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  1. MaxChlan

    New to me 1986 720 pickup

    Honestly I'd just go with an aftermarket one and make some adjustments to fit. The OEM radio is barely tolerable.
  2. MaxChlan

    New to me 1986 720 pickup

    When it's really cold (like below zero here in MN), mine rubs too. It used to rub a lot, but when I took the column apart to fix the height adjustment it seemed to go away for the most part.
  3. MaxChlan

    LED Lamp Recommendations

    Seconded. Seems like a lot of talk about what good lenses and bulbs are, but no links to good products. I'm in the market to upgrade to LED/HID, but there are just too many options and a lot of junk out there.
  4. MaxChlan

    85 720 carbs

    Here's the wiring diagram for the stock Hitachi carburetor: From what I've read about swapping carbs, the only one you need is the choke wire.
  5. MaxChlan

    Charlie69's 1984 720 ST Parts Truck

    I think the variable intermittent wipers are a dead giveaway, because those weren't on option on other trims, but were standard on ST and XE trucks. Same with the voltmeter and oil pressure /center console combination as far as I'm aware.
  6. MaxChlan

    Charlie69's 1984 720 ST Parts Truck

    According to my dealer catalog from that year, it seems like all the options for either an XE or ST. If you go to the official Nissan parts website and do a vin lookup, it should give you more information on what options your truck came with. Regardless of whether its an ST or XE, you have all the right options, especially the sunroof. I'm very jealous!
  7. MaxChlan

    Aftermarket Power Locks

    To answer your question, yeah I am just thinking about doing aftermarket door actuators. As I've done my research, I think it would be cool to do a Viper alarm install on my truck, mostly for fun and the functionality of being able to unlock my doors and start the truck remotely. The door actuators are cheap, and the videos I've watched make the install seem pretty straightforward. My only concern is getting the wires to the door, so that's why I asked what the ST doors looked like, and my question above. Adding a switch would be easy, but I'd rather not fuck up the door cards and it's just as easy to reach across and open it; it would probably be open anyway if I unlocked the doors with the fob anyway!
  8. MaxChlan

    Aftermarket Power Locks

    Does anyone have a picture of the ST door jams, in particular how they got the wiring into the doors? Is it just a grommet and a boot like on most modern cars?
  9. MaxChlan

    My '83 4X4: Interior Strip/Tidy/Refresh *Many Questions!*

    When I took the interior out of my truck I didn't see those bolts. If the wire is already cut, I don't see why you can't replace those bolts with ones that would seal it up.
  10. MaxChlan

    Clutch master cylinder cover problem

    Same issue here; I just turn it until it is kinda tight and just roll.
  11. MaxChlan

    Aftermarket Power Locks

    That makes sense. I just had the idea because I'd like to dabble in some wiring, there are a lot of kits out there, and I think it would really improve the functionality of the truck. My original idea was proximity sensors: Install power locks, wire the system up to an RFID receiver, carry an RFID chip in my pocket and there you go. I wouldn't go for the push-button start and all that shit; I still like turning a key to start it up 😂
  12. MaxChlan

    Aftermarket Power Locks

    Has anyone had success with installing aftermarket door actuators on their 720? I have been wondering about this because while it isn't a big reach to unlock the passenger side to unlock it, it would be nice at the store to not have to take the key out of my pocket to unlock the doors. My main concern would be clearance. I know the ST's had power locks, but were the doors or door cards any different than the non-power lock doors? Would there be clearance issues? Does anyone have any pictures of what the doors look like without the cards in them? The wiring isn't too much of an issue for me, but of course there would have to be some drilling to install some gromets and a door boot.
  13. MaxChlan

    Max's 1986 Nissan 720 King Cab 4x4: "Big Bird"

    I wish I could just go to a yard and get OEM parts like that... Yards around here have hardbodies and WD21s once in a blue moon, let alone anything earlier. Lots on BMWs/Mercs though because money doesn't buy you the ability to drive in snow. 😂
  14. MaxChlan

    Max's 1986 Nissan 720 King Cab 4x4: "Big Bird"

    Does anyone have experience with the exhaust headers from Pacesetter on Rock Auto? My headers are rusty, and have a leak somewhere around the flange. I don't even want to attempt to fuck with it because everything is probably rust-welded together at this point.
  15. MaxChlan

    Max's 1986 Nissan 720 King Cab 4x4: "Big Bird"

    Good find! I had the issue where I had the perpendicular lead plug and the alternator had the parallel style. I saved the plug that I cut off, but I'm not sure rewiring it and using an adaptor would be better than just wiring the hardbody plug in. Anyone have an amazon link for the hardbody plug?

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