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  1. volkswagner

    Freebird: SR20VE+T 510 Wagon

    Good idea guys, I'll give that a shot! I'd like to go digital gauges in the long run in which case a GPS speedo would make the cable redundant, hopefully the wrap will make the cable last until then.
  2. volkswagner

    Freebird: SR20VE+T 510 Wagon

    Quite possible. I want to built a quick and dirty injector test setup. Use a spare fuel rail and pump it up then just turn them on 100% for a certain time and measure volumes. I could then at least make sure they are all balanced even if the accuracy isn't the greatest. This would also give me an idea of the pump capacity if I put a gauge on and look for pressure drop. We'll see if I get that far. Either way. AFR gauge should be a decent indicator of the pump doing it's job and I can swap quite easily if needed, one benefit to a inline vs in tank.
  3. volkswagner

    Track Rat - 1991 Pulsar GTIR

    Ahhh I see, I think SR's came with both the heat type and ECU controlled type, will have to research.
  4. volkswagner

    Freebird: SR20VE+T 510 Wagon

    It seems like a small thing but, it's been so long since the grille/lights were in place that it makes it feel so much closer. On to the intake manifold. Began by sectioning the 3" diamter 30 degree bent tube down the middle. cut off wheeled the flat patterns. Borrowed a few flanges from the stock VE manifold. Mock up with the base plate looked good so I kept moving forward with some tacks. Couldn't resist dropping it in the bay to take a look. 🀩 More mock up. All prepped and ready to machine the base plate and weld it up. More work on the hot side. Chopped the 3 bolt flange off the RB down pipe, want a V-band. Test fit shows the waste gate bypass was too close for comfort to where the U-joint will live. I had the 2.5" down pipe with 1" bypass. The then needed to merge into a 3" pipe, make the bend under the car, contain a V-band and then get a flex pipe. I decided to put the V-band in the bend, this gave me a degree of adjustment for placing the flex pipe by rotating it in the clamp. Added another bung to the downturn for a potential EGT to go with the AFR. Satisfied with the results in general. Still learning with the welder of course. I got a TON of splatter which I'm not used to, also it stuck to the material rather than the splatter I'm used to that can be knocked off. Maybe this is due to it being SS? Any thoughts? Fitment ended up nice and tight to the tranny and mostly straight into the tranny mount indent. It seems like my speedo cable has to sit on my exhaust. Is this going to just melt right off or is the cable made for the heat?
  5. volkswagner

    Freebird: SR20VE+T 510 Wagon

    Sounds like a fun project. I have a scanner at work I've been meaning to learn to use and some CAD skills...
  6. volkswagner

    Freebird: SR20VE+T 510 Wagon

    1912 wow! and I though our 50 year old cars were a challenge! Even cast rockers... Is there rules preventing the use of modern materials? Seems like that would be a worthy place to get some real steel. I'm just as anxious haha. Getting close now.
  7. volkswagner

    Track Rat - 1991 Pulsar GTIR

    The idle drops from 1200 down to 950 once it's warmed up. Does that prove it's switching out of warm up mode you think?
  8. volkswagner

    Track Rat - 1991 Pulsar GTIR

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, snow day! The Direzzas did not like the snow :lol: VID: https://youtu.be/eqyIlElW0YE
  9. volkswagner

    Track Rat - 1991 Pulsar GTIR

    Now that it is a driver, I've been spending more time inside the car instead of under it. Time to clean up the interior! I started by removing as much of the sticker, double sided tape, wire clips, etc from the dash. This meant getting all the way into the gauge cluster to get the yellow carbon look stickers off of there. With the dash apart I was able to undo all of the electrical routing strung through the dash. I moved everything to the passengers side so it could be sorted all at once. The previous owner even cut and extended every heater control wire with red wire and bullet connectors so that it could be stored in the glovebox while all the add on bits were screwed to the dash. Much better. This left me with this impressive pile in the passengers area. Everything on the seat was deemed useless and removed. Only kept the boost controller, digital water temp, and power meter were kept (won't ever use it elsewhere.) This was my favorite wire :roll: Lots of cutting, crimping, heat shrinking and it finally all got put back into it's proper place. Tried on a steering wheel that I had around, liked it better. Back to mechanicals, I removed the MAF and cleaned it up. Ran smoother but MPG didn't change. Ran the ECU diagnosis, came back a clean 55. Plugs suggest a definite rich condition. Thinking it's a bad O2 sensor.
  10. volkswagner

    Sr20 swap alternator options

    Can you use a FWD alternator setup that puts it on the other side of the block?
  11. volkswagner

    Track Rat - 1991 Pulsar GTIR

    To get the interior a bit more tolerable, the stock drivers seat went in and the roll cage came out. Jeff did some buffer work which made an amazing difference! Left in progress, right untouched. End result 😊 All that was left was to turn the coils down a few inches and correct the alignment. Then off to test drive. All went well, so in to the daily drive routine! About a 100 miles in now. A few sneaking issues. Odometer is broke, not surprising. Clutch slave leaks and needs replacement. Only 13mpg, meaning something is causing a rich condition... have to investigate.
  12. volkswagner

    Track Rat - 1991 Pulsar GTIR

    Moving on. The fuel pump needed a proper replacement. This of course involved yanking out the in tank fuel pump which inevitably gets you covered in fuel, in this case 15 year old sludge πŸ˜ͺ Stock unit was crusty and had a cracked pick up. I replaced it with a Walbro 255, new pick up and cleaned all the sludge out of the tank that I could reach. Somehow all I took was this one terrible pic. Oh well, we all know what old nasty gas and a walbro look like, use your imagination. Along with replacing a few dry rotted fuel lines, that was the fuel issue sorted, for now. I'm nervous about all the other lines that may be close to failing due to the same dry rot. While I was busy sorting the mechanical bits, Jeff took it upon himself to start giving the aesthetics some love. After hours of sticker scraping, he moved on to some mudding. ☺️ I turned focus to the suspension. The setup was assembled incorrectly and very corroded. Disassembled to clean and inspect. Measurements suggest 675lb front springs and 500lb rear! Quite stiff to say the least. I then gave the brakes some attention. Not many pic.s but here are the fronts, better off than the rears! the rear pad material actually separated from the metal backing before separating from the rotor! As the front calipers looked on disassembly. Not too bad, cleaned them up and replaced the seals. Rear calipers got replaced entirely. Can't slow Jeff down! Some single stage for now. Bam! Lets remember what that used to look like.
  13. volkswagner

    Track Rat - 1991 Pulsar GTIR

    Not as much as it seems, I'm just bad at posting progress in a timely manner πŸ˜…
  14. volkswagner

    Other option for front steer steering rack?

    I assume you mean the tie rod pivots being in front of the ball joint. A trick we learned, dont eliminate rear steer as an option. If thhey sold a RHD version of a rear steer car you can buy that ravk and flip it to use in a LHD front steer system.
  15. volkswagner

    Bruiser! 78 620 KC project

    Nice to be able to change something out of choice and not necessity once in a while πŸ˜„

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