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620 crew cab dully?


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'they' didnt make that as an option. That is a custom made truck.


The 4-door 620's were offered in other countries but Steroid added a longbed and duallies onto the back.


I've seen that exact truck before with the ugly windows in the cab extention.


I wonder what happened to the Limo 620. :)

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I wrote back and forth to this guy last week. I told Him to run a magnet all over the rear cab extension. He claims that it is metal. However, I have photographed Toyotas and a Courier that were fiberglass extensions that had the same EXACT side rear windows. Also note the joined area appears to be poprivited where the rear of a stock cab would have been cut. Still, though, it is a unique vehicle. Any of the rest of Us here ever seen one anywhere? If I had this (or another similar truck) the roof would immediately be removed for a roadster look. I also asked Him to describe His VIN plate information. The VIN plate on My fourdoor (as most of You know) is all in Spanish as it was imported in 1973 into Mexico. His rear dually fenders look very similar to Mine. I sure wish I knew who built it long ago. Maybe another one will be spotted somewhere. Hey Mark ! ! ! Looks like another project for Your beloved sawzall ! ! !

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hey im a new guy here. I dont own a 620 but as i was looking trough my photo album i realized my dad had a 620 which looks like an extended cab and a dually. the engine was an edelbrock and was all polished and shiny. sorry for the lame descriptions but i dont remember exactly from when i was younger. but here it is..


it can be seen on the left side. its the only picture i could find of it as of now. we dont own the truck anymore and took it to our local Pick N' Pull junkyard and gave us $100 for it. 6 years later (now) i realize it could have been worth alot more.( i was 14 then)

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I know this is an ancient thread, but, I FOUND ONE OF THESE TRUCKS CLOSE TO ME!  :frantics:  My searching for info, of coarse, lead me to Ratsun. Go figure. It is sitting in a field next to another 620. The "mini crew cab" is a '79 and the truck next to it is a '78. Both full of the guys garbage. 




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You are correct Wayno. I believe it is one of the kits done from RV Specialties. This one is a single rear wheel. 

I saw this truck about 2 years ago when I was riding with a friend going on a service call in his truck. I have been looking for it ever sense. I finally found it again last Friday. 

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