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1961 Uni Hauler

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10 minutes ago, datsunfreak said:


Especially with Amazon. The whole reason I got Prime was for quick shipping. Shipping speed went waaaay down but the membership still costs just as much...  🙄


Same. It would almost be just as good to cancel prime until shit gets better. If it gets better.


Shit Hole Portland just shut off trade and shipping from Texas, and the Dumbocrats are trying to make it a state resolution to cut off trade state wide. 

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1 minute ago, datsunfreak said:


Not to turn this into a political thread, but is this blowback on the abortion thing? 


It is. Liars will Lie and Cheaters will cheat.


I read the law and its fucking reasonable. Stupid fucking democrats. I FUCKING hate them. 

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1 hour ago, Mattndew76 said:


It is. Liars will Lie and Cheaters will cheat.


I read the law and its fucking reasonable. Stupid fucking democrats. I FUCKING hate them. 


Personally not a fan of any politicians really, but this seems dumb as shit... 🙄


You are only penalizing people who had nothing to do with the decision...

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Actual not legal for any state to restrict commerce between states.  That is one that is specifically called out in the constitution, that Congress reserves the right to control that.  (ICC).  No shipper should legitimately be party to enforcing such a ridiculous attempt.





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On 9/7/2021 at 9:00 AM, Mattndew76 said:


is everyone else’s shipping constantly 3 days later than stated delivery?




 I ordered a bunch of stuff to fix my Subaru and paid for 2 day shipping. That was a week and a half ago.


 It finally shipped last Thursday, made it from Tacoma to Everett that day. It sat there all day Friday, and FedEx indicated it would be delivered Monday (not Friday, as it “wasn’t ready”).


On Monday tracking said it would be delayed.


No reason, just delayed.


Finally arrived late Tuesday, after languishing in Everett, a 30 minute drive from my place.


FedEx has been like this ever since Covid. Any excuse to underperform.

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