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Hood flutter/shake at freeway speeds? 521


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I have a 521 and the hood latches tight, the hood bumpers are little worn/flattened but anyways at speed on the freeway (60+) the hood flutters and shakes.  When the hood is closed I can still push it down like an 1/2 - 1".  I guess that is because the spring has room to travel.  Is that normal?  And could that be why the hood shakes?

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The hood is boned to the frame with panel bonding agent. hood flutter is probably worn hood bumpers. I replaced mine on my 510 with OEM units and it still does it. 


You can get height adjustable bumpers and install those on the core support and that should fix it.

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winging this here but look lik the hood can come down more.

Open the hoof and on the bulb shaped plunger with the spring youll see a screw driver slot

you can tun this in and it will pull the hood farther down or up to get it prefect. just mack sure the female part on the core support fully encloses the bulb to its seculy latched.


as for the side wiggling Like I sad I just got some Black RTV and build up the old hood bumber pads. leave hood open over night and bam close hood . it will fit better over time if you put too much on

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weird cause its pretty well lined up with the fenders...for the most part.   If it came down more it would sit lower than the fender lines.  Will play with the plunger a little bit and see what happens.  Do the bumpers help keep it in place/stable?  I am going to replace those fuckers anyway.  




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Those bumpers definitely help. I had old, rotted ones and replaced them with new. Now the hood is straight and wiggle free. Now I just have to deal with the hood being separate from the spine underneath somehow...

Use seam sealer. That's what I was told to use... if you look you ll see the dried up globs between the hood skin and the spine structure... just grind it out and redo or add more next to it.... depends on how perfect you want it ...


And DP the front line of the hood seems crooked.... high on the passenger and a little low on driverside.....

Maybe it is just those 4 rubber things...

Try using some tape or something to build up the driver side rubber and see if it makes it look straighter.

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Well I tried to switch the driver side bumper with the passenger but the driver side disintegrated when I pulled it out.  So I put the pass on the driver side and even without the passenger side one the hood was tighter than it ever was before.  So I went and ordered 4 bumpers from the dealer ( 65158A4500). 


Also the plunger is seized so I couldn't adjust it but don't need to.  

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Like rubber vaccum hose?  Screw that down?


And WTF are those?  What would I even be looking for in a wrecking yard to find them? 


Ordered 4 hood bumpers from the Nissan dealer today.  $12.  Hopefully they work otherwise $50 from Thailand.     

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There are actually two different types of hood bumpers on a 521.  i was able to get the rear ones at a Nissan dealer a few years ago, but the front ones were NLA.

The post (or pin) that goes down into the hood latch on the core support has a lock nut above the plate that bolts to the hood.  You loosen the lock nut, then you can adjust the height of the closed hood with the screwdriver slot in the catch pin.

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