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My engine siezed


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It won't spin with all the plugs removed. It has fresh oil in it. It ran for 45 seconds to 1 minute (really well). Then made what sounded like a dry cylinder squeal, I immediately switched off the ignition. Attempted to restart it, and got the click sound of a dead battery. Battery is new and fully charged. Then, I attemped to spin it at the crank with a ratchet and no turning it there. So, I pulled all the plugs and tried again, forward and backward. No luck. She is stuck.

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Maybe the cam seized in the cam towers. Did you have them off the head? You could have inadvertently plugged the head oil passage when scraping the old head gasket off.


Did you remove the oil pump? Did you watch for oil pressure when you fired it back up? Did it have oil in it?


Try removing the cam bolt and sprocket. Can you rotate the cam by itself?



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You should be able to look under the valve cover and see if the cam is covered in oil or not....  that would tell you if the oil passage is blocked or not....


How about the tensioner?

Did you block the chain and tensioner with a wedge?


I've seen these engines run with a popped tensioner not sure if it would be enough to stop things from rotating....

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On 12/2/2019 at 4:37 PM, datzenmike said:


Does it have oil in it?

Was the oil light on or off?


Try it with the clutch pedal held down? This eliminates a seized transmission.

Cam might seize but there is enough chain slack that the crank would wiggle slightly. Does it?


Pull valve cover off and look.

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Sorry, I haven't replied in a while...the holidays... At any rate, I separated the cam sprocket from the cam, and yes, the cam does turn. However, the crank does not. I did notice that there is zero slack on both sides of the chain (with the cam sprocket on the cam). Do you think the tensioner got caught up on the crankshaft or oil slinger or something?

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I am thinking the same thing, if the chain tensioner was not held in place it could have popped out when and he started the engine it could have jammed up down at the crank, this would also be a reason for not having any slack in the chain on either side.

Your likely going to have to pull the front timing chain cover off the engine now, this has turned into a major job now.

This is the tool you use when you remove the cam gear from the cam to keep the timing chain tensioner from popping out of position.


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Yes, I used awooden wedge, although I know the tensioner popped out, because I stupidly moved stuff around and allowed it to. I got in too much of a hurry. By the time I got the oil pump on the right tooth, I was too eager to hear it run. How much damage have I done? I have another tensioner I can install.

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You'll have to remove the timing cover and have a look. A good timing chain replacement kit should have the two guides, a tensioner, cam and crank sprockets, chain and both gaskets. I don't know if the water pump and timing cover seals are included. I would definitely replace the cover seal while the cover is off. Try to get a kit that is made in Japan. 


Haste..... makes waste.

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