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  1. 5t341tH

    Fuel pressure help

    hows the quality of that gauge? you only want oil filled gauges
  2. Check out this wiring diagram https://datsunforum.com/Datsun_Wiring_Diagrams/Datsun 620 Pickups/Datsun_620_Pickup_Wiring_Diagram_1978.pdf
  3. I looked at the diagram and blue goes to the radio. I assume switch 12v power
  4. when is the official release?!?
  5. 5t341tH

    The 620-z

    very cool. i'd like to see how the vq fits in there
  6. how much do you want to spend? lots of people are using the qa1 coilovers. expect to spend around 800 for just the fronts
  7. the one above the heater controls?
  8. darn. i gave away my whole auto transmission setup a few months ago
  9. wow love the parts and quality work. wish I could do these things
  10. 5t341tH


    great build. I love your body work. what are you going to do for the radiator and intercooler. doesn't look like you have any room left for them. here's what I am working with
  11. What about S13 Sr20det for a 620? I'm looking to get the WS one but you can change my mind
  12. I believe ]2eDeYe is working on the alternator mount too. I am waiting patiently by for him ?
  13. I used subaru legacy seats in mine and I had to remove the head rest and also mount the set more bolt upright to fit me. The bench seat I used before from a toyota pickup seems to have given me more leg room than the subaru seats. I'm only 5'9
  14. 5t341tH

    620 suspension swap

    Is there any limited slip options for the 620 rear end? I'd like to put something more suited for my sr swap as well.
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