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New guy :)

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Hey guys..new to the forum, just figured I'd say hi. Name's Doug, and I live over in Poulsbo, WA. I build stuff :D I've got a 77 Datsun 620 that I picked up from a guy on nwde.org a couple years back as a project build for the wife (some of you might recognize it). It's alternated between yard ornament and daily driver since then. It's got the Z24 bottom end, with a freshend up L20b head, Delta streeet-strip cam, header and Webber DGV, backed by a 4-spd auto out of an 83-4 Maxima. It's a fun little truck, and is slotted for some serious work this winter :D Here are a couple pics as she sits now..






And here are a couple shots of my current project, an '85 S-10 Blazer that's been small blocked, body dropped, mostly shaved, bagged and back-halved with air cylinders in a cantilever setup..







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I remember you. I even saw the green 620 in person way back in the good ol days



hah..that was a long time ago. I remember that day you and Joe rolled up here. The green one is still around here...I sold it to a buddy of mine, he rebuilt the L16 and sold it to another kid, I still see it driving around...



As for the overdrive switch, there's just a toggle mounted in the center console. The gearing in it is pretty nice, cruises at about 2300 or so at 65 in OD, perfect for the wife who hates driving stick...

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Is your wife's leg injury healed or is that something she'll live with for a while.




Good memory :) That's something that she's stuck with. When her leg broke, it broke in 4 places, so the patched it back together with a titanium rod and a bunch of screws...it pretty much always aches. And being that she was 4 months pregnant at the time as well, her back is pretty messed up too. On the bright side though, she was in a 78 datsun b210, and it saved her life....

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Welcome to the board! So did you build the blazer? I like it :D




she was in a 78 datsun b210, and it saved her life....


That was one of the datsun quotes "datsun's save" :D

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Welcome to the board! So did you build the blazer? I like it :D






That was one of the datsun quotes "datsun's save" :D



Yup...I built the blazer. It's taken me a couple years, but I've done several other trucks since I started her...other peoples projects keep getting in the way..lol..


2eDeYe;13593']Welcome aboard' date=' I remember you from nwde...


Odmans (Teds bro) old truck, correct?[/quote']



Yeah, it's Joels old truck. She's been a good little truck, but it's time to do something cool with her :) 80% of the sheet metal is toast, bed is just about worthless, cab floors are rotted, so after I get some donor sheet metal, it's time to cut..

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lol..honestly, I was too busy wandering around bs'ing...and by the time Saturday rolled around I was so tired, I just rolled my blazer out to the show field and went back to the camp to chill for most of the day..I took like 2 pics..lol.

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