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  1. Photo by Piller Russi - a great car/rally/racing photographer. http://www.rallifotod.eu
  2. She survived 3h of Time Attack event. Handled like a dream, best car I have ever driven on the limit. Nice and controllable, no under or oversteer, just perfect.
  3. this is Volvo 200-900 series setup. They move around alot.
  4. My Toyota Starlet has a barnhard rod that is on the same level as the rear axel itself. Side do side movement is minimal.
  5. well, as a child of soviet era ( born in 1982 ) I remember most of these things driving around. If your buddy needs stuff for them, they sell parts for these cars real cheap in here. Don''t know about shipping prices.
  6. It is 700mm (27") longer then a stock Volvo 740. Nilsson AB added it right behind the front door. 4785 + 700 = 5485mm (216") is the whole length.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watt's_linkage ??
  8. This is a Lada Samara https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lada_Samara
  9. First layer of primer on, next will be black outdoor metal paint for heavy machinery. Should work in there. and a wide shot also 😄 and now all the places that needed it also seamsealed.
  10. If you can use cable tubes and but the wires in a box/frame, rubber seals to places where needed to keep them from rubbing. I think you know the basics. This keeps things out of elements and they last a long time. Use hollow section wax on the inside of the body structure to keep the metal from rusting insideout. The corrosion is a huge issue here in our climate, do not know what it is like for you guys in there. Most cars rust from the inside to the outside, because of condensation and humid climate, add salt on the winter roads to that. A perfect place to return your metal to nature as rust. Hope to see an update on this build soon.
  11. The Starlet felt like it needed some stifness in the body department. Ordered some metal. Added some metal from the scrap pile and got myself a custom strutbar. In front and rear. Now the small box on wheels feels more solid. Next weekend (25.07.2020) I''ll take her to time attack for some fun. Parked at my house.
  12. Finished the bed framework. All metall and welds treated with rust preventer (Florin RS). The color is what the rust preveter turns into - black/dark blue. This is what it look like now.
  13. This is so cool. I love it.
  14. clutch master cilinder failed so got a repair kit for that 3.- € and and our of work. All good now. The driftcar got its first taste of real driving. Running on conservative 320kw and 620Nm. I took the pictures as the owner drove it.
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