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"Swamp thing" JBC 510 racecar


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Here is the event we hope to participate in.   http://evergreenspeedway.com/events/2018-interstate-batteries-snowball-enduro/






Me (Icehouse)








The car needs to be stock aka anything you could get on the car through it's production run.  We are still going to be in the back since the popular car seems to be the Acura Integra.  We are going to run the 4.3 gears out of Carters "Granny" with a SSS L18 with SU's.  I think that should help.  The car has to run 60 series tread wear 400+ tires which can't cost over 60 each new. 


I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff, we will update you as the progress unfolds.  





















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The heart of every good racecar is the motor right?  We are within the rules to run an L-18 which are not always easy to find by my friend Dave had one available so a deal was struck.




We got together Tuesday and started tearing it down to see what we have to work with.


Sam is a certified crane operator.




With the engine on a stand - time to smile.




Block looked okay.  Some evidence of a small headgasket leak.






Head is a tasty version of the A87





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 Are you sure they will let you run those SUs ?? If it was me i would at the least call and have a word with them before you go to any trouble. 

My guess would be the tech guy at the track wont care if they are stock or not,, that acronym that track rules go by,  don't like multiple carb setups at all,,,  usually..


And if it was me i would sneak a long tail 4speed in there for strength, . 




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Since dual SU's were on the SSS cars in Japan we should be okay.  Same reason we can use the L18.


I understand why you think you can use them ,,



In the link posted above 


Use your home track’s stock entry-level 4 cylinder rules with the exceptions listed the rules linked below

All Door Bar & Caged Hornets welcome.

Enduro Rules and Enduro addendum available here:






Hornet rules 

4. No cars with rotary engine, turbocharger, all-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering, supercharger or other factory

performance enhancements are allowed.

5. Cars that don't meet the above criteria that have been allowed to run at Evergreen Speedway in the 2015 race

season will be grandfathered in. Possibly with penalties NO NEW BUILDS.



My first post was a rhetorical question to be honest ,









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the tech guys go by THEIR rules.  And having raced circle track from age about age 15 till i had kids at 29 ,, i can assure you sneaking dual carbs by them by citing some obscure ,, to them,,  model sounds like a recipe for in the pits carb change before race.


  The tech guys go by THEIR rules. and they can be rather prickly about it if they want cuz it's THEIR track



Just get a big port L20b manifold and 32/36 or 38/38 and call it good





Whoops that was supposed to be edited into last post ,,  :blush:  :blush:

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Only JDM Coupes were available with an 1.8L. Those were offered with smaller twin Hitachi side-draft carburetors though and weren't available for the US market. 


I think there's confusion because the BRE cars were allowed to us L18s in the TransAm series. 

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Jeff is our rules guy.  He's been talking with the organizer this whole time so we don't start down a road that leads to a dead-end.  We'll have him ask again.


For what it's worth, the bluebird sedan was available as an 1800SSS also, not just the coupe.


It doesn't really matter if we can't use them.  We will be slower than most of our rivals regardless.



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Surprised to hear you say that.  So many of your projects look like a group effort.

We're having fun...


Yesterday was another Turbo Tuesday.  We started by getting the car into the garage to see what we have to work with.


Engine goes here:




Driver goes here:  (Check out the awesome collapsible steering wheel adapter)






Some of the past owners?  Gary, Tom, Shelle (sp?), NiKKi.  Not sure about Tom.  He has an * next to his name.  




Oh, and who can forget Amie?



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We finished stripping the head and then I lapped the valves while Sam and Jeff started stripping the car.






Stop it I mean it!  Anybody want a peanut?




This was really fun and I'm very excited to build this back up.  I took the block and head home to give to our friend Paul who has an industrial parts washer to clean them up before the rebuild.



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This thing had the most bazzar front suspension.  Each corner was completely different:

  The front right had multiple springs and strange spacers. 

  The left rear spring was about half the height of the right rear spring.

  The right rear shock was adjustable, and the rod cover was removed.

  One of the front struts had the top hat modified for camber and/or caster.

Makes me wonder if it was set up like that over many races or if *TOM just said "Now see here boys...  This is what we gotta do..."





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Yup.. left rear lowest ,, right front highest to counter the dive as you hit brakes and go into corner.  if you go out to short track you will also notice every tire is a different size and tire pressure also..

   that's why there is also a rule how much camber the right front can have cuz guys will extend lower control arm and try to almost lay the right front tire parallel to the ground if there wasn't ..  :rofl:


Oh and Paradime,,, i think maybe you should stick with racing around closed Kmart parking lots. ;)

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  • Icehouse changed the title to "Swamp thing" JBC 510 racecar

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