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  1. yes you should use the newer transmission. it is stronger and newer. yes the windshield will work
  2. looking good. I'm surprised they aren't taking the panels off to paint them
  3. can you show me how you mounted the shifter boot? Mine never had one and I'm trying to see how it hooks to the plate
  4. none of that is true
  5. good stuff. Love how that shifter works. Very ingenious
  6. all the SR20det RWD will fit with the kit. Also, it is quite an involved swap so be prepared for it.
  7. Thanks. Anyone can make a set like it. My piece just gets jbwelded in place and the projector is still removable.
  8. I decided I wanted more power and the t28 wasn’t up to par. I went with a gen2 gtx2860r. It’s actually physically smaller than what was on there I did a rear disc upgrade. Thanks to my buddy Kiel at KBI for the brackets I was able to source and install a LSD with help from members on here. This is a 3.7 ratio out of a Jdm vehicle Took these things out. These are for sale btw
  9. I designed and 3D printed a bracket to mount a morimoto mini h1 projector into our headlights. Light output is so much better for night time driving. I added hood shocks to the truck. These are so handy! Everyone should do it. Costs 20$ for the shocks I also installed new gauges from speedhut. Common among people that have done swaps. These are 3 3/8” gauges. I got the two “Nismo” gauges used and ordered the quad gauge myself. I love how the speedo is gps so I no longer have to play around with the pinion gears in the tranny and rear end to get the speedo correct. image sharing And I added power locks. So useful! Here’s how she currently sits
  10. I haven’t updated this thread in a while. I’ve done quite a bit of work since.
  11. Dang paint looked so good already
  12. on the passenger side? check the antenna mount/gasket
  13. can I see what the adapter looks like?
  14. nrg at 100 is pretty damn cheap already. get the short hub so it doesn't stick out so far. or you can get the cheap ones on ebay for 60
  15. I want to get the rear bar as well but I’m concerned with having the same problem too
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