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  1. Very cool. What are you gonna use to cover it up?
  2. I bought those way back then as well. It didn't fit well so I just left the original ones in place
  3. I am after stiffer. Lower could be nicer too so I can remove the 4" blocks and just use 3" instead
  4. I love the rear bar too! How much of a difference did it make to driving?
  5. thanks mike. I guess I bought stock 620 leaf springs
  6. Hey wanted to bump this old thread. Anyone know how to tell 720 4x4 leaf springs from the stock 620 ones? I bought a set of supposed 720 4x4 ones and they look identical to my 620 ones on the truck. It has two curved leaves and one straight on the bottom
  7. Those signals are the best aren't they. So clear and nice
  8. You have to run a new one all the way to the lights
  9. 5t341tH

    Porty's Chopshop

    i was having that issue too but figured it out eventually
  10. 5t341tH

    Porty's Chopshop

    ive been subscribed as well. love the 3D printed stuff he did too
  11. guess not many are interested in this. I just hate the sloppy/slow steering these trucks have
  12. it's been about 4 years. Anyone done rack and pinion yet?
  13. Thank you both for your inputs. I think I have it figured out
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