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  1. Thank you both for your inputs. I think I have it figured out
  2. I just tested by question with an led bulb. I bridged 12v from the harness plug and the alternator light with an led bulb. Looks like the bulb comes on with ACC and turns off once engine is started. Alternator does kick in and charge to 14.5v. I removed the LED bulb and started the engine and alternator does not come on and voltage stays at 12.7v
  3. Yea I will probably just wire up a bulb to bridge the 12v and alt light on the harness. I would assume an led bulb wouldn’t provide the same affect I need?
  4. That’s what I figured. But how can I trick this charge lamp now? I am running aftermarket gauges now so that charge lamp will no longer be available
  5. Hey all. I recently installed some Speedhut gauges into my 620 and so I removed the stock cluster with the dummy lights. I disconnected the harness that plugs into the back of the cluster and I have it hanging there. I had a feeling that my alternator wouldn't charge anymore because the dash light is no longer there. What do you guys recommend I do so I can get the alternator to charge the battery again? Thanks
  6. I don’t see an issue really but I’m no expert. If your spring is long enough or compressed enough to fill that gap it should be fine. I just received my part today
  7. another member is using the speedhut gauges for his fuel level. I am also going to get this gauge as well since I am replacing all my gauges too
  8. Hmm I’m running 4” blocks in the rear. I’m not having issues like you are. Although I run 16” wheels
  9. decreasing the diameter of the linkage would make the throttle very sensitive to pedal input though
  10. on my SR swap, I used a 240sx cable and shortened it a few inches to work correctly. What cable are you using?
  11. I talked with qa1 directly about the part. they dont make the 1" bare without the bushing. they said just cut off the bushing and slide the bearing in as normal
  12. hey that is actually the wrong part. You need to get 3096-202 for the 1" extension. It replaces the whole eyelet
  13. nice. I'm going with the 1" extensions too. The 2" was a bit too high. Also I have a set of DS404 with springs if you are interested
  14. 5t341tH

    King cab bed cover

    Mine is made for a 94-2004 Tacoma. They come with rails that attach to the bed with clamps but with our old style beds, the clamps wont work. I had holes drilled into my bed already so I just drilled into the rails provided. Then the tonneau cover just snaps into place with clips here's an example https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tonneau-Cover-Hidden-Snap-for-Toyota-Tacoma-Pickup-Truck-6ft-Short-Bed/371503558389?epid=4021385570&hash=item567f566ef5:g:xXcAAOSw~G1fc4lA
  15. 5t341tH

    '74 Cactus Green

    how do you like the window crank? I hate the OE one and the fake OE one is even worst. They always strip the teeth. What is the window crank from?
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