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  1. Had some time to but in the car again. Got the rear cab part in its proper place. It is now spot welded on. As the MIG didn't like the 0.6mm wire, I had to use 1mm wire. So only spots and even that looked like crap. But is stuck on. Starting point Adjusting and some seam repairs. In its place after ten+ adjustments. I think I got the location right, a lot more room on the inside behing the seats and still allmost 2m of usable bed length. Did find out some strange things. First ยด87 Volvo had thicker metal as ยด92 Volvo. This is a section of a roof side. This is the 87 one, duble thickness on the right side. You can see the bend water channel and the old cur roof skin. 92 one doesn't have additional metal in it. Then the "van" has some accident repairs on the right side rear corner, also that side is 2mm shorter because of that. The old inside wall that was behind the seats was 3cm croked to one side and so on and so on. As I expected they made these things to look ok visuali with help of a hammer and putty.
  2. The rally is done, not a lot of cars took part - only 15, but they loved it. Here are some pics of the last check point. Wife took the pics as I marked arrival times.
  3. There are some in sweden and finland, but like you say, they cost a fortune.
  4. I want these type of wheels for my 740. But just can't find any in here.
  5. As I have a lot to do desided to get additional things to do. I'm organizing a regularity rally for a 25+ year old cars. Youngtimer Camp - Youngtimer Rally. 3h of driving and 115km - track based on a roadbook. This is what a roadbook usualy looks like. It is a time-speed-distance event. You must drive the course in the allowed time within one minute.
  6. The "Green 940" survived the torture and worked fine. Got two runs in dry and then sky opened up and it rained for 4 hours, that didn't stop us having fun. Dry track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiZhgvhneWM Wet track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmURb3cIpAs
  7. we had a treat this week end. Peking - Paris event went trough Estonia and they had a special stage here at LaitseRallypark. Was nice to see old cars used as cars ๐Ÿ˜„ The rest of the pictures Short video by Autoleht PS. Special for you Datsun fans.
  8. it is alive, well, it drives and is nice and stiff, no side roll. Here still with out front end. And at my house. We had to cut front springs one coil shorter as the car was in nose up position.
  9. The Green 940 now has stiffer and lower suspention. Koni adjustable front shocks and double swaybars in the back. We hope we can get some fast corners with it.
  10. We had a local Volvo guys meet and dyno day. Had a nice day and lots of fun = beer and proper sauna after some car fun. Best looking car - P1800S restomod. T5 engine 246kw and 508Nm. Video of P1800S doing donuts. three generations of Volvo coupes. From the back. 80's/90's era 780 Bertone 60's/70's era P1800S 90's/00's era C70
  11. Like I always tell you all, we are insane in here. The green 940 Volvo. Well... We had an idea to turn that into a track day car for this event: http://www.youngtimer.ee/voistlused Youngtimer Time Attack we have to 07.07 to turn this thing into a "race" car. The plan: original B230FG engine gets a turbo and a new exhaust. This engine type has no cat as it was made for eastern-europe/ russian market. Has the best stock Volvo cam, so it might be a bit fun. From my parts car we got proper stiff loweing springs and adjustable shock to match. Still thinking of going even lower and stiffer. We got a lot if stiff BMW springs in stock. This is what is looks like @ the moment.
  12. is the color restorable or does it need a respray?
  13. And more pics again ๐Ÿ˜„ I know, I'm hopeless in that part. But I keep a journal of the build like that. Took her outside and this thing with light rear end now acts more like my 620 did. Nice. Lifted the donor car near the building to get power to anglegrinder and went at it. Removed the rear pillars, still need to cut away the rear of the white car and the roof skin. You can also see our transport and crane truck - old Merc Actros 6x2. Still need some trimming ๐Ÿ˜‰ but this starts to give some idea where to but the rear part. Going to reinstall the seats to get the interior to perfect size.
  14. I like the gascan, that is just cool.
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