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1961 Uni Hauler

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Picked up the Uni a few weeks back and want to post some progress as I go.


This rig will be a fix up as I Drive type setup, but currently isnt driving...


Items bought and need to install.


-Power Disc Brake Kit

-Power Steering System

-Wood Bed kit

-Fancy Red seat.

-New Marker lights

-FiTech 600 EFI kit


Bout it so far.






Rats nest wiring installed by the last owner....









Getting links set BRB

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Id help if I was closer, I might be coming back to OR soon, have some family in Bend.


I had a 62 F100 uni with a 5.0HO + 4spd adapted.  


Things that make that truck lovable is the Taillights/Tailgate, just like the Datsun NL320.

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I bought the FiTech 600 setup.


It is a single wire Alt. I have to machine a mounting bracket for the new Gilmer Pulleys to align right.


The wire setup in it now is a Painless but the guy didn't terminate anything to the correct length nor covered them with anything. Just zip tied and draped all over.


I picked up some rolls of flex line and shrink tube to get it looking better. I have to machine a few bulkhead pass through plates.

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On 11/2/2018 at 6:58 PM, Mattndew76 said:

The ability to stop was a scary thing. Braking had to be planned 500 meters in advance.

It is like my Volvo van - brakes that are made to stop 1,5 ton car need  to stop 2,5 ton car. 

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added a power Rack to the I-Beam. 


Problem though. The inner tie-rods are too long. The wheels are toe in 3-5° and I’m adjusted all the way in on the ball joints.


im thinking I will have to machine a set of billet knuckles that will allow the proper alignment.


More problems with PerformanceOnline products......




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POL just called back and they are sending out New items. 


Longer Driver side inner tie-rod and shorter Pass side inner tie-rod. Along with the correct mount bracket and push rod for my brake booster. 


Now the steering rack mount won’t be right under my oil pan and I will be able to adjust my alignment. ??


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