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  1. Last session of the day. Its in two parts due to large file size. More videos to come. Watch in 720p or higher. All HD.
  2. you should have it by now. I think it was emailed last week
  3. Dont be losing bolts on the way there this time! :rofl:
  4. Cant make it :( I forgot that I was going to a show tonight in oakland and staying in SF... Bummed on missing this cuz the 510 needs to socialize.
  5. Haha well my 2dr is probably pushing 115hp and the Z is 300hp... Plus my dogleg is dog shit! Right now the 510 is for meets, fun runs, and hard parkn that biatch lol!! The Z is for autocross and track. 510 will be at the next bbq and the datsloco swap for sureeee.
  6. I spoke to one of the instructors before we went last time and they recommended that even with auotcross experience that driving school should be done first. I doubt its a big deal either way though.
  7. Pretty even match up Haha yeah pretty bad side to side lift. Thanks, I like the sound too!
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