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  1. Yessir, the sedans came with IRS, similar to the 280zx it's, if not the same suspension. Also came with power steering rack and pinion, and 4 way disc brakes. The wagon came with a standard rear axle.
  2. I think that Nissan's plans and thoughts were, back in the 80's , was that with the rising scene of high luxury, technology stuffed cars, Nissan needed a luxury family car to go along with their line up of cars. They had the sports car (280zx), the economy cars (510 V2, 210, 200sx) and their updated truck (720). They didn't really have a 4 door luxury car at the time, so they took what they had from Japan/Australia, the 810/910 bluebird, and modified it to cater to the American Market of the time. They added electronic add-ons (factory Power windows, sunroof, Nissan sound system, bigger, plushier interior, Independent rear suspension) Nissan most likely also modified the chassis to accept the l24E and ld28 to make the maxima line more luxurious as well. A big engine for power and comfort, that also provided good economy. Or at least that's what my guess is to the reason as to why Nissan made the datsun maxima in the U.S in the first place. Nissan didn't make or sell too many maximas in the U.S. (afaik), especially when it only had a 3 year run, which spiked my curiosity to the car itself. It reminds me of the Datsun F10 or the Nissan 200sx (84-86), the weird odd ball cars that didn't sell well, but Nissan tried to span its line up of cars for the U.S. market.
  3. I was 12 years old in 09. My first Canby was 2015. Feel old yet?
  4. And how did I not know this?? I've got to swing by to get some pointers 🤔 Also I loved your maxy man, when I saw it at datslocos years ago, it's what turned my attention the maxima. Definitely an inspiration!
  5. Probably not actually. The stock 300zx Turbo is a T28 IIRC, and the diesel is a 2.8 vs a 3.0. Diesel engines also give out alot more exhaust gasses in nature, so it may spool very quickly! I won't know for certain until I try it out, but that's the fun of it. There aren't too many guys who have Turbo'd their ld28s. There's a couple of guys in Germany who have done this, and a handful in the ld28 Facebook group.
  6. Did someone say BOOST? Took a little bit of carbide bit and sanding work to get it to fit onto a LD28. Bought all of these from a guy only a few hours from me. Came with a NOS 280zx Turbo Oil feed line and a Oil pressure Sensor and Tee fitting. Came with a low mileage 300zx Turbo. J pipe plan, using the stock 280zx Turbo J pipe. Not ideal, will change in the future, possibly when I go fmic. No current plans as of yet.
  7. Some fun updates. Put about 9k miles so far, been a nice, efficient daily. Had to work in L.A. for a month and it did the trip twice without a fault. Met one of the maxima guys down there and bought his set of 15" ssr mk1's. Took some parts off the white maxy to fix the hideously crushed fender on the pass side. Not perfect, but better than it was. It wasn't easy to find a passenger marker light. Bought a 83/84 grill and painted it and the headlight surround black. Gonna have to redo it since it's not perfect. Threw on the Tein S13 coilovers with s13 LCA, brakes, and tie rods up front. Install was very simple!
  8. I'm in for sure. I'll bring a different datsun this time around 👍
  9. Still workin hard. 300 mile round trip to pickup the diesel... now this diesel is a special diesel, take a good look at the photos. Youll notice some oddities, like no EGR, mid sump hammerhead pan, Dip stick located in the middle, no thermostat... Making this diesel most likely a boat diesel, either from the states or out 👌
  10. Heres more pics. The beater parts vehicle. Already put work in. Cleaned up a hackjob 5$ walmart parking lot spray job on the roof. Took my time, found some shoddy fiberglass and filler work in the drip rails and window corners. Rust is springing up due to bad prep, so thats urgent work.
  11. Bought a new one, 1982 Diesel maxima, 5 speed 😏. 216k miles on the clock, and still gets 28 mpg combined, and Im not light footed. Dont fret, my 620 is still with me, but this shall be my sweet, comfortable daily. Until I ruin it! Plans are to go shakotan with this mofo, nothing crazy, s13 suspension, and on the lookout for 15 inch SSR mk1's 🤤. Also bought another 82, diesel automatic for parts. It was a too good of a deal, because it came with a diesel, and a spare diesel! So that makes 3 total diesels in my hands 😈😈. Also picked up a set of Recaro lxb's(?) for a really good price. Think theyll look good with some work 👍👍
  12. Anonymous Waffle

    620 Grille

    Where are you located? I've got one located in sacramento CA.
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