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  1. I'm in for sure. I'll bring a different datsun this time around 👍
  2. Still workin hard. 300 mile round trip to pickup the diesel... now this diesel is a special diesel, take a good look at the photos. Youll notice some oddities, like no EGR, mid sump hammerhead pan, Dip stick located in the middle, no thermostat... Making this diesel most likely a boat diesel, either from the states or out 👌
  3. Heres more pics. The beater parts vehicle. Already put work in. Cleaned up a hackjob 5$ walmart parking lot spray job on the roof. Took my time, found some shoddy fiberglass and filler work in the drip rails and window corners. Rust is springing up due to bad prep, so thats urgent work.
  4. Bought a new one, 1982 Diesel maxima, 5 speed 😏. 216k miles on the clock, and still gets 28 mpg combined, and Im not light footed. Dont fret, my 620 is still with me, but this shall be my sweet, comfortable daily. Until I ruin it! Plans are to go shakotan with this mofo, nothing crazy, s13 suspension, and on the lookout for 15 inch SSR mk1's 🤤. Also bought another 82, diesel automatic for parts. It was a too good of a deal, because it came with a diesel, and a spare diesel! So that makes 3 total diesels in my hands 😈😈.
  5. Anonymous Waffle

    620 Grille

    Where are you located? I've got one located in sacramento CA.
  6. i have vin plates with titles

  7. Been a bit since I've updated. Some of the prep was for powerland. Put in a 510 aluminum radiator. Picked up a pair of 720 4x4 springs from pick n pull. Made my own air stacks, using a backing plate of a 411 sss filter, and used a press and trailer hitch ball to create a cone. Not perfect, probably not practical, but it works. Due to being lowered four inches, I went ahead and made a carrier bearing spacer, and replaced the carrier bearing rubber with a 1 inch sheet of rubber. Might be temp, might be perma
  8. Anonymous Waffle

    73 620

    Man that bumper looks like its straight out of mad max. Nice project man
  9. This is an awesome start to a thread! I also live in Sacramento, close to elk grove, and I daily drive my 620 everyday, and use it for work! I've been daily driving for almost 2 1/2 years, and put about 25000 miles on it. I've also done two trips up to Canby Oregon with no issues. If you ever see a orange long bed in sac, its probably me. If you're relatively close to the rancho area, I would recommend looking up Sacramento Datsun Owners club on facebook, and this friday we'll have a meeting at Round table pizza at 2234 Sunrise Blvd. We've got plenty of people who'll have parts and plenty of k
  10. Hey thanks! I'm 5'8 or a 172 cm, so I sit rather comfortably in my truck. My bench is pushed up pretty far, but I think my 'new' bench is broken, as the tilt of the back support doesn't hold a spot, it just leans all the way back. I'll need to fix it when I pull it to fix the seams and cushioning. The Z seats I had made it nice to drive when I pushed it hard around corners in the mountains, but its not very comfortable for long trip drives. The bench is definetly the way to go. If you have trouble finding benches, there should be a couple of threads about people talking about benc
  11. Well updates! Been a while since I picked up a new project, not a datto, but a 1988 Mazda Rx7 Turbo II. Here's a pic for whoever cares, sitting since 2003, got alot of work to do. When we pulled it out of the owner's garage. My 620 started to spring a head gasket leak in the #1 cylinder, causing it to burn coolant, and pressurize the coolant system on the engine side. So off the head went. Oh and did I say this was happening over christmas? It was fun, the motor is definitely a low mileage motor, with no ring ridge, and all cross hatches showing. #1 cylinder plug
  12. My l20 has SU's and I daily it just fine. As long as you do your normal maintenance (damper oil, lubricating the linkage, occasional tuning), its a great setup. My setup runs too ruch since I have the incorrect floats to float bowl covers, but i still get 19mpg in the city and 28 highway.
  13. Those dually fenders are exciting! I've always wanted to see a dually short bed. Keep up the awesome work!
  14. Hey guys, last night my original fuse block died. The plastic retaining the head lamp clamp melted right through. It was just due time I presume. So I threw the eBay fuse block on to get it home and I got home no problem, but I noticed that with key off, accessories that are supposed to be hot on ign is hot constantly. (Radio and tachometer) and drained my battery. Who can tell me why this fuse block is wired like this, and if I can just splice it to copy the original fuse block?
  15. I also had a feeling that might have been stock, but I never had anyone else try to check. I'll be checking with one of my local club members later this week, thank you for the information.
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