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  1. Yes, you can bring and drink alcohol, it is a state park so whatever rules the park sets will be enforced .
  2. I told a lead mod here I wouldn't post in this thread , And I never seem to get down in text what I mean to say . So if you have issue with the way the school got paid ( which they did ) or the way it was handled . You are welcome to call 541-221-8966 . I will be glad to share with anyone all of the information involving the donation and above mentioned versions of events . All I wanted was to have fun building a great truck with people I admired and the whole thing has gone crazy . I did my best to control a insane project , I regret nothing about the people I met and the things that happened . I'm sorry if I let you down ,please contact 541-221-8966
  3. There isn't one , the route into the show has a couple really small ones. The campgrounds only has a couple small ones as well .
  4. I completely agree with that Loren . I personally can not go to Washington this weekend . And would completely encourage all that have the ability to honor his memory by driving to that get together do so . Nothing is more important than paying respect to those who have done so much for the hobby . For all those in the area of the Oregon coast line on the 17th, we will be meeting all up and down the coast as we Cruise to pacific city .
  5. denmarkboy

    LI'l HOOKER 620

    Hilarious ! She can definitely take two of us for a ride we'll never forget .
  6. It will be roughly 20 a night , with 7 added for extra vechiles . So roughly 50 for the weekend/ 2 nights of camping .
  7. Lol , I'm a dam equipment operator , not a writer . Last year I got corrected that the ,1 st one should be called the annagural . So this (2017)would be the 1 st yearly/annual meet . I guess ?
  8. denmarkboy

