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  1. You can go the option I did with my 620. I used a 3.7 rear end lsd out of japan.
  2. amazing work. I wish I had those skills
  3. So i figured out the problem was the pinion flange wasn’t tight enough. I torqued it down and now all is well. The diff locks up nicely and I can do pretty slides now
  4. wow nice emblem. You should make them of the older grill emblem too. I'd buy one
  5. yea I want to do it too but my dash is too far gone. It's missing chunks out of it. I need to find a suitable dash first
  6. wow that dash came out fantastic! engine looks great too
  7. 5t341tH

    3d printing

    thanks. I was just about to print it. I sliced it out to 21hour print. good thing I didn't start it
  8. 5t341tH

    Sr20det 620 swap

    I believe you asked on facebook as well. get the WS harness. much easier and worth the price tag and I used this https://www.summitracing.com/parts/hpf-40015
  9. OK so I got this thing installed. I had the spacer machined and installed between the axles. I ended up swapping the flange from the stock carrier over to the new one. Mounted up the diff and used 75w140 Motul lsd oil. I just took it for a test drive and this thing whines pretty loud on deceleration. Researching online leads me to a pinion gear not fully torqued down? Thoughts?
  10. 5t341tH

    eon's SR620

    What’s your fuel system gonna be? I used an internal retrofit pump. Fuel in and return. I don’t see where the charcoal would even go. Sorry I haven’t measured my intercooler yet. Forgot about it
  11. Hey guys. I bought a used h190 rear end and I took off the flange to swap with my stock one. I bought a seal for the pinion but it doesn’t match up with what’s on the new one. Looks like the replacement should work but I just wanted others opinions. Thanks!
  12. @G-Duax Does the spacer you mention need to fit in this small section of the diff?
  13. So I did some measuring and I find that the new rear end I have is a bit too long. The flange coming off the pinion is longer than what I have in the truck now. Also the flange is larger in diameter but the bolt spacing/pattern is the same. I assume the smaller diameter on the driveshaft should bolt up fine with the larger face of the new flange. The new rear end is 1 3/4" while the stock is 1" long. It looks like I will be shortening my driveshaft by 3/4" to make this work but otherwise it can bolt on. Any thoughts? new diff is 1 3/4" new diff bolt spacing. 2 1/4" spacing stock diff is 1" stock bolt spacing which is also 2 1/4" spacing
  14. never knew you could polish steel. I assumed it would just rust
  15. aren't those steel wheels? how are you going to polish the lip
  16. I was thinking about this but it is too complicated a swap for me. I want something that drops in without having to go multilink in rear. Also want to keep my leaf springs for carrying loads and also didn't want to take everything apart to weld any brackets in
  17. Ok So I won an auction for a QK30 LSD. I just received it today and it looks very clean. @G-Duax that spacer that I need, does it go between the axle shafts in the LSD? So once I get one made, do I just slide it in the middle or do I need to open up the LSD? Thanks EDIT: looks like this has all the info I need. Can I just straight swap this in? Pull the rear axles out, take out original diff, slide this baby in with the axle spacer, and slide my axles back in? What gear oil is recommended. I've been reading that I should use synthetic 75w140
  18. Honestly I am trying to center it for looks. I have some wheels on there now that aren't sticking out past the fender evenly so I am trying to correct it. The truck drives fine. I will tackle this more when I have time. But since I've been sent back to work, I am out of it...for now
  19. i swapped a sr20 into my truck as well. The stock temp gauge does work with the sr20 temp sensor
  20. Thanks. I will do some more measuring once I take off the blocks. I lowered it myself. I had this truck for many years. I started with 3” straight blocks and now I’m on 4” angled blocks
  21. How tight fitting should the pins be into the holes? The block can move around when placed onto the springs. I’ll take off the blocks and measure it again
  22. Yes the have the hole and the pin too. The U bolt would make the axle not centered?
  23. Hello all. I have a question about my rear end not being centered to the frame. It’s about 7mm offset to the passenger (right) side. I measured the backplate to the frame and it’s off the same amount. I’ve disconnected the axle from the leaf springs and tried Pushing it to get it centered but once I tighten everything down again, it goes back to where it was. Any way to get this centered? I do have lowering blocks but I don’t think it could affect anything right? Thanks for reading
  24. 5t341tH

    eon's SR620

    it was a cheap intercooler i got off craigslist. i can measure
  25. 5t341tH

    eon's SR620

    i've mounted mine in the front below the bumper. had to cut away the valence
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