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  1. What are the differences between 320, 520 521, and 620 steel rims?

    They should all be same bolt pattern- are offests and centering or widths different?

    Same appearance and huncap clips?

    1. gene knight

      gene knight

      the 320 are skinnier as in wheel width between where tire sits on bead than the other 3 models, the 520/521 are same and 620 looks the same but has a slot for water drainage on rim. i have a few of the different model steel wheels

  2. Datsunscott


    Nice Datsun cat! I like the color scheme.
  3. I have had a L20b longblock and short trans sitting in a L320 on wood spacing blocks. The L20b is a lot longer than the E1 and would need some firewall work and possibly the radiator and core support cut and finding a way to fit electric fans. and a custom trans tunnel as the stock trans is a lot smalller. That was on a floor shitf 320. I decided not to chop up the truck that way.
  4. Hi Mickey- I sent a preorder in Nov for 4 sets. I just sent you a pm asking how and when do I pay and when would they ship? Thanks, ScottVM datsunscott
  5. Yep I get it - since I have been looking for parts and answers on the L320 I have had for 30 years, and the NL320 I have had for 12 years I will be happy to revive a post for the archives if someone can be helped :) I read through old posts scouring for info or people to contact for help.
  6. I can get pictures of original if needed
  7. I wonder if someone could clean up irregularies in a scan electronically. In other words take the sraights and curves and "fix" the problems. I am not that talented- I would have taken it to my engineers in days past........................ Repop window seals would be great!
  8. Hi MIke- I am in Southern California. I need to find the right page to update my profile. That is one of the nicest 320 stock looking engine builds and eng compartment I have seen! What I am doing is seeing if I can take a 510/521 air cleaner-- flip the snorkel upside down and weld back in and make a 320 looking air cleaner for a larger carb. Thats why I need a 2-3/4 ID on the carb side.
  9. More info; I need one with 2-3/4" id for the carburetor top. and dont want ATC- want the smooth snorkel if possible. I posted pictures in a misc wtb classified ad yesterday. The picture of one in a truck has the ATC- the second picture is the (early?) smooth snorkle type I really want. I dont know if J13 and L16 air cleaners are different. They might be the same. It depends if the top of the carb is the same diameter. ps I dont have a 521- its to fitup on a 320 build!
  10. Thanks for the invite! Who is staying at wigwam and what night?
  11. I am looking for what I call a side snorkel air cleaner. I have some pics from 521 and 510 - they may be on other models. I dont know how to attach picture here- 'll attach pictures and I did also place my first wtb ad in misc.
  12. Bought my first L320 at 17, bought a second one a week later. Made a nice one from the second and sold it for college money. I still have the first "car" L320 I ever bought! I am now 50!:D datsunscott
  13. Does this change the offset at all for the wheels? I have some 60's mag wheels that stick out close to the fender - and I have no more clearance............
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