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Track Days..............Let's GO!!!

Busta Nut

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This thread is now for California Track Days.......


Collecting a list of clubs that hold them.....














:frantics:  :frantics:  :frantics:  :frantics:

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I feel that we should get there as early as possible on Friday.  I'm gonna need my beauty sleep ;)


Alternatively to I-5 and depending on the weather we could head up through Lake County, similar time but moar fun roads :D

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Driving up Friday night staying at Motel 6 a couple miles from the track.  Have no idea when I'm leaving Friday cuz I got a lot of stuff to do, so I'll see you guys Saturday at the track.


You guys in driving school?




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I think I-5 is the best choice, as fun as the lake county route is and all... 


Antony I may come to the shop just to put the car up on the rack for a quick peek at her undercarriage and special bits :rofl:

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with friday traffic lake county might be better but who am I to say maybe there is commuter traffic that direction too

so jelly you guys have fun 

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Courtesy of anonymous photographer.....

............if you wanna make yourself known......please do and post more......











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