrow if it's better.
  3. So had my first uneventful drive tonight. (No blips, stalls, limp mode shit). Took it out to my work and sonofabitch was still randomly going into limp mode when off throttle for more then a moment. Luckily i was datalogging so i noticed the tps voltage going down to .44 at one point. Changed the voltage to.5 and did another log home with no errors or other bs. Never knew a voltage below .45 would cause limp mode.
  4. So finally got my actual factory (used) Nissan maf. The difference between the delphi and the nissan unit are noticable. The nissan unit has a smoother voltage (less jumpy) and seems to read correctly to give me a richer mixture. 14.4 at idle. The delphi always wanted to force the car lean. Im running it after the intercooler, i've always run mafs like this it seems to be more reliable and you can still get home after blowing off a line. I also ran the inlet filter out the fender.
  5. So I was cruising yahoo auctions japan last night and my love of obscure audio equipment got the better of me. I bid on the dual sub kenwood SW201X unit and apparently won it. Shipping is gonna suck....
  6. Yup and a big box of spares. Come get it bud.
  7. I have a spare single cam block waiting for you. just needs rings.
  8. I see them over in Australia for the price of a california house.... your best bet is yahoo auctions japan, the price is reasonable but shipping is on par with prison rape.
  9. Sooo, had a good day with her. Ran a couple runs down highway 1. Had the Maf trip out a couple times and go into limp mode, quick restart and back to normal. Went and got gas and she did it again. Seems to have stopped after that (possibly burning off oil on the wire, its a brand new delphi z32 maf). So I started playing with the boost 7 psi base spring, fun but not great... Kept messing with the Innovate wideband/ boost controller and the damn thing wouldn't raise boost at all. SO I checked my wastegate plumbing and swapped it around from the first pic to the second. I turned down the
  10. Thanks gmkeegan. I ended up scoring a seemingly new greddy twin spool top mount from one of our Australian brothers. So It all came together and seems to be sorted for the moment. Gotta go do a couple runs and start turning up the boost. Next is the msd unit, the steering rebuild/swap/, then rebuild of tired ungrabby CLSD.
  11. Saturday fuckaround day update. So I moved the maf over to post inter cooler and that took care of the stalling off throttle and the car ran awesome for a bit...... Then started randomly going into limp mode. Still it was good enough to drive for a bit and 10 psi is just silly, cant wait to turn it up to 20. I moved the maf back to being a suck through setup and added a 90 to the tubo inlet and that seems to have taken care of the off throttle stall. I'll test her out some more tomorrow. The real pisser is that my data logging software suddenly quit working and keeps crashing my
  12. Yup little shit like this always seems to happen on a big project, especially when I'm trudging around in non bolt on land. On the bright side I may have found the problem...... my maf plug was just barely connected..... FFS it would work ok and shop up in the data logging until I gave her some gas then all the sensors would spike to max Voltage and shut down. So got a new plug with the nifty quick release coming. It still wants to shut down when i let off the gas but thats most likely maf placement or the fact I deleted all the non essential systems (egr, aac, cold start valve)
  13. So... slow going now. Im fighting with an odd issue where the engine runs great while it cold but the second you hit the throttle it shits itself and dosent want to run again till its cold. I can get her to run but ive gotta crack the throttle stop till its chugging at 2.5k rpm and she super lean... datalogging for Jwt so they can see whats going on.
  14. Started tearing out all the old stuff and prepping for the new. Had to bore out the old injector holes to fit the new r35 gtr injectors. My fuel rail from Plazmaman came in and looks awesome. The most challenging part was fabing up the harness connector from the new JWT ecu to the old harness. Had to add a couple wires for the TPS and new z32 maf. In retrospect I probably should have done a megasquirt but I have no experience with tuning fuel and timing maps.
  15. Some of my parts started showing up from the far east. Got a r31 Spoiler for the trunk (I like the style). Scored some awesome retro rear shelf speakers that were restored with working drivers and cones. Then took her out for a last shoot before I yank this turbo set up and redo the hole shebang.
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