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  1. Lozer

    Diamond racing/Basset wheel lugnuts??

    Yea my 4 bolt diamond wheels are standard lug angle.
  2. Lozer

    510 track widths? wider in front vs rear?

    After the autox today I will not be running those springs. LOL they were to adress the understeer issues.
  3. Lozer

    510 track widths? wider in front vs rear?

    So after bashing my skull in for a few minutes. I made a perfect box around the car, measured from 20 different spots on the frame, chassis, and suspension pick up points to get it dead center. Conclusion was front pass side was 3/4" in and driver side was 1/8" got down did a full alignment and extended the LCA and now my front is 1/4" wider then the rear and my understeer issue seems to be gone + the steering is substantially lighter......
  4. Lozer

    510 track widths? wider in front vs rear?

    Running flares and adjustable everything with 280zx brake/struts. Front rim offset is 5" rear is 5.25" Ride height is 6" front and 6.5" in the rear measured from the where the top of the body seam. ok so the front is 66.5" rim lip to rim lip Front spring is 350 lbs with the futofab ka/sr sway bar. Rear is 66.25 rim lip to rim lip. with 475lbs rear springs (coil overs) (i know too stiff but i like it) no rear bar. Im still measuing so i'll get back to with more info in a bit.
  5. So I'm looking at my dime and notice the front track width is substatially wider then the rear (2"). I've been fighting with some understeer issues and having alot of scrub. That being said the rear is sticking down like is glued in turns. I'm running a 71 510 (adjustable everthing) with an sr20det, 4.44 lsd, 10" wide 16" wheels. So Im wondering what anyone else is running track width wise for thier autox/ track toy.
  6. Had that happen in an old scirocco. This was due to the cable sitting on the top mount turbo down pipe. Lasted a long time too.
  7. So no wieners and balls as my throttle cable decided to become a solid piece. Next time.....
  8. Is anyone bringing kids? I'll bring mine also if there are others. She's 8.
  9. i'll be there with a wing for sale and lots o weiners.
  10. Hey all, I'm selling my lexan wing if anyones interested. 60 bucks comes with hardware.
  11. naa i'm looking for a cap to go where the headlight was. https://goo.gl/images/WtYF7p
  12. Where the hell can I buy a set 5.75"
  13. Lozer

    KA24E N/A Build Plan - Need advice

    as someone that has played around with KA-e and de's I can tell you the e heads don't flow well. Any valve size increase will need a fair amount of porting to take advantage, and you will mostly just be trading torque for hp with a very marginal power increase. After porting the shit out of my first e and dumping money into larger valves and seats it felt almost the same as stock but more robust up high. Now if you were to build it for boost it would be another story. What are your goals with it?

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