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Best way to RE-WIRE 510 for the beginner


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Howdy do ratsunners,


What is the best and cost effective way to rewire my 510. I'm a complete beginner when it comes to electrical and was hoping there is a fool proof kit with instructions that will make me look like a seasoned veteran.


Thank you,



The best would probably be to utilize the factory harness?

I don't think anyone makes a plug and play replacement harness like your hoping....


What's your issue?

What are you try to accomplish?


If you have electrical issue it's probably in the connections and switches not a problem with the physical wires....

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I'm with them. Identify the failure and try to fix it first. I rewired my 510 using a 720 truck harness. I've managed to get it all to work but i easily have over 50 hours in wiring if you include all the time spent researching to figure stuff out

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I would follow the old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".


45 year old 1200, everything electrical works with the exception of the fuel gauge and reverse lights.  When time allows, I will try to diagnose/wring out the circuits and fix.

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