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KA Swap in 620


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The stock engine is 280 pounds, what does the Ford weigh???? Probably twice that. How much net (NOT GROSS) hp does the ford make??? In today's terms maybe twice the L20B. That's a lot of work to force a heavy under powered V8 (and transmission) into a place never designed for it. Yes it can be done but infinite number of ways to fuck this swap up. You will need t cut the truck up to fit the engine and trans. This is a one way trip to the junk yard. Research swapping a KA engine in.   

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That flathead weighs closer to 950 lbs, and if you throw about $20k at it, you can make 175 hp at the fywheel.  But you'll blow out shocks and overload the Datsun torsion bars BIG TIME.  Do like I did and throw the flathead into an old Willys or 31A.  Keep something light and nimble in the 620, so you don't lose the handling and drivability.   Especially since you can't get enough radiator in a Datsun to cool that massive chunk of iron.  

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Anything can be built.


You have to consider the axle width and wheel bolt pattern, but other than those details, any axle can be installed.


Why do want a different axle though? Is the Datsun axle broken? They last quite a long time, even with a bit of a motor, so this is a good case of "if it aint broke..."

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The 4.56 rear end should get you going fast.  Pick your engine and trans as an appropriate combo and it'll be good.  Look at narrow V8s like the Fords, or even the Rover/Buick aluminum blocks.  Rover 4.6" V8s can be found cheap, usually because the trans is worn out.  Adapt a T5 to it and off you go.  Probably get it done by yourself for about $5-7k with the Rover or 302 if you can find a good used engine and trans.  

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Once again you guys have helped me more in this short time than my months and months of searching. I'd like to consider all options here and not make it seem like I'm trying to get rid of the original engine. Quick little background, I bought this truck for $100 it was sitting in some guys shed wasting away. Put about $200 in it including a battery and it fired up. Have had some issues since then but they were easy fixes. The odometer reads 98,000. It's gotten me through high school and now I'm looking to put some more muscle into it.

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Yeah ka swap needs truck or 240sx parts donor. Yes, theoretically it could be done with an Altima engine, but it will still require a bunch of rwd ka parts plus extra custom fab, making it cost more in the end than starting with the correct donor.

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