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  1. Awesome driving guys! Sure missed it, glad my racecar gets to still enjoy it though😄
  2. Our weekend hot laps in the fun split view. What sounds better than an SR20? Three harmonizing SR20's!!!
  3. This is the full race album. It's worth a flip through just to see all the varied cars we get to race with. That has to be one of the best parts of this series is the wide range of cars on track. We get to pass a CRX so that we can pull up next to a Miata only to get blown past by a Corvette. (That could just as well be written as, pass a 1.6 miata so that we can pull up next to a 1.8 miata, only to get blown past by an Ecotec miata.) https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMoFsgaM9Ohqvuq692w85demQMXs1ChpwdxIJMn4fPxRWySMIKWsvyv38zxb8ZYmA?key=S2xaUkY0X3B3b2JCVm1ESVRERGdVVmlHdTY1RTVR If you're only interested in our beautiful stallion. I have already pulled all out pictures into one album here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5giAdSV1EWruVWmf7 Let me walk through some of my favorites. Turn 1:100+ mph approach braking down to 50mph entry. Turning in at the right time to straighten out the chicane was critical and had big consequences for the exit speed of turn 2. Too soon and you're pointed at the rather large curbing of 2, too late and you're sideways pointed at the in field wall. Very hard to get just right. Turn 2: Very easy to accidentally pole vault off that curb. Turn 3: Fast wide entry to the 4-5 sweeper combo Turn 4: 4 and 5 turned into mostly a big sweeper with some minor corrections. We would pull some good lateral force here. Take a look at our tire roll in the front! Turn 6: Really exciting if you happen to be stuck in traffic here. Everyone is on the grip limit coming out of the turn 5 right hander, and then transfer onto the grip limit into the turn 6 left hander. Lots of opportunity for error. Turn 7: Exiting 7 on to the back "straight" a real weak point for our underpowered boat. 7 was tight enough to discourage any out braking or passing attempts. So, we basically single filed up at 7 in preparation for the straight where 3/4 cars would motor on by. Turn 8: Personally I spent all of the back straight anticipation and mental prep for the high speed 9,10,11,12 corners at the end. It was just enough time for a breather though. I like this photo because we are next to Greta. A fan favorite and for good reason. The Ecotec Miata is consistently podium finisher in A class. Piloted by skilled curious drivers and a general joy to drive with. As well it has my favorite flavor of build, a nothing special light weight chassis, well prepared with just enough power to not add excessive weight. Turn 12: After breathing on the back straight, you don't really get another chance until Exiting turn 12 onto the front. We would be top of 3rd coming out of 12 and on the quick laps, edging the traction limit out to the walls. my favorite part of the course. All in all, a fun track.
  4. I think it's funny that after all that excitement, we're both apexing corner 4 at the same time!
  5. Having our gopro's going full race now means we get to see all of our awesome driving experiences that we usually just get to tell each other about. It also means we get to see all those things we normally, don't brag about.
  6. Only during the off season, I gotta stay fit to be competitive during race season. It's how I shave those extra 0.02 seconds 😉
  7. I'm sitting in the car when this was taken, so about ~2100lbs total.
  8. I wouldn’t say I could “feel” it back there per se, but we did have consistently faster times this event than our last event without it. The only significant change was the tail and we were 2 seconds faster in our fast laps. We sure seemed to be able to hold more throttle in on the high speed sweepers, especially after the uphill.
  9. Our hot laps from The Ridge September event. Fun to watch split screen to look for differences in technique. Then they are shown one at a time afterwards.
  10. I love that tail more every time I see it 😊
  11. Jeffs Hot lap of the weekend pulled from the raw footage.
  12. You guys already know how this saga ends, but enjoy the next episode!
  13. All our raw footage: I tried to put any fun time stamps in the descriptions. If you see something interesting I missed, let me know so I can add 🙂 Mostly Me Stint 1 day 1. Jeff and Carter doing the short sprint race in between the endurance days Mostly Jeff Stint 1 day 2 All Jeff Stint 4 day 2
  14. Thanks for the supportive comments guys! It sure was a challenge for us to keep this beauty going! I'll mostly be packing my updates and comments into video format for our youtube series going forward. That's time consuming enough so I probably wont get to putting many details here. However I certainly keep up with the thread and enjoy the feedback from you guys. Enjoy! I'll hopefully keep them coming. PS. All our raw race footage will also be stored on the JBC channel.
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