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Blasphemy! Alternatives to a PL510...!@#$%^&

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3 hours ago, angliagt said:

    Worse than Hyundais?


Not that bad. Ponys lasted about 3 years in Ontario Canada. The wheel wells completely rotted out from the salt and usually a blue cloud started following them down the street. I used to call them the BIC lighter of import cars. Totally disposable. However, that said, Hyundai overcome the rough start and makes really nice cars, I'll give them that. Now having said even that, I would NEVER buy one because my daughter bought a new one and a few months in, her new car overheated through no fault of herself and warped the head. Hyundai refused to stand by their warranty. So fuck their asses.

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well for some reason this is kind of a taboo subject here on ratsun probably because fwd, but honda civics. Parts cross between all the models pretty easily, everything is heavily documented, fwd but still a blast to drive and they handle very good... HP is relatively cheap.. you can get some JDM engines for relatively cheap still though the sought after engines and trannies are pretty spendy but doable... they are like legos to put together far easier than other car models in my experience, still lots of parts in junkyards if needed... they kinda seem to me like how datsuns were in 2009-2010 when ratsun was booming cheap projects are plentiful still etc but starting to dwindle... but most importantly to me at least they seem to have character and soul like datsuns do... Miata is also a solid choice but they have a bit more "drift/tuner tax" ... the civics are going up in price fast. 


but talk about blasphemy I might get the ban hammer for this post, I'm pretty sure the ratsun commandments say "thou shall not vtec" 

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6 hours ago, datsuntech said:

Corollas and Celicas are like hens teeth and crazy expensive.


Yeah , and unfortunately that kinda makes it a garage sitting/ waiting for nice day to drive,  type vehicle now.  


It's wild how the 85-86 corollas used to be every where and cheap enough young guys beat them without mercy,, not any more.  lol 





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My very first car was a 76 Celica GT, then a 76 Corona GT. I beat on those cars mercilessly and they took it like a champ. 

Then I bought my first 510 and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Mine was a coupe. I thought it looked like a 68 Camaro (which I wanted, but couldn't afford)

Funny how the hatchback looked like a Mustang and the coupe looked like a Camaro.

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3 hours ago, datsuntech said:

I have a memory of being in the tiny backseat of on of these in college. Well me and a pony keg and couldn't sit looking forward because of no legroom and a tall ass passenger in the front passenger seat. Dumbass driver decided to yank the E brake going downhill in the rain. We slid sideways and hit a curb while I was in the backwards position and got slammed by the keg only to bumper pool off the curb and slam forward into the keg as we hit the curb on the opposite side. Being young we laughed it off but two dented rims and some smashed shins the keg was tapped and life was good.

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8 hours ago, angliagt said:


           That's one of the biggest reasons most of us can't afford cars like that anymore.

Agreed. I got into Datsuns when you could buy them for $50 and a $500 one was a solid car. Now you can't find a basket case for less than $2500.

It has basically priced me right out of the hobby. Good thing I have more than a few Datsuns already.

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