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  1. KamakSun

    Which LSD path should I take for my 510

    What is involved in getting a later model Subaru r160 lsd to fit the 510. I read something about clips vs bolt in?
  2. KamakSun

    Which LSD path should I take for my 510

    Hello all! Thank you for the valuable input! Let me focus in on some points that were brought up. 68datsun510 mentioned the lsd is great in the rain and snow. Fortunately I’ve been blessed to live in San Diego so I do t see either
  3. Hello fellow Ratters, The only items left on my non body resto check list is to go through the rear. I plan on doing all the bushings and having the rear shocks rebuilt but I'm stuck on which route to go for an LSD. 1. Has anyone tried one of those traction concepts lsd conversions or similar brand? Was it a difficult install? Would you do it again? 2. Is the R180 upgrade that much better than the R160 conversion? Does it justify the extra cash? I'm running a closed chamber l20b with Mikunis. The transmission is a 4 speed with a 240z flywheel (so I was told). 13x7 libres with 4runner brakes. I'm trying to keep it period correct (early 80s), so please keep that in mind :thumbup: Thanks all! Kamaksun
  4. KamakSun

    Mikuni tuning help

    L20b, I’m not sure of the jetting but I’ll check and report back soon
  5. KamakSun

    Mikuni tuning help

    Howdy Ratsunners, I got my closed chamber head back from Monta at machine tech and I’m very pleased! Everything is running well except at take off. There is a hesitation sputter in initial exceleration and then everything is perfect. How do I correct this? Are there any mikuni tuning gurus in Dan Diego? Happy Sunday, Kamaksun
  6. KamakSun

    What brand FJ caliper and pads?

    Happy Sunday! Last night I received my newly machined struts from Don at DP racing. They were modded to accommodate 86-89 Toyota FJ 4 Runner calipers. I have everything but the calipers and pads. Where would you source the calipers and what pads would you use for a street/track application? Thank you, Kamaksun
  7. KamakSun

    Connecting my tach properly!?!?

    How bout a 69? I have the factory dash and I don't see a tach but the center panel has been gutted
  8. KamakSun

    Is Go Kart steering possible

    Duke, Please let us know how you accomplished this! Thank you, Kamaksun
  9. Hello yet again, As you may already know, I have a closed chamber head at the rebuilder. I figure that the fan is going to come off and I have a four blade that came in the parts box. Is there any advantages to replacing my six blade fan with the four blade one? Thank you, Kamaksun
  10. KamakSun

    Connecting my tach properly!?!?

    Happy Saturday fellow nickel and dimers, My tach has three wires going in. The negative from the coil, this was easy A positive A ground Two questions, should I run the positive off of the coil or a constant positive? Where should I run my ground from? Thank you, Kamaksun
  11. KamakSun

    Does the dome light bar add rigidity

    Do you know what goo like substance I should use in addition to the two bolts on the sides? Is goo necessary?
  12. Happy friday ratters, I'm sanding and priming the interior of my stripped out 510. I removed the dome light bar to access the hidden area. Should I put that bar back in place for rigidity? Thank you, Kamaksun
  13. Hiddie ho posters, My friend just finished the passenger seat mount! What do you use and how do you mount the lap portion of the harness? I have only one eyebolt? on the tunnel side of the seat. https://imgur.com/gallery/geXdc Thanks!
  14. KamakSun

    Best way to RE-WIRE 510 for the beginner

    Nothing is failing. I'm sure all of the wiring is older than me but is it ain't broke?

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