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  1. BarryA

    Misc 620/KC stuff for sale

    Still have the lowering blocks - shipping weight is 9 Lbs, per FedEx ground shipping to 93021 is $14.23 (residential delivery, no signature required) - call it $49 total.
  2. Pulled the carb out - you're correct - it is a 32/34 DFT. Forgot that the stock air cleaner adapter is with it along with all of the CARB EO emissions paperwork and tag. Carb kit from Pierce Manifolds was also ordered with a set of main shaft seals (kit cost $40 four plus years ago) - all this thing needs to be put back in service is to have the shafts rebushed and be reassebled.
  3. If my memory is correct, yes - will check when I get home from work tonight.........
  4. BarryA

    Misc 620/KC stuff for sale

    If I've got the zip codes right, here's the totals based on FedEx Ground "quick quote" rate extimates for residential delivery, guys: box 1: column cover, turn signal & dash switchs - $29.53 ($20 + 9.53 shipping @1.5 lbs to 97115) box 2: shocks, vents, ign & door locks - $48.50 (35 + $13.50 shipping @ 8 lbs to 92281) box 3: mud flaps - $26.73 ($15 + 11.73 shipping @ 2 lbs to 98271) Assuming the estimates are ok, shoot me an e-mail to bja_47@yahoo.com with the correct ship-to address (include a contact phone # for FedEx as well) and I'll get an exact shipping amount and e-mail it back - I've found the "quick quote" amounts are often a bit high. Money order, cashiers check or PayPal is ok for payment - if you want to use PayPal, let me know and I'll also send the e-mail address I use for that purpose.
  5. Thanks for the update - guess that block of cash is a write off.......................
  6. Used Weber 32/34, boiled out & ready for rebuild, with complete unopened Pierce Manifolds rebuild kit. Needs main shafts for primary and secondary bbls rebushed, otherwise excellent condition. Smog legal for 76 -79 model years, with CARB EO tag - $75 Sold my 620 KC some time ago - this is part of a bunch of leftover parts I no longer need but hate to throw away. E-mail bja_47@yahoo.com for photos or more info - if you're interested but think the asking $$ is too high, e-mail an offer.
  7. My apologies if I'm dredging up a sore topic - back before I sold the KC a couple of years ago, there was a project underway by a board member to manufacture run a of 620 KC pickup quarter window seals. Like quite a few other folks, I ordered and prepaid for a set - they hadn't shown up at the time that I sold the truck, and I forgot about em until I dragged out my box of leftover parts during a garage cleaning project and stated listing stuff for sale in the classifieds. I never did get the seals - since I'm at the same address I've had since 1986, I'm guessing they probably never got shipped - did anyone ever get them, or did everybody who paid for one or more sets get stiffed?
  8. BarryA

