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Blue Lake Car cruise


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Due to Kate Brown, the park has canceled our show for this year. Instead we are going to do a Car Cruise.


Sunday August 9th, the same day as the show, We will do a cruise up to the St. Helens visitor center  We use to do this all the time in the 90's as a club.  Everyone is welcome.  I will be posting where we plan on meeting, and a route here in a few weeks. 

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20 minutes ago, gene knight said:

she's probably related to california ex-governor jerry "moonbeam" brown


Strangely she isn't, although Jerry Brown does have a sister Kathleen Brown who has run for governor of California. 



However, the current Gov. Newsom, is related to Pelosi, and Newsom and Jerry Browns families have been interacting going back as far as their grandfather's.



Kate Brown was born in Madrid Spain, although her parents are from Minnesota. Her father was a Dr. who loved hunting, fishing, traveling, and his cabin in the woods, which Kate has openly shit on all of (long repressed father issue maybe?).



The wikipedia article pretends to be neutral but kisses her ass so much it is ridiculous.



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On 7/19/2020 at 3:29 PM, KELMO said:

And hers's me, living in the HFD, not the PNW. Poop.


Oh, Hot Friggin Desert.


well before i read the second line i thought hot fucking desert 

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Well, pretty fucking close.😁


Was trying to be a little PC. I mean it WAS a Sunday afternoon and still kind of family hour on the show.

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Don’t forget this Sunday. 11 am.  We cruise to St. Helens.  Meet up at salmon creek Albertsons near the hospital.  We will stop in Longview for lunch off the freeway.  And leave at 1 to the mountain.  We have yet to decide where to stop for food, but so far most want taco time. 

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