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  1. 5t341tH

    Snap-on Vinyl (Tonneau) Bed Covers?

    I have the same one you are talking about. Ebay is where I bought mine. early toyota pickups is the one you need to buy
  2. 5t341tH

    620 SR20 Motor Mounts

    Anybody have more pics of the motor mounts bolted up? I’m having Trouble lining mine up. Also engine mounts I have are two diff thicknesses, so I bought multiples
  3. 5t341tH

    Heres my 77 620 longbed

    nice. you move along pretty well. what mounts did you use?
  4. 5t341tH

    LED headlights

    Yea but mine doesn’t have those two smaller circle lights. I’ll snap a picture later. But I’ll ecentually retrofit a set of morimoto projectors into another set of lights. I am spoiled now by modern projectors and can’t drive around with nothing less
  5. 5t341tH

    LED headlights

    I have these led headlights. They work good. It does have a large, square hotspot when driving down the road, but it's brighter than when i was using the bmw ellipsoids
  6. 5t341tH

    Mine now ('74 Cactus Green)

    thanks. did you remove all the old hard lines? any chance of the picture of the outlet?
  7. 5t341tH

    Mine now ('74 Cactus Green)

    Hey do you mind sharing how the fuel lines are ran and how they attach to the tank?? thanks
  8. 5t341tH

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    I am also "in process" of a SR swap into my 620. I've bought the SR and a few things already but I have yet to proceed with the swap since I am lazy costs so far: blacktop sr - 2700 s15 t28 - 680 sr mounts - 130 elbow - 90 turbo lines - 110 s14 water neck - 70 water pump - 60 bov - 80 scg1 - 300 and I haven't even started yet. I'm sure I have to spend another 2000 to finish
  9. 5t341tH

    Help wiring intermittent wiper switch

    So I'm still trying to get this solved. I have the black box and the harness plugged in. I have the blue/red stripe wire depinned from the connector and connected to a 12v source. Like I said before, the box does click when it is switched on but the wipers do not move. How have others wired it? Oh and this is into my 78
  10. 5t341tH

    Datsun 620 ultimate SS exhaust

    Yepp it's me. I will measure how much space is above the cross member. I want a 2.5" pipe. I would also be willing to use oval piping
  11. 5t341tH

    Datsun 620 ultimate SS exhaust

    how is the radiant heat in the cabin with the piping above the crossmembers? I'd like more ground clearance especially now with the coilovers installed. I want to move it up!
  12. 5t341tH

    1977 620 KingCab Deluxe

    Thanks for the info. What did you do with the load sensing module under the truck? Still there or long gone?
  13. 5t341tH

    Airdam indecisiveness

    Looks good on there. How much did you pay for each lip
  14. 5t341tH

    1977 620 KingCab Deluxe

    I'd like to get a bigger master. What year car should I order for?
  15. 5t341tH

    Saturn Alternator in a 620

    If you use google chrome or mozilla firefox, you can download the photobucket fix and it will display all photos that show the hotlinking issue.

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