    Misc 620/KC stuff for sale

    Brain hicup - e-mail address was missing an "_" - should be bja_47@yahoo.com. Original post has been corrected - sorry about that, guys. Regarding the above questions: 1. Steering column / ignition lock came from an overseas e-Bay vendor - will see if I can find a copy of the original paperwork. Was interested to find that the ignition key was the same key blank as a modern Nissan Frontier pickup, that Frontier door lock cylinders could be keyed to match, and it wasn't a huge project to modify the door lock cylinder linkage to work in the 620. Took on the project after interruping a couple of guys who were in the middle of stealing my KC - the new cylinders are much more pick-resistant than the old 620 units. 2. No tach, but I did discover that a VDO tach from an early Porsche 924 is an easy conversion - even comes with the proper cone shaped lens. 924's are pretty common in wrecking yards - got the one that went into my KC @ P&P for about $10. Can send photos of the installation if anybody's interested. Shoot an e-mail to the yahoo address, and I'll send shipping quotes and / or photos of any of the stuff that's listed, or the tach installation, etc. Barry
  9. Up79 620 KC is long gone, time to carry through with last year's new years resolution and clear out the last of the leftovers - anything that's not gone by the end of January goes in the dumpster. Buyer pays shipping (FedEx ground) on all items; if you think the asking price is too much for an item but you're interested, make an offer and I'll probably take it - hate to throw things away if somebody can use 'em. Beltech 3" lowering blocks - in original box, used about one week, as new condition - $35.00 NEW ignition switch w/ keys, still in sealed bag - $35 Turn signal switch, plastic column jacket, headlight switch and wiper switch with fiber optic light can and fiber optic "cables" ; all in good working condition, column jacket not cracked, fiber optic cable needs covering repaired, but fibers are good. Left over from converting my truck to a 720 switch assembly with column mounted headlight and wiper switches - $25 Pair of factory front mud flaps, excellent condition - $15 Pair of quilted pattern sun visors, fair condition, no tears or splits - $10 1 black inside door handle / arm rest, fair condition - $2.50 Instrument cluster - disassembled, everything works, cracked lens - $5 Steering damper and mounting brackets (L shaped frame bracket, double U bolt tie rod mount), excellent condtion - $5 Glove box, fair to poor condition but intact, good for a pattern to make a repro - $2.50 Pair of front kick panel interior boards and rear KC side panel boards - poor condition, but good for patterns - free. (these don't weigh much but are bulky, so they'd be expensive to pack and ship - prefer local pickup in the Sacramento CA area) - SOLD - Used ignition switch & door lock cylinders w/ keys, good working condition (converted my KC to a locking steering column and matching Frontier door locks following a theft attempt) - $25.00 - SOLD - Pair of gas shocks (rears if memory serves (vertical stud top mount, eye bottom mount), excellent condition - $5 - SOLD - Pair of defroster vents and hoses, very good condition - $5 - SOLD - Used Weber 32/34 DFT electric choke carb, boiled out & ready for rebuild, with complete Pierce Manifolds rebuild kit including new teflon main shaft seals and stock 620 air cleaner adapter. Needs main shafts for primary and secondary bbls rebushed, otherwise excellent condition. Smog legal for 76 -79 model years, with CARB EO tag & paperwork - $75 obo E-mail Barry @ bja_47@yahoo.com for info or photos (I probably will NOT be monitoring the board closely, so may not reply quickly to PM's - best bet will be to e-mail)
  10. BarryA

    Hand count on dat620 KC seals ~ ONLY

    One set purchased - located in No. CA, have NOT moved, changed addresses or e-mail accounts. Sold my KC over a year ago - had completely forgotten about this......................
  11. BarryA

