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This happened at 2min til 6pm today.







What a trip a lot of times I go past there and that upstairs is full of people. Luckily no one was there I understood. I had just drove past there a little before the collapse. It was the old J. C. Penny's building around the corner from me.

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From what I understand no one got hurt there were some people in the building earlier but left to go do a play ( arts thing) somewhere befor the roof gave out. It's sad but glad no one got hurt. I just hope the city doesn't give me any trouble about my building. My guess is they had some issues they didn't pay attention too.

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Main thing is you did not get injured or worse killed, maybe it was too weak or dry rot and strong gust of wind, who knows..just be glad. Maybe 2 years ago, a huge tree fell on my wife's sub and practically destroyed it and if she was not in a hurry to get in the house, the tree could have killed her.

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Yea they say the roof was holding water not draining well or fast enough. The weight caused it to collapse. It was very nice inside at one time. Just glad I wasn't in the 510 riding by when it happened.


Sounds like an old guy's prostate thing.

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