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I picked up a chick at the bar, who was from Palau. Closest I've been to Chamorran. She was good in the sack! At one point she was screaming in her native tongue. It was awesome!















What's this thread about??

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Proud Guamanian native people, nice as can be, very gracious... until you insult their culture. Then shit gets weird, so... as a haole, I am very respectful at all times. We have good friends in Talafofo, Hagatna, and Umatic. Guam is a bit of a shithole, if you ask me, but Guamanians are really great. They seem to be migrating to the PNW in droves, which baffles me. The Japanese tourist pussy in Guam is nothing short of spectacular, walking down on Gun Beach. I could oggle that forever.


Just sayin’.

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