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Is this og a alternator?


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Because they are digital, we are analog or we are buttons, pull and twist and they are swipe like smart phones. Your 32 years old, still young, I'm in my late 50s and remember classic cars, true jdm, muscle cars, when we took them for granted. And now they are "cool" to have.

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Dang mike, if you kept all of those, that could have been your 401k. I can't stand new cars and Starbucks, new cars depreciate too fast, hard to work on them, cost you an arm and a leg if something goes wrong and they all look alike. A lot of the new muscle cars are just bandwagons of the originals, they do drive better and faster but nothing like the "OG". Nothing is more beautiful than seeing a 60s or 70s cars with their real shiny bumpers, the sound of dual exhaust, the paint scheme, specially grabber colors...yes, I'm old.

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So I will venture and say that is an original (looking) alternator.  I will also venture to say it is an "old guy" alternator as I have several similar looking alternators laying about the shop.



What type of Datsun do you have or is this off of?

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I do not think that is the original 521 alternator.  After 45 or so years, chances are pretty good the alternator has been replaced. 

I think the original 521 alternator has a black plastic cover on the two small terminals that are in a "T" configuration.  By removing that cover, you could remove the brush holder, and replace the alternator brushes easily.


The original alternator was an external regulated alternator.  More modern alternators use an internal regulator.  On Datsuns, an external regulated alternator can be identified by a "F" and a "N" by the two small terminals.  An internal regulated alternator can be identified by a "L" and a "S" mark by the two small terminals.

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The stock 521 comes with an externally mounted voltage regulator. A rounded metal box about the size of your fist. This what you mean?


If not connected, it's possible that an internally regulated alternator has been used. For this to work two pairs of wires need to be connected together. Find the voltage regulator and see if it's plugged into the engine harness. If not are there wires jumpered together??


Does the alternator have a foil sticker on the rounded side? I believe if it says LT it's external regulated. If LR it's internal regulated.

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