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  1. 5t341tH

    Vented hood anyone?

    this is what I really want to accomplish
  2. 5t341tH

    Vented hood anyone?

    I was thinking of that. Raising the rear end a bit to allow ventilation. Or cutting louvers into it
  3. 5t341tH

    Vented hood anyone?

    It's a need. I'm not trying to do something that's distasteful to the truck. I will make it classy as possible of course. oh I forgot to include a picture
  4. I am in the same boat too but I'm not 6' I put subaru legacy seats in mine but it's about 3-4" further forward than the toyota bench seat I had in there before. I wish mine was a king cab
  5. 5t341tH

    Vented hood anyone?

    Hey guys. I have completed my SR20 swap into my datsun and now I'm looking to cool it down a bit. Underhood temperatures after driving is insane. I'd like to see if anyone has done vents in their hood before. I saw a picture of some 620 guys in Thailand that had carbon fiber hoods and I wanted one so badly! If not, I would buy a hood and try to fabricate some vents for my own
  6. nice work. more info on this?
  7. how much did you sell for? i sold my l20 and 5 speed for about 400. I bought the 5speed for 250....
  8. yooo i didnt know you had a transmission crossmember! i would like one
  9. 5t341tH

    StreetFighter 620

    nice work. i love that rocket box and radiator tuck. what radiator is it for?
  10. I just noticed this now about this bracket. The water inlet pipe/hose has to be customized to fit around the alternator
  11. Time Left: 11 days and 4 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Hey I got a brand new Can/am relay box for sale. I bought it to do my SR20 swap but decided to buy a premade harness instead. If you don't know what this does, it allows you to wire in KA, SR, or anything into your datsun vehicle. $120 or best offer shipped Here's a link for your reference


    Anaheim, California - US

  12. How much lighter are those wilwoods compared to the stockers?
  13. YES i got a spot in your queue. Can't wait
  14. I'm ready for this! I can be your guinea pig
  15. 5t341tH

    Fuel pressure help

    hows the quality of that gauge? you only want oil filled gauges
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