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  1. 5t341tH

    78 Sr20det 620 Salvage title to boosted!

    I do love my hoses. So glad they let me in the back and pick through their selection. I checked out tanks inc on their fuel pumps. The price is not much different than the one I bought. Mine was $220
  2. 5t341tH

    78 Sr20det 620 Salvage title to boosted!

    I went to the auto parts store and found hoses that fit perfectly shifter location vs stock. Looks like I need to cut it back a little bit and weld up the old spot Also started doing my intercooler setup. I am mocking up how I will route the piping. still waiting on some couplers to come in. compressor outlet is 2", compressor inlet is 2.5", intercooler is 2.25", intercooler piping is 2.5", and throttle body is 2.75" so I had to use plenty of reducing couplers with this whole setup. still have to save some money so I can buy my wiring harness from "the wiring specialties." It is a plug and play harness with relays all built in with all new OEM connections. Fuel pump I am planning to use is from FiTech 40015. I purchased it but it is not in stock until next year. Nice thing about this fuel pump is it is in-tank and will be much quieter than an external pump. Also it looks super clean IMO
  3. 5t341tH

    78 Sr20det 620 Salvage title to boosted!

    When I had the transmission bolted on but without the flywheel and clutch on, it fit without hitting the firewall. When I installed the flywheel and clutch and then bolted the transmission in, it would hit the firewall. I had to hammer the firewall a bit to dent in enough room to fit how's the progress on your alternator mounts?
  4. 5t341tH

    78 Sr20det 620 Salvage title to boosted!

    Clearance for the engine mount brackets. Needed to grind it away to clear the turbo Final resting spot for the radiator i had to slot the holes on both the brackets so it could slide around more. ordered intercooler piping and will attempt making my own routing
  5. 5t341tH

    78 Sr20det 620 Salvage title to boosted!

    modified the crossmember to meet up with the 620 transmission mount boxed it up for strength. got the inlet pipe reclocked and the waterneck shortened used a 240sx radiator. test fitting good clearance for the shroud and fans had to relocate the coolant drain over because it was hitting the frame where the bumper mounts radiator stood up too high, so I had to shave away the bumper brackets and drill two holes for the pegs to slot into got it down to where I believe the hood will clear it got a one piece driveshaft made from the old one. cost only 210 bucks! radiator and intercooler final mounting situation got the new clutch in and ready to mate with the transmission one final time after engine and transmission is bolted together forever, the engine now hits the firewall I had to slot the engine mount brackets to allow enough movement to bolt everything down. But everything now is bolted together and I can start making a custom turbo elbow, wastegate actuator mount, intake coupler, AN fuel lines and intercooler piping more to come! let me know if the pictures don't work
  6. 5t341tH

    78 Sr20det 620 Salvage title to boosted!

    need to upload pics from my phone. Will get to it asap! old l20 engine out engine bay painted with rustoleum hammered sr20 test fitted in place to see clearance engine fits with plenty of firewall clearance (or so I thought) bought a new exhaust manifold for clearance of the steering easy to say there needs to be modifications for some reason, engine mounts come in two different thicknesses transmission mount needs to be lengthened since it is off by 1.5" exhaust off the back of the turbo will need to be customized as it hits the brake hardline (as well as other things) but engine is bolted in and I am happy I did the centerlink flip with the TJ inserts. it was a damn pain to drill through those two arms. But I still have clearance issues with the oil pan. This is with the steering straight ahead. the water neck inlet needs to be shortened as does the air intake pipe. It needs to be reclocked
  7. 5t341tH

    Important Information About Tapered Inserts

    I’ve done this job as well. Took a long time to drill to the metal but it eventually went through. I used a drill hogs brand drill bit and it stayed sharp through both sides. I had to widen the slots by two cutting wheel width but it slid in
  8. 5t341tH

    78 Sr20det 620 Salvage title to boosted!

    Damn it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this. Many things have changed and I am currently swapping a sr20det into it. Pics to follow!
  9. 5t341tH

    Snap-on Vinyl (Tonneau) Bed Covers?

    I have the same one you are talking about. Ebay is where I bought mine. early toyota pickups is the one you need to buy
  10. 5t341tH

    620 SR20 Motor Mounts

    Anybody have more pics of the motor mounts bolted up? I’m having Trouble lining mine up. Also engine mounts I have are two diff thicknesses, so I bought multiples
  11. 5t341tH

    Heres my 77 620 longbed

    nice. you move along pretty well. what mounts did you use?
  12. 5t341tH

    LED headlights

    Yea but mine doesn’t have those two smaller circle lights. I’ll snap a picture later. But I’ll ecentually retrofit a set of morimoto projectors into another set of lights. I am spoiled now by modern projectors and can’t drive around with nothing less
  13. 5t341tH

    LED headlights

    I have these led headlights. They work good. It does have a large, square hotspot when driving down the road, but it's brighter than when i was using the bmw ellipsoids
  14. 5t341tH

    Mine now ('74 Cactus Green)

    thanks. did you remove all the old hard lines? any chance of the picture of the outlet?
  15. 5t341tH

    Mine now ('74 Cactus Green)

    Hey do you mind sharing how the fuel lines are ran and how they attach to the tank?? thanks

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