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Showin' some 620 love!


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Okay...a lot of you guys know that I crack on the 620's pretty hard....but I've seen this one once before on the road, so when I found it at a show on sat, I had to share some pics of it :) I only had the phone with me so they're not great, but good enough.























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at first, when I read original, I thought you were talking about stock and I went HUH??? :)


That front nose piece appeared to be custom. The metal was too thick to be stock steel and it wasn't stamped.

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Did you get a chance to talk to the owner, it's cool to see a datsun next to a ford T bucket and hold its own in "custom", now that's the word i should have chose first huh!!!


I was only there for about 20 min....didn't talk to the owner, but I did get his name.

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the phone has a 1.3meg camera in it....does pretty good. Those pics were downsized by photobucket so the originals were even bigger.


I like the flatbed....there's plenty of custom 620's out there with standard beds on them. I love the looks of the 620's. but they're way too common for me to get too excited about them...that's why I crack on them so much! :) The flatbed makes it unique enough for me to take a second look. :)


The headlights are simply tribars. Very common in the street rod world. Easy to find. I have the larger 7" version in my NL....$60/pair/shipped. and...umm...don't look for them as motorcycle headlights...you'll pay more. But...you can get smaller driving lights just like them for motorcycles. If they were a hair smaller, I could put them in my '65 grill where the blinkers go :) Heck...I still may do it :)


No clue if it was at blue lake....didn't go.


He is somewhere near Gresham...I think. I took a pic of the info sheet in the window, but it's on the other computer so I can't look at it right now.


It makes me think that he had a 620 to work with, but wanted something different. Either way...tons of work and a nice execution of that work....even if the style doesn't appeal to most.

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Hey Mike 620's are kool as long as they arent breaking down...:D Nice fab work all around on that truck even if it has a Ford motor. The glossy wood looks almost wet to the touch,,kinda kool.


:) you actually have to get them running(correctly) first before it's considered a breakdown! lol


The bed was covered with that urethane stuff....it had a silver dollar imbedded in one corned, but the pic didn't come out.

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Guess what....I met this guy yesterday! I saw him pull into a PlaidPantry we were about to go by and told Paula to back up! She did...I introduced my self. Exchanged names and numbers. Really nice guy....a good bit my senior if you can believe that! :) Anyway.....I gave him the dates for Canby...he said if he's in town, he'll bring it down!


Also...I'll post this in the for sale as well, but he has a brand new 620 bumper he wants to sell. He's had it for years, so the front side is still perfect, but the backside has got a bit of surface rust....as expected.

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