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New 620 owner :)


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Hi Guys, 
acquired this 620 last august, and have slowly been working on it since. Trying to keep costs low but hoping I can have it back on the road this summer. 










The first shot was the day it was purchased. The second one being more recent (AUG/2017)  :)

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Thanks guys! 


The truck is a 1974. The body is in fairly decent condition, most rust was localized to the top of the fenders and it has no major dents. However the floor boards like many others are shot. They currently have fiberglass but we were hoping in ripping that out and welding in some metal. We have no experience in restoring a vehicle but this forum has helped in that process quite a bit. Here are some more images of some of the work that has been done. 



The fenders were horrible. We used fiberglass and bondo to clean them up. Put a coat of paint on top to protect it. 






This was done a few months ago. We recently found some blue fenders with zero rust (small dents) but at this time I rather keep the red ones on just to give the truck a more uniform look. 



The seat needed some work as well as you can see from the photos. Trying to keep costs low I thought I could do some upholstery myself (never have done this). Found some seats on CL out of a mercedes w123 wagon from the 70s. Took them apart and retrofit them to make a new bench. The vinyl was in really good condition. 








the final product...





The dash had the usual cracks as I have found in this forum. Initially wrapped it in vinyl but it turned out really bad. Decided to use a bedliner which i think turned out a lot better. 




Made the cracks larger. Filled with spray foam and used a bumper filler to smoothen everything out. 




the cluster bezel broke when taking it out again. I almost gave up at this point, but eventually used some epoxy to get it back together, added filler, sanded and repainted. 





This is the finished product....






....before putting back together I added an LED strip inside the cluster...we still need to complete the wiring 




(credit to another poster for the idea) 




ill add more progress photos in a separate reply. 

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Decided to repaint the grill. Used black plastidip.






Also repainted the emblem with some outdoor paint. 






all put together...




Found some beauty rings recently...but all the tabs are broken....any ideas on how to fasten them on? 


Gave the taillight housings a good cleaning...sanded them and repainted them. Decided to give them the chrome/metal look. 








on the truck...









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Found some beauty rings recently...but all the tabs are broken....any ideas on how to fasten them on? 





I used epoxy on my trim rings, they havant come off yet... have a wet rag nearby to wipe off any excess. Then use some tape and tape it down till dry. Easy peasy.



Exactly this.


Nice work cleaning this one up. Amazing what some elbow grease can accomplish :)

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Thanks guys!!



I used epoxy on my trim rings, they havant come off yet... have a wet rag nearby to wipe off any excess. Then use some tape and tape it down till dry. Easy peasy.


I am gonna give this try after I clean up the rings and make them shine. 


Also question, 


Can anyone suggest any wheels that could be a direct bolt on without modifications? I dont have the disk break conversion so im not sure how fitting would be.


Id like to keep the original wheels, but havent had any luck finding white wall tires. I was thinking of maybe putting on Frontier wheels? I wish I had the disk brake conversion to put on titan wheels though.

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any rims that are 6x139.7 will do. If you wish to put disk brakes you will need a minimum of 15in BUT there is a kit I heard that can also fit 14in rims. If you want a flush fit against the rear fenders I suggest 9in wide or 8in with minimum of negative 25 offset. Depending on your lowering preference and tire width, those numbers can change

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Hi everyone,


So I wanted to post an update and share some images of my progress since my last post. Prepare for a photo dump. 



First off I wanted to work on the wheels so I looked around until I found these white walls on craigslist.




The wheels themselves had lots of rust, therefore requiring LOTS of sanding, vinegar dips and lots of patience....




This is after soaking in vinegar for a few days....





Then primed and painted......








I also managed to find some grill rings on craigslist to complete my set and cleaned them up along with the dog dish caps for the wheels.....










I then epoxy glued them to the grill (thanks for tip!!!) 






Next I wanted to work on the hood trim. I followed a DIY post on this forum and was able to insert new bolts as mine all broke when removing the trip. Thanks!! 





I bought some screw and grinded down washers to make them fit.....




and complete ready to be mounted ....painted with a plasti dip so it would be uniform with the grill









I wanted the steering wheel column to be uniform with the dash as well so I ended up cleaning it and painting it too






(I figured id do the side vents aswell) 





I've always wanted a wood grain steering wheel, so I kept on the lookout and eventually found this nardi wheel on craigslist. Because of the different bolt patterns I had to also purchase an NRG hub and spacer (which has different bolt patterns) to allow the wheel to fit. The NRG hub was a little more expensive than other hubs but seemed worth it based on unfavorable reviews and safety concerns over the ebay hubs. 









(i found a generic horn button and ring on amazon and also purchased a horn button sticker to complete the look) 



test fitting....




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I also wanted to upgrade the lighting and ended up finding these turn signal lights from ebay....and halo lights from ebay (cheap 50 for the set!) 








alll mounted.....







(you might notice I also mounted some side mirrors....found them on amazon for 11$ each! :) )



and testing the lights.....








I read on a landcruiser forum how a person cleaned and repainted their mud flaps.....I used a white paint pen to go over the datsun logo to freshen them up haha






Now this is a project I've wanted to do for the longest time....I always wanted to do a DIY bedliner  as the alternatives were too expensive (more than the car itself in most cases). So I did a fair amount of research and ended up picking up the raptor liner diy spray on kit. I found it on amazon and it cost approx 100. Here are some before and after pictures (including sanding/priming and painting) 





















AND finally after having been in the garage for almost a year....we brought it outside to give it a wash. We had some left over polishing compound (meguairs ultimate) and figured we would try bringing out some of the color. You can really tell the difference between the cab and bed...








Totally forgot how small this pickup is after having it indoors for so long!!!!







aaaaand this is it for now but have a lot more planned....Thanks for reading :)

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I would have painted the wheels white but I LOVE the work you've done.

I like beaters that get saved and become drivers


just be careful on those lights if a H4 lamps and the wires haven't been upgraded(h4 harness)

I had to run an H4 harness on mine, because I kept blowing the fuse when I ran my high beams...Now it's not a problem.
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