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  1. use firefox or chrome and download the photobucket fix add-on. it makes all the pics work
  2. Lovely pic. Happy holidays
  3. dang will your tire clear that once you lower the truck? mine is similar but still rubs
  4. nice. how are you running the charge pipes?
  5. dang i just replaced mine too. I wonder if mine are installed right...
  6. I used oval piping for my swap. and why is the flex section right there? move it towards the engine more
  7. wow so fresh and clean! Great looking truck
  8. damn that's rusty. Maybe better to buy a new cab and swap it over?
  9. 5t341tH

    Speed Bleeders

    I have pathfinder brakes, but the bleeders are m10x1.0 I used russell brand r40529
  10. yes you should use the newer transmission. it is stronger and newer. yes the windshield will work
  11. looking good. I'm surprised they aren't taking the panels off to paint them
  12. can you show me how you mounted the shifter boot? Mine never had one and I'm trying to see how it hooks to the plate
  13. good stuff. Love how that shifter works. Very ingenious
  14. all the SR20det RWD will fit with the kit. Also, it is quite an involved swap so be prepared for it.
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