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  1. They cover the bolts up near the windshield that hold the dash on to the frame, as I recall.
  2. More pictures! This is really cool.
  3. From what I have seen, single cab 2WD trucks with a bench got the shorty, 2WD King Cab trucks got the long one, and all 4x4s got the shorty. There may be 2wd single cab trucks that got a long one because they were STs or deluxes with bucket seats, in which case they would have had the center console already in them. I could be wrong on that exact fact pattern but that's just been what I've seen. My guess is that you have a shorty. Post a picture of the interior and we'd be able to tell you 😂
  4. What are you attempting to do? If you're attempting to color match paint, 30+ year old paint is gonna be faded so you have that to contend with. I have a can of butter yellow that I use to touch up the truck.
  5. MaxChlan

    720 4x4 KA24DE swap

    It seems like those who start this project never complete it, or finish it and do not say anything. Whatever you chose, document and post your results on here. From what I've heard, engine mounts are available from someone on this forum. The big issue is getting the oil pan of the KA to clear the front diff. From what I've read, it involves some mixing and matching of the KA and Z's oil pan. There is a thread on it here that you should read.
  6. Bags will help the best with load leveling. My old man used to put bags on all of his cars in the late 80's/early 90's, for when he had four of his buddies in the back of the Caprice 😂 Seconded. I think my 720 rides better when I have a couple hundred pounds in the back.
  7. MaxChlan

    85 720 4x4

    This! Instead of an automatic service interval like on modern cars, my truck tells me every time it needs an oil change with small changes in engine sound.
  8. Head gasket. Had similar symptoms on my truck last year. Don't fret though! Head gaskets on these trucks are pretty easy. Heck, I did it with no experience other than doing brake jobs. In fact, I think I did the head gasket on my truck before I ever touched the brakes 😂 On a serious note, as I recall there are no coolant channels in the exhaust manifold so you definitely have a fairly sizable head gasket failure. Either way, you'll end up replacing that gasket when you do the head gasket. Intake, exhaust, and head gaskets are all still available from Nissan. While you're there I highly recommend doing the water pump because its so easy, and if you plan on having this truck for the long term it wouldn't hurt to do the timing components. Lastly, taking the head to a machine shop to get it leveled is a wise investment. Shouldn't be too expensive either because it's a simple inline four. I wish you were in Minnesota because I'd be johnny-on-the-spot to help you tear this thing up. Once you do it once, getting all of the components off takes like an hour with 10 minutes spent enjoying a cold one.
  9. MaxChlan

    Valve cover gasket.

    I second the use of Shell Rotella. My cousin and friends run Shell Rotella 10w30 in their RB-swapped 240sxs, and I used Triple-T 10w30 before it got hard to find. I now run T5 10w30 all year round without issues. I change the oil every 3k miles because the build is original, and it burns a varying amount depending on how cold it gets.
  10. That's what I've ran into as of late. My truck is a little louder than it needs to be, and it's been too cold to do any major work.
  11. On a dead cold engine (as to not press hot air into a cold engine) what I've done is tapped a shop vac to the tailpipe to blow air into the system, and worked my way up the exhaust with soapy water looking for leaks. There is puddy that you can buy that hardens after 24 hours to fill in small cracks.As you fill in various small leaks, spraying soapy water on the exhaust manifold will direct you to any leaks. If it is the exhaust manifold gasket, they are still available from Nissan, and isn't too big of a headache to get off. I sprayed the studs and bolts with liquid wrench and let it penetrate for a few days before the job.
  12. MaxChlan

    Valve cover gasket.

    Seconded. Valve cover is so easy to do too. New half moons aren't a bad idea as well. When you install, throw a dab of RTV in between the half moon and the head so it doesn't fall down the timing cover, or else you'll have to take the whole cover off to fish it out (definitely not speaking from experience ?)
  13. MaxChlan

    locking diff

    Seems like the best long term solution is to swap with a toyota axle. Way more aftermarket support.
  14. To that end, you won't have issues with hitting the vent tubes behind the radio. There is a LOT of excess plastic in the 720 dash. Just get a radio without a CD player or something equivalent in size. If it isn't too much deeper, then you shouldn't have issues. The OEM radio is a pain; personally I have to run a bluetooth FM transmitter and it just takes up the cigarette lighter and makes it look weird.
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