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1961 Uni Hauler

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4 hours ago, Mattndew76 said:

F250 calipers




Huh... They look just like the GM Metric calipers in our kit? Maybe Ford just used the same design?









Just now noticed another difference though. Our rotors are slip fit reusing the stock hubs, but yours appears to be hub/rotor all in one like most '70s domestics. 


4 hours ago, Mattndew76 said:

I have no idea what the rotors are from.


Might be a good idea to find out now, in case you ever need one later.  ?

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  • 4 months later...

I made another part and opened my carpet..


LMC has this carpet listed and shown as Finished Molded carpet... it’s Uncut and semi molded. 👎🏻










I’m not looking forward  to trimming and sewing the welting onto the fringe of this carpet. 


Gotta add snaps or what would you guys do for a removable carpet? Fastener types.



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So far Neodymium magnets are the pick. I purchased a box of the ( .25 x .50 x 1.0 ). I can sew or glue these to the back  in key areas. 


For now I am getting some card stock to do a cut template I can trace on the carpet. 


I installed the power steering pump last night, but found that it sits too close to the inner fender. Time to add another item to list for CNC items. 





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