    LI'l HOOKER 620

    :rofl: A virgin she is not ! :devil:
  9. Thanks for stating your view Steve . I never wrote " you cant or dont have fun with your datsun without us " nor have I said it . I have stated and proved , for us ( in Oregon ) that many people like having a fun run every month. And like being encouraging to use their cars and trucks more . And they are having fun doing it . And in that process we have brought attention to the hobby in OUR area . And to ratsun for that matter . The proof is right here , in the members we encourage to come here ( Ratsun ) . People like rhino, hogie , brohemius , harlow , diego and many more that were not active here as members on ratsun before they began doing things with Datslocos Oregon . I spent 10 + years in my area without one show or fun run . So what works for us doesn't mean it is ment to work for everyone. But I can assure you that we will keep having meets and fun runs and more shows. Its a community , that I've tried to support over and over again. And I will continue to do so, because I love Datsun's and the people that own them . HAPPY DATSUNING , SEE YA OUT THERE ! DATSLOCOS OREGON PRES . DENMARKBOY
  10. Datslocos Oregon's 1st annual Rats with Dats , July 14-16 2017 . Like this year we will be offering camping & car show with events and fun for the whole family . This year the location will be much less remote , but twice as much to do . Some of the fun offered : paddle boat rentals , swimming , showers , sail boat rentals , late night movies , wifi , cell phone service , and of course bonfires , live band , free coffee and muffins for those camping . We will be adding more contact and reservation info to our website soon . For now here are few pictures .
  11. It wasn't me :angel: ! here are couple pictures of the hitachi shot put , trophy winners . and some random shots . my burnout video is going to have to wait for a dry day . and of course the firewood crew , we almost burnt threw 6 cords in 3 days between 21 campsites and 2 day shelters .
  12. Locking this thread is not an option , you posting mis information and hate wont change where the club is going or where the show will go . I'm not happy that we see things from different perspectives on the truck and raffle funds . But you wrong about the outcome , the money raised was donated. Money that had nothing to do with you or you buying the truck , but you believe what you want. You were never plan A or B or any other option . I could have sold the truck for much more than you paid. And if you dont want to move forward then move on . This thread was created to share an event presented by Datslocos Oregon . Not lets play what thread can jrock lock today . So take your opion and move on . Its not fact nor is it welcome here . Im sure you must have a thread somewhere that needs the attention you so desperately desire .
  13. I will post a route map from eugene to florence , and up 101 from there . looks like a 2 1/2 hour drive one way for us . But it will be up the most beautiful part of the coast .
  14. Welcome to J rocks mis information thread . The place where you go to filll your tank with mis information . Its seems you keep repeating the same thing every couple months , even though the facts have been posted . over and over again . DNW has moved on Datslocos Oregon has moved on , Neither feel the need to do what you seem to want to do . And you were never in one of the many meetings it took to build the truck . So how could you know all the facts . I , (everyone) appreciated your donation of powder coat on the wheels and dash , but that hardly puts you close enough to the situation to state that "your the only one that knows the truth". And your incorrect again when referring to the camp ground , This was the only place I could afford out of pocket in case no one showed . And they gave me the weekend ( against BLM ) rules because the camp ground is going to be shut down all summer ( The campground is at mile post 16 ) . Yet another fact that's been shared here and everywhere else . I have watched you guys for years before ever coming to ratsun , I always knew this is a tough crowd to please . I only joined because of canby, I put myself out on a limb last year and tried to bring the community together. The result was beyond epic , but it didnt turn out the way I would expect, it took a huge tole on me physically , financially . But it was all worth it . So when you asked about the donation to the school in NOV or whenever it was , I told you what you needed to know ( because you were never part or party to any arrangement with the school) , I what i told you was that it was taken care of , thats it . Again these are things that have been posted multi times . My goal with Datslocos Oregon is to bring more attention to our hobby , to put the fun back into owning a datsun . If you dont need that kind of support , cool . We have found otherwise , we've already proven this with multiple shows this year and more fun runs than any other club / no club alike . And we will continue to add events and runs in Oregon , because thats what people keep asking us to do . Personally I hope you guys do have more meets and runs , I would gladly come , I've already done the same for flatcat and hobo , although in a mazda and by myself, I still came and will again . I know this will solve little but neither so does coming into a thread about our first ( 50 ) little cars show , with a live band free music , free food, free admission event and start telling miss information , especially when you want take my call or text . Hopefully at an event in the near future we can sit down and move past this , and start enjoying the hobby together again .
  15. And showers , amphitheater , cell service , lake for swimming, 20 mins from I-5 . 10 mins from the eugene air port. I will get to buildkng a new thread with info , site maps , and of course pictures this weekend
  16. Would be cool to have ya ! Will be leaving Eugene at 8 a.m. , in Corvallis at 9 a.m. at the dairy Queen, we ill be traveling up hwy 99w until we get to hwy 233 . We will be stopping at the Air museum close to 9:45 . From there up to Dayton 10:15 , threw Newburg and into Canby by 11:00 . . from there we will be going hwy 99e threw portland , regrouping at hwy 99 east and N Marine drive ( at the 76 station ) . And from there to blue lake . Plan in set bro ,
  17. Very proud to know to you Zarren . very well shared words . We do have fun together and thats not about to Stop .See you in August if not before. . We ( Datslocos ) will continue to do our best to make this hobby fun , because that is all that matters in the end ! A sneak peak of the parking lot for next years show in July . Ya I said July , and thats the B210 half court in a lot on the lake that will hold a few cars, boats , . . . . more info to come on a new thread soon .
  18. This is probably more of an unofficial head count . I know we will bring 10 + from Eugene , Aaron will have the most up do date head count .
  19. Datslocos Oregon will be having a convoy from Eugene to Blue lake . We will be traveling old hwy 99 threw junction city , Corvallis , up to newburg , canby , oregon city , to blue lake . We will be making stops for pictures at the air museum and others . If you would like to join the fun hit me up for schedule of stops I will post a route map soon .
  20. Any of you that met this this cool cat over the weekend knows every word writen in this post is true . He meets you with his had out and a smile on his face . These guys have work for a long time ( shows for the last 14 years ) in California. Just like you guys have done from the north . We have all been in this hobby trying to support it and the clubs that bring attention support it . Its not about the club its about the hobby . The club gives everyone the ability to have things orginized on their behalf. Many people dont have the time to orginize a group meeting . If you have the abilty to do that without a club helping you, thats great . In our experience the opsite is true , we do more as a club . When one of us tries to make something happen it hit or miss on the out come . When many of us organizing something usually epic in the end . Not selling , pushing , offering anything , asking for anything . Just an ooen conversation will do . Just because we share word here doesnt meen we share each others backyard . We live states away from each other and what works for some , doesn't work for all . This is more a issue of ( internet ) mis understanding than anything. The level of love for the hobby is strong . And its like a family that wants the same thing but has different ideas on how that should or should not happen. Please dont , this event was epic event ! Our first Oregon show , we had a great party , fun laughs , drama , make ups , break ups , broken diffs, but no broken lips ! Lol There is no reason to stop sharing the fun we had , hell i still have not even had time to share any of the 100 + pictures taken on our camera. Datslocos oregon has changed the way Datsun owners in Oregon and California share there hobby . More people realize every day if they want to have fun with their Datsun and do it with others all they have to do is look at our schedule . We are always doing fun things to encourage you to use you datsun , and to share in this fun hobby . https://m.facebook.com/datslocosoregon https://m.facebook.com/DatslocosCalifornia
  21. Thanks for the pictures , we have 150 + pictures I havent had a chance to upload . I had a great time and next year is going to be way big venue and more of everything !
  22. Kieth , one person posted what you keep refering to , I've never demanded shit from you . in fact drove all over the state of washington to support you and your weekend bbq . The new school guys are the future of this hobby , the narrow minded ideas of some guys that rarely ever leave own state doesn't mean that much in the big picture .
  23. Wow , so much for trying to enjoy a couple of days with my son who just graduated . Very proud Dad here ! W T F ?! I haven't had the time to sort threw all the post or your issues . But I seem to be reading the same thing from the same people I've ask more than once to keep your hate out of my thread ! Why do you feel the need to cry every time we have a great / fun day or weekend ? I live in Oregon , I started Datslocos Oregon in October of 2014 , We in Oregon plan and do fun runs and events monthly all over the state . The turn outs vary at every event , no one is pressured into recruiting / or joining . So it gets kind of old listening to guys from Washington complaining about what we do here . This is the worst case of I need attention I've ever seen , Teddy Johnson parts selling guru . Go start you own event thread so we can all go take a dump in your event thread . I didnt start this event thread so you ( someone that didn't attend) could come here and start a whining ass rant about your piss pour view of the club , This thread was started to share the fun we have /had at Rats with Dats , What I do care about is the growth of the hobby , i've tried to be transparent about the process . And anyone that came saw the sign stating that the campground would be close from july 6 th thru sept . THIS WAS THE ONLY DAYS I COULD CHOOSE ! Next years event will be on a different day , at a much bigger location and possibly even a different month . I'm still hashing out the final arrangements for next year . I will continue to build our club and events in Oregon ! And I will support those that support us . If you dont like that then get out of my thread ! I have always shown you the same respect .
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