    620 king cab window gaskets

    Tom, Please e-mail me off-line @ bja_47@yahoo.com when the seals are ready to ship - I've sold my KC, so the seals are going to need to be shipped to the new owner. With the truck sold, I don't have a Datsun in the fleet any longer, so I'm not on the board much now.......... Thanks
  12. Truck is SOLD - went to a local guy who owned at standard cab short bed 20 years ago, and was overjoyed to get it, so it's in a good home.....
  13. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/1966860385.html Would prefer to see this go to a forum member if possible - lots of work done, several unique detail touches, and a bunch of extra parts....
  14. 1979 Datsun 620 Deluxe King Cab pick up, factory 5 speed, white exterior, blue interior. Original “Blue Plate” California truck, smog legal, excellent condition - see below for details. This truck can be driven anywhere with confidence - wouldn’t hesitate to drive it across country tomorrow. $2850 obo - cash sale only - no trades, scammers or low-ballers, please 916-478-3085 (office 6 am - 2:30 pm), 916-965-0206 after 3:30 (no calls after 9pm weekdays, please) The good: NEW (new old stock - no longer available) smog-legal Weber 32/34 carb with CARB E.O. tag (factory intake manifold match-ported to carb & head - no carb-to-manifold adapter needed), new 200 SX internal regulator alternator, clutch slave & master cylinders new two years ago; recent 2” exhaust system including high flow cat & Dynomax muffler, electric fuel pump, two year old 60 month battery, Recent cylinder head and cooling system work including head gasket, water pump, radiator and coolant hoses, radiator rod-out. Recent suspension rebuild including new upper & lower ball joints, Bell Tech Nissan HardBody 2” drop spindles & 3” lowering blocks; Nissan HardBody vented rotors and calipers with new brake pads; new brake hoses, new gas shocks, early 620 factory front sway bar with urethane end link bushings. 3.89:1 diff center section (720 deluxe automatic, 89K miles) included (not installed). Red line lubricants in trans & diff. New custom offset slot-center steel wheels (15x6 front, 15x7 rear), new old stock hubcaps, new Yokohama TRZ radials (185/60x15 front / 205/60x15 rear), matching 5.5x15 spare wheel w/ 155x15 Michelin radial. Mazda 626 LX blue fabric sport seats; excellent dark blue 720 deluxe carpeting (not yet installed), heat reflective underpad; custom fabricated ABS door, kick and rear cab panels with new dark blue vinyl/fabric upholstery to match seats, factory console. Custom VDO in-dash tach (620 needle center bezel and lens - looks like original 620 option). Recent Alpine am/fm/CD/MP3 stereo, four new Pioneer 6” round speakers, self powered subwoofer; Momo 3 spoke steering wheel, gray leather cover. 720 steering column stalk controls for lights and wipers, 720 variable delay wipers; NEW ignition switch/steering column lock & keyed-alike new Nissan Frontier door locks (much more secure than original locks); good glass, tinted rear & side windows; new door seals. New KC quarter window seals (ordered & paid for - $95.00) included, have not been shipped, so not yet installed Euro-style front running lights and tail/brake/turn rear lights (amber rear signal lenses), wide LED 3rd brake light in rear cab window, custom filler panel between rear light housings, LED license light, license plate tucked up under bed on spring-loaded flip down mount for access to spare tire lowering mechanism, LOUD Hella horns. Excellent running condition - no mechanical, electrical or smog issues. Solid, rust free body, bed & tailgate; minor dent repairs and cheap repaint in a non-original shade of ivory/white at some time in the past - under hood, interior and door jambs are original factory white. Includes several boxes of parts (factory a/c compressor mount, original 620 spindles and disc brakes, original alternator, original carb & intake manifold, spare used smog legal Weber 32/34 carb w/ rebuild kit, 2 factory air cleaners, original stock height rear axle u-bolts, pair of complete stock front turn signal/running light units, pair of complete taillight units including frames, spare grills, LOTS of misc small parts. The bad: Old, dingy headliner, split in right rear corner of cab next to back window Shallow dents in cab roof (could probably be removed by a Dent-Pro type shop, especially if the headliner was out) One quarter-sized rust hole in bottom of right front fender - treated and filled two years ago, no further issues. Old surface rust in bed side seams - cleaned, primed and painted, but paint isn’t a perfect match. Small dents in tailgate and scrape mark in right rear corner of bed Old, minor damage in front valance behind bumper Quarter window seals poor (have one pair of new seals on order and paid for plus one good used pair that have not been installed) Cracks in dash pad Left to do: Driveshaft rebuild - no issues, but center bearing support is bit soft, and the center bearing, support and u-joints are inexpensive and easy to get. 280Z master cylinder - 620 m/c works fine, but a 280Z m/c with a bigger bore would make the front brakes less sensitive.
  15. Sadly, after a couple of years of work in getting the 79 KC just about where I wanted it, it's going up for sale - we're going to be downsizing our living situation soon & there just won't be room for all the toys and other stuff, so some things have to go. My loss is definitely going to be somebody's gain..... Ad (with photos) was posted tonight on Sacramento CA area CraigsList - I'll get photos added to the ad in the classifieds here as soon as I get time to upload them to photobucket and move them over.

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