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  1. We are organizing a regularity event this year. Here is a clip of us driving the run for a roadbook. https://youtu.be/u-pZijYap5c
  2. I did something. Got the angle grinder angry and made some cuts. A friend took pics of this special moment. I'm getting ready to make the first cut. Marked the cutting line with a masking tape. Cutting the last part in the front, the roof is held up by the lift. Roof is no more.
  3. still some work to do, but not so bad
  4. Photo by: www.rallyfotod.eu - Pille Russi SS2 video
  5. nice pickup you found - keep it stock. Looks like a time capsule, keep it that way. Hope to see some progress on the bike.
  6. been driving her for some days now. The fuel consumption is 11,7L/100km = 24 MPG. But it is still fun. Got this years Oldtimers Winter Rally number on. Two weeks to some winter fast driving. As every time, I navigate and my friend drivers.
  7. removed the back muffler on the exhaust and welded up straight pipe to replace it. The rear box was heavy and full of the same thing (read: shit) that was in the exhaust tube. It was way to restricting. As the car still has a resonator and muffler in front of the rear axel it still sounds ok.
  8. Guys, I fixed the exhaust whistle. I still wonder how the hell this thing even run. When I removed the rear muffler box this is what I found. Some animal had made a mud/hair/exhaust insulation/bugs nest in the exhaust tube right in front of the muffler.
  9. But everything back together and now I have next strange thing happening. Cars exhaust whistles. https://youtu.be/9t5-dJRzRVk
  10. Removed the exhaust manifold from the Volvo. Only one stud broke. And found that the exhaust was leaking from the manifold seal, the pulsair system and carb EGR tube. This ment there was a huge airleak in the intake manifold via EGR. No pics this time, stilll need to get the broken stud out from the head - some nuts and MIG velder will fix that issue.
  11. played around with MX5 rear lights. But light rings in the center, now only brake lights on the sides of the cluster.
  12. https://youtu.be/5aiu9UA6tFE It was a bit cold here ( -21C / 70F ), but she started up.
  13. Driveshaft is on the car and it drives and shifts. Overdrive works great, got 4th gear switch working to, so OD now only in 4th gear. Video of a test run https://youtu.be/h30hdt0CEh0
  14. I like what you did with that tool. Now you don't need 3 arms to operate that thing.
  15. Clutch is in Next came the gearbox. Clutch travel is adjusted and it is ready to go. All I need now is a driveshaft and some other parts.
  16. Old AW70 automatic is 710mm long, M46+Overdrive is 770mm long. The front part of the driveshaft is extended from stock as the cars body is extended. Now need to shorten this custom part. My friend removing automatic shifter/gear selector and pedal box. New pedals in, clutch master cilinder and slave cilinder are on the car.
  17. Damn that Miata is fun on snow ? Sideways all the time. Started on the auto box to manual by getting parts from the donor. It was but outside for storage. Well , got the thing lifted up first to loosen bolts under the car and open overdrive electric connections. Manual pedalbox, alternator from the engine to get more space, brake booster and cluch master cylinder. And then found out that driveshaft and gearbox connecting flanges have rusted together. Removed the bolts and stuck as can be. Hammering on it didn't do anything. So left it soaking with penetrating oil. Next morning but the car on stands. Took a concrete braking chisel, ground it to more defined edge/point. And with that and a hammer tapped the flanges apart.
  18. Used "van" today.... and.... the autobox is toast. Doesn't shift well and has no pull. So auto -> manual swap is in order now.
  19. still can''t work on the van. First friends XC90 had issues with injectors and turbo management. Took the D5 apart. New turbo electronic actuator and cleaned everything up again. Got it running again with no more problems and fault codes. Next stripped the MX5 clean of the bad "mods" Off with front and rear spoilers, side skirts and fender flares.
  20. this thing looks sweet. Cool pictures.
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