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  1. I wouldn’t say I could “feel” it back there per se, but we did have consistently faster times this event than our last event without it. The only significant change was the tail and we were 2 seconds faster in our fast laps. We sure seemed to be able to hold more throttle in on the high speed sweepers, especially after the uphill.
  2. Our hot laps from The Ridge September event. Fun to watch split screen to look for differences in technique. Then they are shown one at a time afterwards.
  3. I love that tail more every time I see it 😊
  4. Jeffs Hot lap of the weekend pulled from the raw footage.
  5. You guys already know how this saga ends, but enjoy the next episode!
  6. All our raw footage: I tried to put any fun time stamps in the descriptions. If you see something interesting I missed, let me know so I can add 🙂 Mostly Me Stint 1 day 1. Jeff and Carter doing the short sprint race in between the endurance days Mostly Jeff Stint 1 day 2 All Jeff Stint 4 day 2
  7. Thanks for the supportive comments guys! It sure was a challenge for us to keep this beauty going! I'll mostly be packing my updates and comments into video format for our youtube series going forward. That's time consuming enough so I probably wont get to putting many details here. However I certainly keep up with the thread and enjoy the feedback from you guys. Enjoy! I'll hopefully keep them coming. PS. All our raw race footage will also be stored on the JBC channel.
  8. Finally got the GoPro footage up, take a look see. Excitement starts at 25:00.
  9. You can absolutely make torque with any size exhaust. What I was getting at is that the normal NA rule of thumb of small exhaust more torque is not true for turbo motors. The power/torque no longer depends on exhaust scavenging which is why NA’s make more torque with the extra exhaust speed of a small pipe. On a turbo motor the pipe diameter really only matters for the manifold since the speed of the gas hitting the exhaust wheel is critical. After the turbo bigger is always better to prevent back pressure on the output of the turbo. Did Tristan ever put his car on the dyno with a larger exhaust or none? I think his torque would go up, not down.
  10. Unfortunately, with a snail in the way it doesn’t.
  11. It's hard to tell from pictures but It sits maybe 1" below the brake and clutch, which is pretty well placed for heel/toe. Then I didn't measure but sat and pushed the pedal with this in mind and it seemed to be 2-3" of throw *depending on where yo would measure it) before hitting the hard stop bolt. It feels right to me, not too short.
  12. Happy days driving the goon. A glimmer of excitement in a sea of monotony. Got some new JBC parts in so I replaced my hand drilled bare aluminum prototype. Bolt in adapter for B15 Sentra accel pedal assembly. Got an exciting shipment, haven't put them on yet. Parts in process, just a teaser photo. As mentioned, I've been struggling with fuel starving with tank levels as low as 1/2 full. No good, and with my track record I would rather head off the problem before it hurts the engine. After not being able to make it through the last AutoX I couldn't ignore the problem any more. Enter this surge tank. Not large but it's the biggest tank I could find that would fit in my planned location and not hang too low below the car. As well finding tanks designed for above mounting rather than bottom mounting (for in your trunk) was quite hard. 1L volume, can for size reference. Any sure tank setup requires a second pump. I was originally going keep the walbro, which is extremely loud and so I assume somewhat strained, as the high pressure pump. Then get a cheap low pressure pump for tank to surge transfer, but then I rethought. If I'm going through the trouble to add reliability, adding a cheap pump doesn't make sense. Then if I'm going to buy a pricey transfer pump, why not buy a pricey high pressure pump and demote the walbro to transfer duty. Bam, Bosch 044. About the size of a 12oz can, these get a much better job done than the Walbro. Test fit tank in situ. Just behind the rear floor board. The floor board will provide nice protection from road debris and this spot is also right next to the front leaf mount for bottoming out protection. Only hazard is a loose driveshaft 😅 A little more driving duty. Then I jumped on the conversion one weekend. Mind your step. A few brackets, a bunch of line re-routing, some head scratching. walbro picks fuel up from tank and pumps into surge tank, this then fills the surge until fuel exits through the top port and goes back to the tank return line. The oversized lower port feeds into the bosch pump which supplies the engine and the return from the fuel rail goes back into the surge tank as well. Thus even if the walbro starves out the bosch has to use all of the reserved 1L and it actually has to burn it since the return goes back to the surge. pre-filter relocated. not good spot for this... And a final car on the ground shot showing clearance. The results. Before: I was at 2/3 full when i starved out on full throttle and high speed cornering while autoXing Below 1/2 full I would starve out under a hard acceleration or prolonged full throttle. Below 1/4 full I would be able to hear the pump starve with just normal jostling from stop and go traffic and lights. Now: I drove well below 1/8 tank and was able to hear the transfer pump cut out but had completely normal AFR's under hard acceleration ad prolonged full throttle. Success! as long as one of the extra bajilion connections doesn't fail...
  13. The angle of the diff. is going to depend on the exact angle of the engine/transmission in the car. I've been using and app called "tremec tool box" it's made specifically for measuring driveline angles. You put it on you're engine and measure the angle with the phones built in instruments, then on the driveline, then on the diff. Then it tells you if you're angles are good as a system, super helpful. It looks for a max u joint angle of 3 degrees and a difference between front and back angles of less than 2 degrees.
  14. Ya, photos app is what I made this with. Movie maker was much better. Now it doesn’t even have clip transitions, lame.
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